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Energy Forecast for December 2023 - Navigating the currents of December 2023 demands a profound journey into inner transformation, guided by the unwavering compass of what is of true value to us. (For more details watch the forecast analysis video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

Navigating With Our True Heart's Desire

The main task in December is to consciously build the bridge that connects and unites both through action!

As we step into the final month of the year 2023, the influx of cosmic energies is particularly intense. We are entering the finale of a year that challenged us to master the polarities of living as an authentic spiritual self. Get out your vision boards! It's time to review and refine our goals for the next two years! December unfolds as a portal of profound shifts, inviting us to release old beliefs around love, pain, and injustice. Through our experiences in this past year we are now equipped to walk into depths of inner transformation, guided by the compass of our True Heart's Desire. All that we struggled with prepared us to navigate what will come in our future with surgical precision! We are now able to discern and let go of all that is not true to us.

Navigating the currents of December 2023 demands a profound journey into inner transformation, guided by the unwavering compass of what is of true value to us. Through our willingness and courage to face this confrontation with our outdated ego drives, we can look forward to feeling a sense of renewal. December symbolizes the closure of a year with often forced transformations and changes, that allowed us to gain the necessary tools to face the complexity of changes that are yet to come. December Energies align with the themes of restoration and self-care, urging us to tend to both physical and emotional wounds while rediscovering our strength within. Despite the challenges of the passing year, now is the opportune moment to wholeheartedly embrace what this year has been trying to teach us in incremental steps forward, even if we can’t see these manifestations just yet.

Remember, you are not the same as you were last year!

This must not be perceived as frightening, but rather motivating. We are now at a point to embracing that which has been silently driving us in the background. December is therefore a wonderful springboard to review and agree to uncovering and manifesting your true passion for life!

So, as we will explore the key energetic themes shaping this transformative month, a special emphasis is placed on aligning with our True Heart's Desire:

Celestial/Cosmic Alignments: December energies unfold under the influences of strong cosmic forces accompanied by diverse celestial phenomena, including the annual Winter Solstice. Planetary alignments, lunar cycles, and the positions of celestial bodies weave a field of energies, that encourages us both, to reflect and act. The conjunctions of collective energies may amplify the intensity of personal and societal experiences, urging us to pay attention to the messages they bring. Inner Reflection and Release: The energies of December prompt deep inner reflection, guided by the whisper of our True Heart's Desire. It is a time to review the experiences, lessons, and growth of the past year. The cosmic currents support the release of what no longer serves our highest good, aligning us more closely with the authentic yearnings of our hearts. Shadow Work and Healing: Embracing the subconscious nature of our shadows becomes a focal point during this energetic phase, with our True Heart's Desire acting as a beacon of light in this exploration.

Programmed and conditioned beliefs and patterns have no space in your life if you want to master your energy!

The cosmic energies encourage us to delve into the recesses of our subconscious, confronting unresolved issues and acknowledging aspects of ourselves seeking more integration and stability by aligning only to what is conducive and constructive for our energy. Energetic Renewal: December carries an undercurrent of energetic renewal, intertwined with the essence of our Cosmic Heart. As we release old, stagnant energies, we open ourselves to the inflow of fresh vitality aligned with our heart's truest longings. This renewal extends to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. Collective Consciousness Shift: The collective consciousness undergoes a subtle yet powerful shift, fueled by the collective acknowledgment of Truth. The prevailing energies encourage unity, compassion, and a shared vision for a harmonious future, albeit mostly through confrontation with un-truth, un-love, and restriction of freedom. It will show us, that our karmic path can only be fulfilled by acts of kindness, collaboration, and a sense of shared responsibility, fostering and cultivating a new collective awareness of the holistic interconnectedness of all life. Manifestation with Intent: While the emphasis is on inner work, December supports conscious manifestation guided by the truth in our hearts. Aligning our intentions with transformative energies enhances the potentiality of our creative abilities and gives us courage when questioning ourselves. Clarity of purpose, coupled with unwavering belief rooted in our heart's deepest desires, becomes the catalyst for manifesting positive change - through inventiveness and self-responsibility. Spiritual Exploration: The cosmic energies provide an auspicious backdrop for spiritual exploration, guided by our new inner compass. Practices such as meditation, prayer, and contemplation are particularly potent during this time. The veil between the material and spiritual realms thins, allowing for profound insights, mystical experiences, and a deepening connection to higher aspects of self. Embrace of Gratitude: Gratitude, infused with the essence of Cosmic Love, emerges as the main transformative power in December. The energies encourage us to reflect on the blessings, challenges, and growth of the past year with a heart full of gratitude. Cultivating gratitude and the expression of all that is good, true, and beautiful, becomes a potent tool for raising our vibrational frequency and aligning with energies that resonate with our heart's truest longings. Conscious energetic self-mastery will allow us to navigate the energies of December 2023 with ease. Follow only what is good for your energy, and gradually remove what you don’t want in your life anymore! Trust in this inner compass, as it will show you how to embrace change, release the old, and foster the connection with your True Self. Your True Heart's Desire is the key and foundation for a harmonious transition into societal changes in the upcoming year. May this month be a time of profound inner renewal, spiritual exploration, conscious manifestation, and alignment with the desires that beat in harmony with our True Heart!

Stay Conscious!

Love, Jona Bryndis

FREE December 2023 Energy Alignment Meditation

As always, if you need assistance with these deeper concepts, please don't hesitate to schedule a free initial energy coaching with me:

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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