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Energy Coaching

"Talking about our inner experiences and the subtle energies can lead to us realizing how powerful our own self-healing is. "






There is an energy healer

in each and everyone of us!

Most of us havn't been shown or taught how to work with or share our subtle and subjective experiences. We see ourselves through the judging eyes of others, and forget that we are all organic, living beings, that experience daily fluctuations.


you are Energy

Learning about your own energies by talking to someone who can reflect your energies back to you, empowers your inner Self-Healer!

Energy coaching is a way to tap into your core energies through learning how to communicate and direct energies. Energy Coaching Sessions can be just talking or a combination of talking and energy healing sessions.




Schedule a free initital energy coaching session (audio only) with Jona Bryndis

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