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Cultivating Your True Self Relationship

Updated: Jan 28

Why is it so difficult to know ourselves? What are the obstacles in the way of being true with ourselves? What must we face on the path to our authentic True Self?

Navigating the Path to Our True Self

Facing the 10 Most Common Obstacles Connecting With Your True Self

For the past 12 years, I've been providing monthly free energy healing sessions—an incredible journey of witnessing beautiful souls flourishing and transforming into conscious beings, navigating through self-awareness, and transcending self-judgment. However, amidst this transformation, I've observed many individuals grappling with the challenge of truly knowing themselves. The echoes of our critical inner voice, concealed shadow aspects, and endless self-projections often become tormenting. It's no wonder expressing ourselves authentically to others, in a way that fosters love and support, seems elusive.

In my roles as a life coach and energy healer, I've guided people from diverse backgrounds through the intricate process of self-understanding. Regardless of one's background or life goal, everyone must navigate a certain level of confronting their ego and shadow. There's no escaping it! Without investing time in understanding ourselves, finding compatible partners, suitable jobs, or a purpose aligned with our essence becomes a challenging endeavor. Merely dabbling in 'spiritual' activities like adopting a vegan lifestyle or practicing Yoga, while beneficial, doesn't lead to an awareness of our triggers, inner child issues, or unconscious blocks. These can become mere ideals or false selves. To delve into the core of our identity, purpose, and desires, we must learn to confront our unconscious aspects. Yet, fear not, for we have an ally in this seemingly profound undertaking—the True Self, always present but obscured beneath layers of negative inner self-talk, external judgments, and incessant thinking.

Many of you already grasp that mindfulness isn't a passing trend; it's a pathway to quieting our minds and silencing the negative inner and outer voices. It enables us to hear the gentle whispers of our True Self. This relationship with our True Self needs cultivation before we can establish authentic connections with others. transCODES Energy Healing & Training provides this opportunity every month and daily through our online meditations (no strings attached!). However, there's a catch: without a genuine desire to understand your true being, connecting with the True Self remains elusive. You can't cherry-pick; truth means embracing the entirety of what is.

Facing the 10 Most Common Obstacles of Connecting with Your True Self

Embarking on the journey to connect with our True Self is an intimate exploration of rediscovering the essence of our inner spirit, our eternal soul. While this path may seem straightforward in theory, the practical aspects of this self-growth journey are among the most challenging endeavors we can undertake. Let's delve into the ten common obstacles we encounter on the path to facing our True Self and recognize how self-awareness often necessitates seeking guidance from teachers, books, therapies, and various techniques to unveil our true essence.

1| Ego or True Self? - Discerning Who We Are and Who We Are Not

Connecting with our True Self is hindered by the perception that vulnerability accompanies such a connection. Early conditioning led us to believe that our True Self should be hidden, giving birth to our Ego. And so, we hid our True Self from ourselves...We started listening to our critical inner voice instead of expressing our true feelings and needs. We lost connecting with our True Self and identified our Ego and False Self instead. To rediscover our True Self, and with it our true needs and wants, we must actively seek the stillness in our inner heart-connection, utilizing tools like meditation, contemplation, or spending time in nature.

2| Cutting Through Collective Programming

In an era of intense collective communication and transformation, media influence and mind control, distinguishing between outer programming and our inner truth becomes challenging, especially for energetically sensitive individuals. Building a personal lexicon of inner energetic sensations is crucial to discerning what is genuinely ours, cutting through external influences and unraveling the layers of our False Self and ego gratifications. If we forgot how to feel ourselves, we easily fall for any fad!

3| Overcoming Spiritual Specialness

True Self awareness is not a product of higher development or spiritual growth; it resides within all of us. Spiritual awareness definitely helps to recognize our true nature, but spiritual knowledge cannot replace an internal experience! Externalizing our connection to our True Self through spiritual methods, disciplines, or teachings often lead to a false sense of specialness. It strengthens our ego and overrides our True Self. Overcoming this obstacle involves reclaiming our inner power and recognizing that we are the sole authority in being ourselves.

4| Being Willing to Take Responsibility For Ourselves

Connecting with our True Self requires accountability for our thoughts, actions, dreams, and all expressions - even the hidden ones. You learn this quickly when with other energetically sensitives! There is no lying to yourself if you align yourself to truth! To achieve this, we must learn to differentiate between true and false - or true self or ego - , opening our eyes to the unseen and accepting inner truth as the prime directive for our choices.

