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Spiritual Fast Food & Spiritual Consumption

Your Spiritual Journey is an inside job and cannot be bypassed by superficial means such as wearing special clothing, using spiritual words, or channeling spirit guides. There is no shortcut! No contraption, substance, technology, cult, or secret formula that can provide you with instant enlightenment or spiritual wisdom - anybody (or any entity) claiming otherwise is leading you astray and keeping you tethered to your own inner darkness.

The practice of unconditionally embracing your Inner Wisdom is the only path that allows your Soul Self to fully unite and embody through this lifetime.

Spiritual fast-food, a prevalent phenomenon in our modern age of materialism, poses one of the greatest dangers to human consciousness development. It hijacks our innate desire to understand the universe and ourselves by materializing fundamentally non-material aspects of life, such as peace, unity, happiness, love, or freedom. Instead of empowering us to engage in inner introspection and dialogue, it encourages us to chase enlightenment as if it could be obtained with money or technology. Spiritual consumption can only lead to externalizing our inner higher power and thus tethering us to dark realms of cosmic powers that gradually consume our soul.

The rise of spiritual fast-food can be traced back to the New Age Movement gaining traction since the 1950s, during which hidden occult groups began infiltrating various aspects of society, including corporations, media, politics, and social life. This infiltration is evident today in phenomena such as alien worship cults, corporate occult space technology, and companies promising reproductive/eugenic procedures to ensure an immortal legacy.

Spiritual fast-food gives individuals the illusion of a spiritual reality or meaning by materializing that which is immaterial and pure in nature, into something that one could consume or accessorize with. Therefore, consumption of spiritual text and context without preparation, purification, integration and  internalization can be just as dangerous to our psyche as blindly diving into the inner spiritual experience and getting lost in our inner rabbit holes. And just like with actual fast-food, the needed spiritual nourishment of the soul through connection with one’s inner warmth and light cannot be experienced. Instead of holding still and cultivating inner connection, spiritual consumption leads a person to ‘chasing the light’ which then gradually replaces the sacred inner connection with an externalized artificial conception of spirituality (akin to the difference between the natural warmth and light of the sun and the artificial light emanating from an LED lamp).

Without realizing it, spiritual consumption creates a psychic conundrum that can keep a person trapped in their inner mental-emotional-spiritual hell world of disconnect, leading them away from what they yearn for the most.

It is no coincidence why such spiritual drive-through-groups, cults and movements can get a foothold in the unconscious min, and even lead to mass formation in times of the internet. Information itself has become fast-food! The pace and the amount of information we are bombarded with on a day-to-day basis doesn't leave enough time to compare and contrast - or internalize, for that matter. Our societies have normalized information as coming from the outside only, and thus it has become a lot easier to mislead individuals to thinking that spiritual connection is also a matter of 'getting-having-owning' !

Inner wisdom and the subsequent forming of the ability to discern truth cannot be based on a burning desire to 'become spiritual'. Developing spiritual wisdom is natural for us humans. It is an inner sacred process, much like pregnancy, that develops gradually in exactly the right order and timeline needed for a person to grow into their inner experience of spiritual self-awareness. But when spirituality is confused with a quick-fix for the inner emptiness that spreads in us when we see ourselves as materialized, machine-like drones or information processors only, and even compare ourselves with AI... we are inadvertently heading toward the false light. Instead of recognizing this emptiness a spiritual impulse to internalize our own being more, this confusion drives us into seeking immortality through technology, augmentation and consciousness enhancing procedures without inner connection. Spiritual fast-food is therefore not only the illusion of inner connection and thus spreading inner darkness, but also a systematic preparation for a transhumanist reality if we ignore it.

The serious spiritual seeker knows that are realms of spirituality that can only be obtained if one works for it. For as long as we are checked-out, distracted, or seeking short-cuts, we are not able to access the wisdom needed to tell us true from untrue. it requires inner work and a shift in perspective, perception, and behavior - and most of all, a recontextualization of what it means to be alive and human!

We are a soul that is having a inner experience in a physical-material reality.

Once a person realizes, through their own inner contemplation and experience, that they are not just a material body, consisting of 'randomly colliding atoms in 99.9999999% of empty space', but a conscious being that can choose their reality via their inner spirit, they are beginning their spiritual journey naturally. From this point on, a knowing emerges that reminds of us our true being - namely that of spirit. The consequences of such simple realization are tremendous! It means, that our essence is that of a spirit being - and that there are many other spirit beings (souls) that share the same reality alongside us. It means that there must be interactions, exchanges, effects versa. It also means, that our soul must have come from somewhere, and that it will go somewhere after physical death!

