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How Spirituality Can Help Us Heal Darkness in This World

The urge to explore our inner selves is instrumental in spiritual growth. In fact, it may be crucial for our survival as a human species.

How Spiritual Questioning Can Help Us Heal the Inner and Outer Divide


Approaching the Eclipse and Easter season always brings forth the density of inner feelings. These emotions clearly illustrate our inner and outer divide. It's almost impossible to see through the frustration, which can lead us to doubt ourselves, our goals, and our worldview, especially when we're unable to comprehend why we feel this way. The good news is, you are not alone. However, instead of succumbing to self-defeat, you should use this impulse to delve deeper INTO the feeling.

The urge to explore our inner selves is instrumental for growth. Connecting with our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, and investigating our perception are the first steps toward self-awareness. Not only are we the only species capable of this, but we are also capable of training and nurturing our higher thinking, allowing us to adapt to new ideas, creativity, and ingenuity. In fact, it may be crucial for our survival as a human species.

What if our spiritual higher selves hold the key to counteracting the impending materialization and spiritual emptiness of humanity? Could embracing our spiritual identities offer a solution to the collective crises? After all, asking questions about life, the world, and the universe is called Spiritual Awakening. However, the reason many of us struggle to respond to this inner calling might be a result of societal programming.

Receiving the prompting to review and reevaluate one's inner and outer life is precisely what leads to uncovering more truth and thus better decision-making. Therefore, in times where the very essence of humanity is questioned, as life itself becomes increasingly minimized, and human interaction becomes exponentially more limited through technology and AI replacement, it is not only cool but vital to ponder what distinguishes us as humans.

Who are we as a species?

Where are we from?

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

For the newly awakening soul, delving into one's spiritual self was often associated with either religion or new age dogma or practices. In the past, these perspectives often obscured the secrets of human consciousness, along with the truths of our human origin. It led to a confusing landscape with opposing groups and elusive verbiage. Most of us don't even dare to speak certain words, such as God or Divine, without being labeled as 'woo-woo' or 'bible thumper', for example. 'Being spiritual, but not religious' seems to be one of the new categories that many can live with, but the mere fact that we have to label ourselves is ridiculous. From an evolutionary standpoint 'being human' means to be ABLE to do this kind of questioning! It is a function of our higher thinking and consciousness guiding us to our higher potential as human, and should therefore be embraced with a sense of progression! Living life passively, and adopting a life view that regards life as something that simply happening to us, points at the lower functioning of our mind - which is ruled by our ego.

The most accurate label for a spiritually aware person should be a 'true human' - The Homo Spiritus.

Discussing spiritual matters openly without judgment or ridicule requires us to experience ourselves as spiritual beings first. Many of us suppress our innate yearning for meaningfulness and purpose, masking it with facades of political-correctness or degrading it as self-growth and (material) success coaching, unaware of how this actually inhibits the awakening of our spiritual potential. Have you ever wondered if this dichotomy is by design? What if the dark emptiness we feel is wanted or even strategically implemented? How could we find out?

What this is showing us is that true wisdom is concealed beneath layers of righteousness, peer pressure, and/or conspiracy theories - either direction - and, that if we want betterment, we need to break through these barriers so that we gain deeper insights. Insights, attained through conscious spiritual investigation, free thinking, and true feeling, are what differentiate us from all creation. They provide the fuel for all evolution and co-creative processes in this world.

Being a conscious human means developing a Spiritual Identity. It means becoming aware of our innate power to move and shake this world - to have an impact and to make a difference - and ultimately, to bring about change!

But there are a few pitfalls on the path of spiritual growth. We've already come to realize that true understanding of reality cannot be attained through sensory perception, intellect, or knowledge alone. It is evident that our greatest challenges (such as happiness, fulfillment, and peace) lie not in the physical/material realm, but rather in the social, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. In order to gain true insights, each layer of our well-curated ego needs to be overcome. Self-deception, laziness, materialism, fear of the unknown, and specialness are among the most delusive dead-ends of consciousness work.