5| Accepting Truth

Acknowledging the reality of our existence and questioning societal constructs that dictate our purpose, status, and happiness is essential for embracing truth. As I mentioned before, when you begin to truly feel yourself, you will also feel 'bad' at times. Cutting out negative emotions doesn't work! They are part of your inner guidance system. Being willing to see things as they are empowers us to break free from manipulated perceptions and live authentically.

6| Wakefulness - Embracing Change

Awakening to truth often involves changing our mental views, belief systems, and conditioned opinions. Most beliefs lead to judgment that thwarts us and tells us not to change anything. Growth lies outside of our comfort zone...Yes, sometimes we need to change the way we see things to change the way we feel about things! Approaching this process with compassion and neutrality enables us to break through programmed behaviors of doubt and judgment, facilitating our connection with the Source of Truth.

7| Fear of Isolation or Rejection

Once you begin to become real, others will react...often confused or defensive...Have you ever asked yourself why? It's because most of us interact based on rules of societal or political correctness. People who speak truth are not popular in our society. Yes, you will have to go through a time of feeling alone and unsupported - UNTIL - you find your new tribe of people - people like you, who love truth more than their ego! Realizing how we externalize our happiness and inner powers is crucial in overcoming feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Facing truth helps piece together the fragmented self, allowing us to see beyond the illusion of external dependencies.

8| Letting go of Judgment, Control & Superiority

Did you know that inner control makes you susceptible to external control? Reclaiming your True Self involves acknowledging your projections of victimhood, blaming others, or silently supporting collective paradigms of phoniness, especially concerning issues of control, fear, and specialness.

9| Communicating Ourselves Authentically

Liberation comes from being brutally honest with ourselves. The last time you caught yourself getting tangled up in white lies, why not just be kind and honest?! We don't have to shout truth out loud. If others prefer their web of self-deception, it's okay! You don't need to convince others of truth. Just stay true to yourself! Admitting our role in buying into the illusions of a false self is a crucial step in reconnecting with our True Self.

10| Accepting Our Ego and Working With It Instead of Trying To Hide It

Facing the fear of the unknown future is tricky for all of us. So, why hide that you can sometimes be in your ego?! Just make it a habit to question what you identify with! "Is this really true to me?", "Yes, I am sometimes not at my best", "Yes, I have an ego, and it sometimes gets the best of me, but I am working on it!" is the final obstacle. Reconnecting with our True Self requires breaking through layers of False Self identifications and embracing the unknown consequences of seeing truth.

Conclusion: While acknowledging these obstacles may seem overwhelming, the rewards include a genuine connection with our hearts, others, and the world around us. Connecting with our True Self is an ongoing, personal journey that involves active and heart-based consciousness work - preferably with other True Selves or a Coach/Therapist.

Embracing our True Self allows us to live a life free from external programming and a false sense of self. It empowers us to be who we are meant to be. Why not go for it?!

It's a courageous journey, and for all those with the courage to engage in it, gratitude abounds.

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Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

More on Truth:

Primary Energy Resonance: Spirit of Truth


The "Spirit of Truth" is a concept that often carries religious or spiritual connotations and is found in various traditions and belief systems. It generally refers to an aspect of divine guidance, wisdom, or enlightenment that leads individuals toward a deeper understanding of truth, morality, and spiritual realities.

In Christianity, particularly in the New Testament of the Bible, the term is often associated with the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of John (John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13), Jesus speaks of the coming of the "Spirit of Truth" as a guide who will lead believers into all truth. This Spirit is seen as a source of divine wisdom and a revealer of God's truth to humanity.

In other religious and spiritual traditions, similar concepts exist, although terminologies may differ. For example, in Islam, the Holy Spirit is referred to as "Ruh al-Qudus," and in Hinduism, there is the concept of "Atman," the inner self or spirit that is considered a spark of the divine.

Beyond specific religious contexts, the "Spirit of Truth" can be interpreted more broadly as the universal quest for wisdom, authenticity, and understanding. It represents the inner guidance that leads individuals to discern truth from falsehood, make moral choices, and connect with deeper aspects of existence.

In a more secular or philosophical sense, the "Spirit of Truth" might be associated with the pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, and the constant search for understanding and authenticity in one's life.

Ultimately, the concept reflects a profound human yearning for a guiding force that helps individuals navigate the complexities of life, make ethical decisions, and seek a deeper understanding of the realities that go beyond the material and mundane aspects of existence.

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Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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