Spiritual consumption degrades such deeper spiritual truths as dogma or naiveté to a degree, that nobody even considers the needed inner spiritual investigation through contemplating such questions. As a matter of fact, the degree of materialization of spirituality is already so far advanced, that we are beginning to refuse to be reminded or talk about death - and darkness, altogether! Reduced to the ego's-end-of-all we miss out on uncovering the inner knowing of what happens to our soul after death, and thus unconsciously sever our soul-connection by fixating on our physical-material experience only. Consider the enormous body of ancient spiritual wisdom written down in any of our spiritual or religious books that deal with the 'afterlife' - all written to prepare and teach us about our soul's journey. Were these spiritual teachers and masters that came forward over the past 10 millennia all wrong? It isn't until we discover that our untrained mind is not able to digest the complexity and vastness of these spiritual truths, that we can realize how our ego-mind evades questioning these obvious streams of consciousness by profaning life itself and regarding it as material only.

Embarking on the deeper inner journey to uncover, choose, and embody your Soul's true identity requires you to be willing to do just that. You will discover the limitations of your ego-brain-mind, and realize that without spiritual context your life will seem meaningless. You will run into your inner duality, your pain, guilt, and victimhood...and you will most likely end up in a place, where all you can feel is fear and anger. This is exactly what needs to be worked through. And so, in our rejection of a deeper spiritual reality, it comes, that many souls are starved of true spiritual nourishment, not realizing how spiritual fast-food deepens the inner divide.

The impulse to seek Spiritual Wisdom comes from the need to heal an inner deficit or excess, which why spiritual investigation and illumination must begin right there...with our inner struggle, pain and suffering. Not wanting to engage with our struggles, but trying to find ways to bypass them, is why we are so gullible for spiritual fast-food. It misleads us into believing in instant relief and traps us in chasing happiness, yet never quite good enough to get there...

Consuming spiritual knowledge cannot lead to spiritual wisdom, as it needs to be lived to enlighten us. It gives us the superficial feeling of 'being spiritual', but without the quintessential change in perspective, perception, and behavior.

Healing of inner separation (aka 'inner darkness') does not occur through consuming spiritual books and information alone; just as reading medical books and gaining medical knowledge alone doesn't heal your body. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom can help us to gain new perspectives and thus help us change our perception and life view - which in return can change and heal our lives. Healing occurs through inner insight that leads to shifting into a higher vantage point. It allows us to see the bigger picture, and thus make better choices in our lives - choices that align us to our true being, as opposed to numbing us.

It is therefore in the nature of each soul's spiritual journey to willingly investigate these different dimensions of self beyond 3D and ego, so that we can discover the unseen and unconscious aspects of ourselves for ourselves. Every individual needs to built and nurture their own inner light, so they can look into the spiritual world with their own inner eyes. Without allowing ourselves to spiritually contextualize what is emerging from within ourselves, we cannot tell the difference between fake spiritual teachers/courses/groups and true spiritual wisdom, namely living a conscious and living a physically-emotionally-mentally-spiritually balanced life.

True spirituality and consequential spiritual enlightenment is the path of forming an inner lexicon and roadmap through the pleasures, temptations, darknesses in this 3D/material world. It can shine your inner light into the different filters of perception as they were laid out in our karmic inheritances. Becoming able to see through your own ego deception requires a continual commitment to your self-embodiment work. In fact, expect it to be your life's work — with the goal to transcend and transform all preprogrammed, or acquired ego fears, so that you can freely navigate through the different layers of reality and find your Higher Self within yourself.

Once you have become aware of how this deeper inner work with the goal of true soul embodiment leads you to the healing of your deepest inner fears and shadows, and you will be able to overcome the adversities your 3D life provides for you - because you know yourself! In order to discern truth, you need to know truth from within. From here on, you will easily spot darkness in others, places, or teachings. The ability to see through spiritual traps hidden spirit-pop, promising technological enhancements, or guaranteed formulas comes to you easily - because you know spirit.

The reward that lies ahead of you when engaging with yourself in this conscious way is Inner Peace — the end of questioning your ability or worthiness, and trust in your inner guidance — fully.

Knowing Spirit from within allows us to recognize that our fear of our physical death is the core of all our filters, illusions, and deception. We can only learn to embrace who we truly are, if we can make peace with our own humanness. True spiritual connection comes with the deep insight that being an immortal soul in a (mortal) human body experience is what causes our duality. We all, without exception, need to find our personal roadmap through this challenge — one soul at a time. When we are ready to accept this truth, we can realize that only compassion, non-judgment, and empathy (heart-connection) are the pathways to understanding and healing ourselves and the world/others, and thus -true inner and outer peace.

Stay conscious!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my NEW!!! For my Spiritual Initiation Group Training click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Club membership. No prerequisites.

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