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Wednesday, 19th October 2016 @ 11PM (MDT)  

- 1 hour remote energy transMISSION - FREE

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-FREE Energy Session

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Heart Warrior Journey




Consciousness Work

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12-Month Journey  

Self-Study Course


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The Journey    

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Friday, 21st October 2016 @ 9PM (MST)

1 hour remote energy group healing session

FREE - please send you registration

Remote Prayer - FREE Group Healing

Remote Prayer Golden Book FREE Registration

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Decoupling Special 2nd August 2016

Sacred Self-Healing Experience Sign-Up Info Go to New Forum Here Heart Warrior Self-Mastery Program homepage GRACE Redemption Marathon

Powerful Advanced Remote Energy Clearing & Realignment to our Highest Potential

Thur, 29th September - Sat, 1st October 2016

9 daily remote energy sessions

@6AM, 1PM and 9PM (MDT)

Prerequisites Apply

Sign-Up Info

GRACE Redemption Marathon

Open Enrollment for transCOACH I & IV Training GRACE Recovery Intensive Sign-Up Info

Energetic Integration of Addiction

3 Sessions each on Sunday, @2PM (MDT)

10/02/16, 10/09/16, 10/16/16

Three 1 hour remote energy transMISSIONS

No Prerequisites  

GRACE Recovery Intensive

Integrating Addictive Structure


Saturday 8th October 2016

GRACE Manifestation Web

Conscious Energetic Manifestation Process

Wednesday, 10/25/16, @3PM (MDT)

1 hour remote energy transMISSIONS

Prerequisites  Apply.

GRACE Manifestation

Sign-Up Info

LEVEL I & IV start November 2016

Inner Reconciliation Crash-Course