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Ask Your Higher Self - March 2024 Energy Forecast & Analysis

The energies of March are exceptionally vibrant, especially in a spiritual sense. They will help you to solidify your sense of self, and bring in higher levels of confidence and resolve to follow your Higher Self's guidance (For more details watch the forecast analysis video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

Life & Afterlife: Reconciliation, Reincarnation & Resurrection

March promises to be an interesting month for those interested in spiritual questions. There's an auspicious quality to March that will amplify our ongoing inner processes and questioning our beliefs around life and afterlife. If we can enter this inner conversation without fear, this inner seeking can lead us to experiencing our Higher Self more consciously, and therefore help us finding new ways to become more authentic and embody our higher potential. In addition, seasonal and celestial themes, such as the Equinox, powerful Lunar energies (including an Eclipse), increasing solar flares, and transformative planetary conjunctions, will act as catalytic forces propelling us forward.

With this energetic weather-condition, we'll be able to discover the pivotal role our connection with our Higher Self plays firsthand, as it directs our attention to asking the bigger questions in life. The moment you connect with your Higher Self and seek guidance, it will be readily available. Lots of clarity about our path in life, along with accessing the wisdom of your Higher Self can be gained in March. For some of you, it will reveal exactly what you needed to see/hear...However, it will also require us to know when to slow down and how to master our overactive thinking and perpetual anxiousness. Meditation, energy clearing, and healing practices are instrumental in striving for inner clarity, as well as ensuring good sleep!

As the collective field presents an auspicious opportunity to bring forward deeper information stored within us all, it will also bring more clarity about how aligned you are with your higher goals, but, likewise, also where you are still driven by wounds of the past (your lower aspects). This presents a perfect opportunity to reflect on and evaluate how coherent we are with what we want in life, especially regarding our relationships and the expression of our spiritual beliefs. Don't expect solutions yet, but we will come out of going through the energies of this month with a new confidence and resolve that will help you to solidify your sense of self.

Approaching this transformational time involves setting the conscious intention to gather deeper information from a higher vantage point. While this information may not immediately make sense, what you pick up on this month will provide crucial signposts for your future. March serves as a time for recalibration and setting our compass toward more healthy/conducive changes.

Patience is paramount in March, especially in our relationships. It's crucial to consider how our behaviors and choices affect others and learn to express our intentions properly. Caution is advised against blurting out frustrations, as there's an aspect of hyper-emotionality in March that can unnecessarily hurt feelings. If feeling attacked, make an extra effort to stay calm, gather information first, feel into the truth of what is presented, and then respond.Spiritually, it's time to open our inner perspective to the bigger picture. We'll gain deeper insights into karmic topics and begin to understand the significance of this time as a second chance for reinventing ourselves and finding our spiritual identity (reconciliation, resurrection, and reincarnation). Many of us will feel a pull into considering how our current lives might affect our spiritual afterlife, which is appropriate for Easter time, as it brings in the circle of life and death through nature. 

This deeper spiritual exploration through simultaneous introspection and spiritual education can help us better understand ourselves, and our yearning for connection. Let it show you the way to make peace with past wounds, allowing for transformation and deeper connection with others!

Also, your dreams and visions will be more vivid than usual. Try to refrain from interpreting your inner guidance based on this lifetime only. Remember that you are a spirit being that is having an earthy experience. The true lessons of each lifetime appear to those who seek them! Now, excluding the spiritual perspective on the other hand, can work against self-healing, as it lacks belief in the possibility of healing. Living in alignment with the inner wisdom of our Higher Selves allows us to become the best version of ourselves and live a fulfilling life. Overall, March will teach us to enter our personal manifestation with confidence while confronting self-deceptions and stepping into a more active role in our evolutionary process.

Collectively, we'll witness increasing divisions between faiths, tribes, races, and genders. This emotional and cognitive divide may lead to increased war-talk, fake-fear-scenarios, and apathy worldwide, posing a barrier that needs to be overcome! Incarnated (conscious) souls cannot work without the corresponding embodiment in 3D, so there is a strong impulse to bring your spiritual beliefs into alignment with your material ego self. We are at a point of our collective human development, where dark forces can easily gain access to the consciousness of checked-out souls! 

The goal of our spiritual evolution is to take full ownership of ourselves - if we don’t claim our soul self identity … someone/thing will!

Keep this in mind, as the main objective of dark forces is to distract us away from discovering our soul power!

Stay conscious at all cost!


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

Primary Energy Resonance in March 2024

Higher Self


Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omniscient, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self. This term is also used to express" the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal - or soul of a human being. 

The Higher Self is the inner experience of your soul while incarnated in a body.

The Higher Self is our greatest potential.When we live in alignment with the inner wisdom of our Higher Selves, we become the best possible version of ourselves. Our Higher Self knows our true purpose, and encompasses our potential to live a fulfilling and joyous life through personal growth, and spiritual self-awareness.

Context: Reincarnation 

Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, offered profound insights into the relationship between the soul and the body in his works, especially in dialogues such as "Phaedo," "Phaedrus," and "Timaeus." In Plato's philosophy, the soul is immortal and preexists the body. It possesses knowledge of eternal truths and participates in the realm of the Forms or Ideas, which are perfect and immutable essences of things. 

  1. Preexistence of the Soul: According to Plato, the soul exists before entering the body and continues to exist after the body's death. In the "Phaedrus," he describes the soul as immortal and as having knowledge that is lost upon birth but can be recollected through philosophical inquiry. 

  1. Dualism: Plato's view of the soul-body relationship is often interpreted as dualistic. He distinguishes between the material, transient realm of the body and the immaterial, eternal realm of the soul. The body is subject to change and decay, while the soul is immutable and transcendent. 

  1. Hierarchy of the Soul: Plato proposed a hierarchical view of the soul, consisting of three parts: reason (logistikon), spirit or emotion (thymoeides), and desire (epithymetikon). Reason, associated with the rational mind, seeks truth and wisdom. Spirit is linked to emotions like courage and ambition. Desire pertains to bodily appetites and passions. 

  1. Doctrine of Recollection: Plato introduces the doctrine of recollection in the "Phaedo," suggesting that learning is a process of recollecting knowledge that the soul possessed before birth. True knowledge is innate within the soul and is awakened through dialectic and philosophical inquiry. 

  1. Metaphor of the Chariot: In the "Phaedrus," Plato employs the metaphor of the charioteer to illustrate the soul's journey. The charioteer represents reason, guiding two winged horses symbolizing spirit and desire. The charioteer's task is to harmonize and control these forces to ascend towards the realm of the Forms. 

  1. Transmigration of the Soul: Plato also discusses the concept of metempsychosis or the transmigration of souls in several dialogues. He suggests that the soul undergoes a cycle of reincarnation, moving from one body to another based on its moral development and philosophical enlightenment. 

In summary, Plato's theory of the soul-body relationship emphasizes the immortal and transcendent nature of the soul, its preexistence before birth, and its post-mortem destiny. He advocates for the cultivation of reason and virtue to liberate the soul from the bondage of the material world and attain higher knowledge of eternal truths.

FREE March 2024 Energy Alignment Meditation

As always, if you need assistance with these deeper concepts, please don't hesitate to schedule a free initial energy coaching with me:

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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