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The New Generation Of Energy Healers is Here

The Next Generation of Energy Healers is Emerging - Codebreaking and Energy Coding

I come from an understanding that the Art of Energy Healing is one that needs to be shared, so that we and especially our kids and future generations can have this powerful knowledge accessible. For fifteen years I have been training individuals and professionals on how to integrate energy work without the specialness of new age or restrictions of religion. For me as a former scientist the fundamentals of energy healing are visible everywhere and no secret at all. In fact, they appear as innate, yet often unconscious code in every human. I find the proof for this every day when working with children before their thinking gets programed to believe that our world is but a materium and a human life is nothing but a biological life-form (Homo Sapiens as defined by DNA), born and alive for as long as there is electro-magnetic activity in the brain.

The world, according to our current paradigm of being, is, likewise, a materium consisting of atoms and electro-magnetic (small and large) forces interacting with another according to an electrodynamic order, to be forged, harvested and consumed by humans, without meaning or power. This spoon-fed mindset, that reduces life to its material nature is currently the biggest threat our social, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The rules of this material world as taught to our children, and many generations before us, focussed the meaning of our lives into having, getting owning - achieving, competing, winning and exploiting. It propagates a survival-based, lonely and depressing outlook on one’s own existence, and produces societies without an inner identity, valor or integrity. Once more, we are drifting apart from one another, this time, not because of religion or conquering of land, but in opinions and worldviews that attacks our ability to connect with our inner power - and with it - with the power to heal others.

When somebody perceives the impulse to heal, support or empower others, it means that this person is ready to step out of their own ego-reality into a larger and more meaningful purpose for themselves. It is a call that will have to be answered at some point during this life-time, or until our karmic repeats force us to make a conscious change.

Seeing all life and its conditions as vibratory expression of spirit beings in 3D is the one and only paradigm that needs to be understood. Everything else, energetic seeing, coding, clearing, coaching and healing can be learned through systematic training.

Most energy healers never share their methods, mostly because they can’t. They are not aware of the fundamentals and cosmological meaning or their doings - often to their own detriment. Only very few can systematically build a curriculum that can be learned by anybody - without playing on their ego-specialness or unmanaged empathy. In 20 years of. Energy Healing experience, I have only come across two individuals that were able to break-down, summarize and contextualize the mechanics and deeper meaning of energetic principles into practical terms. Both aren’t alive anymore.

With this 1-year curriculum (LEVEL I & LEVEL II) I have build a comprehensive, tested and performed course that allows anyone who is ready to initiated in the deeper aspects of spiritual healing to safely and consciously learn and perform energetic reading and directing of energies for the purpose of healing and self-healing.

Energy work and alternative healing methods are now, more than ever, becoming a greater part of the mainstream as more and more individuals are seeking deeper connection and healing. Enhancing this shift, is a greater number of individuals seeking wholeness, sensitivity/empathy, and empowerment. Spiritual Healing in its modern understanding as Mindfulness and Self-Healing offers a much more open access to Energy Work than the understanding from 15-20 years ago where energy work was considered bogus, woo woo, or to far out there.

Numerous studies have begun to report that although the full understanding as to why these various modalities of energy or connection techniques work, there is change occurring and more positive outcomes in various settings and health concerns when either added to more traditional medical procedures or simply on their own. The findings in these studies range from healthier results in recovery or life in general, acceptance of health conditions and even a greater level of peace and comfort in life. The list goes on, but there is too much out there to not realize that a great deal is happening with energy work or spiritual practices.

Part of this push to seek out new ways is that there is strong need in many to feel more real, whole and loving, which brings about the a feeling to connect with others or professionals that are working to do the same. The connection with someone or a group who assists us or the group itself in healing is a powerful one as it works with trust, hope and a shared belief that something can and will change through dedicated connection work in relation with others. This enhances talking, opening up, and seeing healing as something that is our responsibility and not fully externalized creating a state of empowerment and acceptance that leads to a healthier life or at least outlook on life.

The conscious state of the practitioner or various heart-based, spiritual, or simply positive change groups have also demonstrated to correlate very high to an individual’s change or growth as through deeper connection, understanding and healing, the energy between the group or the practitioner and the individual forms a greater bond and resonates at a healthier and higher state allowing access to energetic fields that also aid the entire process of change in the individual or even the group.

In the case of professionals working on themselves who are adding in connection work or spiritual practices to their current practices, the energetic/conscious state that a healer or practitioner aligns to is what can allow or aid in healing as one only as capable to the point that he or she is healed.

By ‘knowing thyself,’ a more open and honest relationship is created with clients allowing for a greater level of alignment to faster vibrational energies leading to a not only the potential for enhanced change, but the understanding that the energy created is really what is allowing that change to occur, not them.

The combination of traditional medical practices and energy work or heart-based practices leads to a potentiality of not only greater change and healing, but also a greater level of connection and truth within the relationship with clients, groups, and in all individuals.

And, with the push to experience more and learn to connect, the need for professionals to incorporate various kinds of energy work or connection work into their practices is growing very fast as more individuals are seeking as well. The need for groups that are open to talking and sharing in various settings with techniques focused on introspection and healthy change is also ever growing as people are seeking this from a deep need within.

For those who embrace this change and seek out mentors and practitioners that heal them align them to their heart and truth. They will not only have a higher chance of change, but will also find that the exposure to these methods will add greatly to their lives.

For those who are seeking to learn energetic healing methods or professional seeking additional skill sets to add to their overall effectiveness, consider the Professional Energy Healer or transCOACH program.

The Level I Energy Healer Training allows you to learn the basics of remote energy work, energy healing techniques, remote energy session protocols and the basics of energy coding, which trains you how to read energies, blocks and emotional/mental impact on a person’s energy field through remote energy training and extensive self-training.

This three month training includes an extensive Self-Healing Training with the opportunity to sit-in during live energy sessions. The Level I Training and Certification includes 25 personal contact hours and 20 Group Training hours.

Hours will vary based on previous experience with our modalities as there are needed prerequisites that can may already be achieved or completed as the program unfolds. We recommend the investment into one's own self-healing through the nergyCourse or the Energy Training Club.

Please click here to learn more or email us at with any questions you may have. This program is one of the most extensive available today and can really help those seeking ways to add to their lives and professional practices.

Next class starts soon, a few spots are still available!

Thank you

Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES

Creator of Sacred Self-Healing, Heart Warrior and Personal Energy Training Programs

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