For the many energy healers and teachers, the importance of spiritual context is clear. Without it, the myriad challenges we face in life cannot be fully understood and therefore not be addressed appropriately. When trapped in our shadow, we tend to seek answers in fantasy worlds or reject spirituality altogether, both resulting in a pervasive sense of sickness of the soul. The problem with the ego is that it cannot heal itself. What needs to be healed, therefore, remains hidden to us until we can muster the courage to step out of our comfort zone. In order to heal the darkness in us and the world, we need frameworks that help us understand ourselves and the world better, which must include the spiritual.

Currently, our collective development is moving away from including the spiritual perspective. Our efforts fixate on extending life and conquering death through technological advancements or augmentation, thereby tethering our psyche to the physical realm more and more. This fixation ensnares the most vulnerable aspect of our being – our mind – in a battle of dualities that breeds sickness. The answer to overcoming this inner divide lies in our innate ability to perceive ourselves beyond the confines of physical reality - to train our consciousness.

However, rejecting the reality of the physical world and seeking refuge in hyper-spiritualization, fatalism, or spiritual exceptionalism is not the answer, either. It can only lead us to a deeper divide. The solution does not lie in pitting one extreme against the other – either extreme, egoic materialism or hyper-spiritualism are limiting our perception and ability to fathom that the way into a more peaceful, healthy, and happy society can only be brought about by the systematic study of what is going wrong (untruth, un-freedom, and un-love) and then allowing our higher thinking and feeling to harmonize our need for physical survival with our longing for fulfillment.

Make no mistake! – This is not a superficial exercise in spiritual rhetoric. What we are witnessing is the emergence of the collective global shadow, materializing in every aspect of human existence. We find ourselves surrounded by the duality of darkness, forced to confront the dichotomy of being reduced to mere carbon-metabolizers on one hand or dismissed as escapists and conspiracy theorists on the other. Systematically exploring one's own soul life is the path to illuminating the darkness within and learning how to fill ourselves with the light in our hearts. Anything tethered solely to the mind or the 3D or spiritual realm (without engaging the heart) will inevitably gravitate towards darkness. While the power to reclaim our individuated soul selves (I AM) through conscious choice resides within each of us, it can only be attained by relinquishing that which holds us back from evolving to a higher state of being – our fixation on the untrained and unconscious mind.

In modern spirituality, our journey entails transcending the ego and its dependencies and addictions, rather than sacrificial devotion to religious dogma. We awaken to the truth by first examining the falsehoods – the beliefs and conditioning that have shaped us, including the notion that divine wisdom exists outside ourselves. Thus, our heroic journey extends beyond mere faith. To experience our own light, we must have the courage to shed the old egoic ways and emerge from the ashes like a phoenix.

Uncovering our true power as conscious humans is the quintessential human struggle, which is why our journey toward spiritual wisdom is often fraught with challenges. It demands that we embrace the labor pains of confronting the aspects of ourselves that we typically avoid or judge, and which we may not love. By confronting our fragmented or unresolved inner aspects – karma, shadow, inner child, etc. – we gain the ability to discern between good and evil, perceive truth, and liberate ourselves from the clutches of darkness. Many of you already understand that developing transpersonal skills through meditation, contemplation, lucid dreaming, or remote energy sessions can facilitate tapping into our divine consciousness. However, unlocking a new level of wisdom within requires emotional and spiritual maturity – an internalized feeling that transcends mental concepts.

The quest for spiritual wisdom must be a subjective experience, enabling us to define our spirituality independent of external influences.

With every conscious human embarking on this inner journey to nurture and develop their own Spiritual Identity, we can learn to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen, and ultimately cultivate ethical and spiritual discernment through inner wisdom.

Healing the world is brought about by the individual's healing.

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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