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Remote - from your home

Energy Training Club - 30-Day Energy Session Pass

30 Day Energy Training Pass, unlimited energy sessions, trainings, webinars and online meditations

Energy Training Club - 30-Day Energy Session Pass
Energy Training Club - 30-Day Energy Session Pass

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Remote - from your home

About the event


Your Energy Club Subscription starts when you book it and lasts for 30 days.

Included in the Energy Training Club (30-day unlimited participation) are:

  • Soul Self Inititiation Sessions (Saturdays 3 PM (EST)
  • All Ticketed Energy Sessions (see Energy Calendar)
  • Sacred Self-Healing Workshops
  • Energetic Tune-Up Monthly Clearing & Reading Session
  • Connect with your True Self

In general Remote Energy Self-Healing work is designed for participants to internalize their experiences. Some are guided, and some are not. Most remote energy sessions come with a powerful invocation and sometimes with a full mp3 process to listen to during the session.

As this 'awakening' is happening we begin to build our own inner reference feelings and a functioning inner lexicon of sensations allows us to process information that is buried in our subconscious - that does not come through knowledge/intellect. We begin to FEEL information – and we can see/feel the truth. This is probably the single most characteristic of energetic sensitivity, all the while also the biggest challenge in our self-healing and self-discovery journey.

I am excited to have you in your next energy self-healing session!

The Energy Training Club grants you access to all monthly energy sessions and workshop webinars 

Included in the 30-Day Pass are:

All ongoing monthly Energy Healing & Training Sessions inc. Energetic Tune-Up (see energy calender)

Webinar Workshops 

Sacred Self Online Meditations Live 

For more info read about Energetic Self-Healing here.

Check the ticket section for combinations with or without Personal Energy Coaching session scheduled with you.

Sacred Self-Healing discount applies.



  • Energy Training Club

    30-Day Pass Unlimited Energy Training & Healing Sessions/Events

    From $399.00 to $3,999.00
    • $399.00
    • $3,999.00
    • Energy Training Club +Coaching

      30-Day Pass Unlimited Ongoing Energy Training & Healing Sessions/Events with one energy coaching sessions scheduled with you (Phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp)

      From $499.00 to $4,999.00
      • $499.00
      • $4,999.00
      • SSHP Rate for Energy Training

        From $299.00 to $2,999.00
        • $299.00
        • $2,999.00



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