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About transCODES

transCODES Energy Healing & Training was founded by Jona Bryndis in 2011 as platform for individual and community coaching mainly serving energetically sensitives and empaths. Within a decade transCODES developed a strong international online community and created many training and coaching tools and programs that can assist individuals and businesses to evolve their outlook on life from simply succeeeding into a more meaningful and fulfilling expression of their individual potential.

Jona's work focuses on facilitating the inner experience of self-healing and self-discovery for anyone desiring to explore and grow their Future Potential through increasing their authenticity, integrity, empathy, and freedom through systematically training mind-body-energy connection :


- Personal and Business Energy Coaching

- Individual or Group remote energy sessions

- Remote Energy Clearings

- Seminars and Training Programs

- Self-Training Courses in Energy Work

- Online Meditation

- Community Focused Education

- Professional Energy Healer Trainings


transCODES objective is to assist individuals and businesses in their holistic journey of self-mastery and self-healing on all levels through online education, transformational coaching and training courses.

Our programs, services and courses promote consciousness development and empathy strengthening social skills, including self-aware communication by accessing inner self-healing and visioning abilities. The systematic inner connection training offered utilizes mindfulness, energy work, energy therapy, coaching, and psychoeducation.

transCODES is non-demoniational and not part of any mystic schools, spiritual groups, organizations or teachers. 

My Story

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Jona Bryndis


PO BOX 2163

Winter Park, FL 32790


Let's connect.


SKYPE: transcodes

My Journey as Energy Therapist, Healer & Transformation Coach

My name is Jona Bryndis, I am the founder of transCODES.

I was born in the beautiful rawness of Iceland, went to school in the preciseness of Germany, and found my family life in the heat and year-round lushness and color of Florida. I spent my whole life learning, traveling, and exploring the secrets of nature and especially the nature of human consciousness.

Until I found my calling as an energy healer and teacher for energy for other healers and had changed my career and my daily life three times. Each time, I thought I had failed and I found myself in the darkness of my bottomless ego-struggles until I realized that all that I had done, seen, and tried served but one purpose - to encourage and empower others to find themselves. At first, I thought it needed to be done with the power of knowledge, then I thought it is the power of courage, again, I thought I had figured it out when I discovered the power of nature, the power of choice, the power of dedication, but one day when I realized that it is all of the above and not a single one. There is a power in us greater than all. It can carry us through the darkness, give us hope, pierce through the layers of deceit and external control, and lead us to trust in our heart, mind, body, and spirit again - the Power of Truth.

My life as a mother, wife, businesswoman,  professional consultant, former chemist, computer scientist, and motivational speaker has navigated me through many different environments, cultures, countries, and ideologies which allowed me to connect with many people from all parts of the planet. It taught me that truth is a matter of perspective.

How can we find truth if we grew up with a set of beliefs and worldview that dictates what to use as a frame of reference for good or bad, light or dark, right or wrong? Isn't our live, the world and everything in it much more than 'good' or 'bad'?! 


What else could we have used as a truth compass as that? Our body, mind, and emotion can be tricked into blind faith, fake positivity, emotional confusion, addiction, or exploitation- but our energy doesn't! If we can learn to trust in our inner energetic truth, we can learn to trust in what has been in us all along.

This n|ergy journey is not about acquiring fancy energy work secrets (although you will learn many of them here). It's not about feeling more special knowing more than others, or having something others don't have. We all have this ability to know truth in us - in each and every cell of our fabric. The answers you are seeking are not outside of you. They are within you! But it is your job to experience and claim your energy from within yourself. All I can offer you is a roadmap and the experience needed to show you ways that I myself and others have walked before you. You are not alone!

When you align yourself to your Higher Self, you no longer walk alone. You walk with all those who support your intention and who have gone there before- and most importantly - you walk with the empathy of Grace in your heart that allows you to know your true destination. 

If I had to boil down the wisdom of this n|ergy Journey into one lesson that I have learned in all these years assisting people to find the way to their own Higher Self by learning about their own energy, then it's that the courage and power to heal, transform, adapt, grow and excel does not come from what we acquire, own, or accomplish in our life, but what we are willing to let go of, to truly love and embody our True Self. 


Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

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