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GRACE Soul Self Cycle - On Appointment

1 Year- Weekly Soul Self Training Program: 36 Private Remote Energy Healing and 12 Energy Coaching Sessions

GRACE Soul Self Cycle - On Appointment
GRACE Soul Self Cycle - On Appointment

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Remote & Phone

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GRACE SOUL SELF (1 year - 48 weekly sessions)

Deep Connection with your Spiritual Self

The GRACE Soul Self Package is a year-long combination of Energy Healing and Coaching Sessions. It includes all GRACE Energy Healing modalities as private sessions. It is designed to guide you through the entire process of connecting with your inner GRACE over a period of one year. In weekly sessions, alternating between 3 Energy Session followed by one Energy Coaching Session each month, you will be able to systematically develop spiritual awareness and energetic self-healing abilities. 

Your PERSONAL SOUL SELF Experience is a new personalized Self-Embodiment program designed as a complete and holistic journey back to experiencing and internalizing our very own Soul Self. With regular weekly remote energy sessions (on your schedule) it allows us to feel our spiritual connection first hand and trains our energy to vibrate higher. In twelve consecutive cycles of 3 Remote Energy Sessions and one Energy Coaching Session per month, we are slowly allowing our energy to vibrate in a higher frequency and thus clear all blockages in the corresponding layer of our energy body.

This program is focused on your internalized experience of your GRACE Soul.

GRACE is an energetic resonance that connects us directly to the heart and soul of True Self. It's an energy frequency that we can work work with and align to. In your personal energy sessions, we practice this alignment and train your energy field to resonate on this frequency. As this occurs, a spontaneous release of lower vibratory pain, trauma, and fear allows us to experience ourselves within the state of heart-consciousness. 

The power of this modality lies in its energetic alignment to GRACE as an energetic resonance. It initiates emotional, mental, physical and energetic clearing and integration through heart-centered energy healing. In a gentle way, it facilitates the overcoming of mental, physical and emotional trauma and thus allows us to reconcile with our lost/given away/taken away soul aspects. 

Working with the various Grace Processes aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey. The high vibrational resonance of this highly effective self-healing modality is the alignment to the frequency of 'GRACE'. While this word can remind some of us on religious teachings, the spiritual purity of this resonance has nothing to do with religion. 

The way this Energy Healing modality works is through bypassing our mental overlay, such as self-judgment and negative self-image, to allow the clearing of emotional energies through the heart. It addresses the core aspect on the energetic/spiritual level and can thus help us to break through persistent emotional, mental and energetic patterns.

The work with the Grace Resonance happens through several layers of our Energy Body. 

The GRACE Cycle consists of 12 different self-healing processes (3 Remote Energy Sessions each) that build upon another. Together, they gradually train our energy to vibrate higher and higher. It's an amazing way to connect deeper with your heart and align/feel the work of Grace within you. 

The nature of these Remote Energy Session is gentle, respectful and safe. Grace itself works through softness, compassion, and subtlety. It gives us the space to reconnect with our self-forgiveness and connects us with the feminine aspect of healing. But don’t let that fool you! The level of clearing ansd integration that can be accomplished through this integration work can be very intense! It’s like clearing, integration, and connection all wrapped into one.

GRACE Energy Sessions are designed to systematically assist you with:

- deeper connecting with your heart

- self-awareness and self-mastery

- increasing your spiritual connection & knowingness

- conscious manifestation

- releasing guilt & shame

- clearing emotional attachments

- basic inner fusion and defragmentation

- trauma healing and recovery (addiction)

- teaching you energetic perceptivity

- self-clearing of hidden/unconscious blocks

- integrating of unresolved emotions & experiences

The   twelve GRACE Cycles are designed as weekly sessions which allows you to cultivate and build your complete GRACE SOUL SELF CYCLE one month at a time.

GRACE Integrity® - Initiation (by P. St. Clair)

GRACE Manifestation

GRACE True Love

GRACE Mental-Heart Fusion

GRACE Sacral-Heart Fusion

GRACE Trauma Clearing/GRACE Recovery

GRACE Power Clearing

GRACE Redemption

GRACE Soul Unification

GRACE Soul Monad

GRACE Gaia Sophia

GRACE Soul Integrity

Your session comes with a live contact and reflection right after session.


  • GRACE Personal Healing Session

    One-time 60-Minute Private Remote Energy Healing Session

  • GRACE Energy Coaching Session

    90-Minute Private Remote Energy Coaching Session (phone or Skype)

  • GRACE Personal Healing Cycle

    Package: Three 60-Minute Private Remote Energy Healing Sessions with 1 Energy Coaching (1,5 hr phone or Skype)

  • GRACE Soul Self 12 Cycles

    Spiritual Self Training for 1 year. Weekly Personal Energy Healing Sessions (48) alternating 3 Remote Energy Healing and 1 Energy Coaching Session per month - Installments possible




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