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What Stage of the Journey to Your True Self are in?

Investigating the different levels of reality, perceived in different stages of our journey


The main purpose of delving into deeper inner self-awareness and healing work is to consciously experience a reflection of my authentic self. The core experience of myself takes place through my five senses and physical development. Subsequently, the emotional experience becomes intricately intertwined with the physical and mental/intellectual facets of my personality, often referred to as ego.

Born with an ego, its role is to ensure my physical and psychological survival, navigating the ups and downs of my subjective perception of self and the world. Highly externalized, it responds to outer stimuli, teaching me to avoid pain and fulfill needs and desires effectively. Influenced by early conditioning, family values, and societal factors, the ego mainly represents the less conscious aspect of my self-awareness. Its best function is providing clear 'I' awareness, discerning what is mine, what I want, and how to attain it.

As cognitive functions develop through accumulating knowledge and social experiences, especially during teenage-hood and adolescence, I begin to experience myself through thinking. This stage is marked by an interest in simple pleasures, material gain, consumption, or 'being someone.' My understanding of self revolves around fitting into society and making something of myself, often lacking a genuine sense of self. The eyes of others shape how I see myself, giving rise to performance pressure. It's during this time that the False Self, a curated part of the ego presented to the world like an avatar, begins to form.

In the later twenties, a shift occurs. Ego concerns of 'getting-having-owning' merge with moral considerations like "Is this right?" or "Is this true?". This phase involves a deeper care for the consequences of my behaviors and choices, expanding beyond typical ego notions. Examining values, beliefs, and spiritual inclinations, I question preconceived perceptions and how I perceive myself. Unlike the earlier development influenced by role models and family values, spiritual self-experience allows a more refined sense of self, exploring the purpose and meaning of life. This stage offers a broader array of choices, accompanied by a greater responsibility and pressure to make the right decisions.

Caught between the ego and the spiritual self, this phase is often the most disorienting and lengthy in life. Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, the experience involves grappling with two different realities. On one hand, the desire for self-esteem through status, material security, and societal position coexists with the fear of missing out or making mistakes. On the other hand, there's an impulse for fulfillment, belonging, and deeper connection, leading to a quest for new answers. This phase could be termed the Spiritual Ego, identifying with the idealized self but not yet fully aligned with the true being.

It's only when I become more aware that my true needs and wants, such as love, happiness, peace, and joy, are fundamentally immaterial values that cannot be satisfied solely by material/3D/physical desires. At this stage of self-awareness, there's a yearning to be more authentic and real with myself and others.

If I sense a missing part of me, unexplored and unfound, then I am ready for True Self awareness - my spiritual self that resides in me as a constant companion, tracking my progress and whispering through my heart. More than the unfiltered me, the True Self connects with my soul awareness and all that lies beyond the physical/3D. It mediates between my ego in this 3D world and my Soul Self in the spirit world.

Becoming a True Self is the bridge allowing me to connect, think, feel, and experience myself through my energetic spirit being, transcending tribal, racial, gender, and material notions.

It is not bound by time or space but connected with the greater spirit that brings me into existence. This is the part that makes me understand myself as "I AM".

The emergence of my True Self brings a deeper and more holistic experience, opening doors to energetic sensitivity toward what is not true to myself. My focus shifts toward authentic self-expression free of judgment. It enables me to feel my true being in all dimensions—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic. The realization follows that I have the ability to actively change my circumstances and dissonant energies through an honest examination of my entire energy body, identifying areas or aspects of lower/slower vibration. Active self-reflection empowers me to deal with inner aspects by developing self-understanding, compassion, and self-forgiveness.

The Journey to my True Self, at its core, is about overcoming the fear of the unknown future—what lies beyond the ego and physical/3D death. Connecting with my authentic True Self comes down to developing the virtue and habit of honest inner reflection—facing truth on all levels. This approach enables me to develop the courage and willingness to deal with any forthcoming changes. It offers the rewarding awareness that I always have a choice. Regardless of my choices, by owning all expressions of my reality, I no longer need to see myself as passive or powerless. This is my True Self's Purpose, to awaken me to a new reality, where I become able to embrace change as a chance to become real. 

What Stage Are You In?


Connecting Within - Feeling My Feelings - Observing Inner Responses

How do I feel? Where am I? Am I connected? What am I aligned to?


Being In The Moment - Overcoming Vulnerability

Am I able to truly connect with my True Self and others? Can I trust? What is in the way? Fears, judgment, emotional and mental beliefs?


Working on Retrieving Lost Soul-Aspects (Trauma) - Revoking Energetic Binds & Karmic Ties

Are there energetic ties and binds to people, places, or beliefs? What have I lost/given away, or what was taken away?


Identifying Hidden Fears - Attachments - Addictions and Coping Mechanisms

What are my hidden fears and secret ego pay-offs? What are my ego-pains, patterns, cycles, and spirals?


Seeing Purpose - Accepting - Seeing Things the Way They Are

Can I accept truth? Am I living my fullest potential? What is holding me back from finding my true purpose?


Realigning Ourselves To Our True Needs and True Heart's Desire

What is my true nature? What do I truly want? How am I connecting with myself and others? Who am I? What do I need?


Allowing Our Higher Power To Reveal What Needs To Be Revealed - And to Heal What Needs To Be Healed

What needs to be transcended? Where am I not congruent? Is my life in harmony?

Transcending our ego's fear is most powerful when voluntarily chosen!

While most of our hidden aspects are initially unconscious or unidentifiable, remember that your ego will always react with fear or resistance when triggered. This is normal and will continue to happen. The best way to handle the ego is by observing your inner dissonances from the standpoint of how limiting they are and how reflecting on them can help you become more real, rather than seeing it as something to avoid or resist!

Becoming Real is the result of living according to our own virtue and sovereignty, free of our ego's fears and limitations.

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Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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