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January 2024 - The Year of Truth

Updated: Jan 7

Energy Forecast for the first month of 2024 - Navigating the currents of January 2024 (For more details watch the forecast analysis video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

Learning to Love Truth

Welcome to the new energies of the Year 2024 – "The Year of Truth"!

As we plunge into a new level of Spiritual Awakening, we will be guided by the presence of the Spirit of Truth. This cosmic influx (reported about since August 2023) promises a pivotal shift in our understanding of the world we live in. Higher Consciousness, in its boundless wisdom, has scripted a narrative inviting exploration into the very essence of our being, both as individuals and as part of the global community. It will shift our reality toward becoming more spiritually aware, but also more critical of fanatic religious movements that will arise this year.

The "Year of Truth" comes with strong and fast-paced energies that will align us with a collective pursuit of authenticity, transparency, and a profound understanding of the realities shaping our lives. It will reveal the underlying belief systems of every person, business, organization, and discussion topic! You will love it!

Collectively, we will witness profound revelations about the current power and control systems that will change our view on society long-term. It will help us see our own role in society and empower us to come together. The open push for Digital Currencies, Social Credit System, AI and Transhumanism will become so apparent, that many will opt out of their collective dream-state. At the same time, we will experience a spiritual amplification of values and justice, as well as participate in needed discussions around ethics and integrity, which will allow us to feel more authentic and less alone with our critical thoughts.

Overall, we will feel a strong need to build more meaningful relationships and heal our old wounds around trusting and authenticity, which will force all of us to check-in with ourselves and become more aware of our Love Integrity. There will be new levels of sincerity in our hearts that will help us finally connect with one another again. As each and everyone of us individually steps into more truthful expressions and communication, it will empower the whole of humanity and allow us to understand how we are all connected in Spirit.

With this new sense of belonging in us a wave of GLOBAL AWAKENING and shared commitment to unravel the complex truths shaping our existence can be observed. In other words, it will become much easier for us to come together and talk about spiritual subjects that reveal our true values as humans - more than ever before!

As the veils of illusion, disinformation and projections are set to gracefully draw back, revealing the unfiltered truths concealed beneath the surface they nudge us to shed the layers of societal conditioning, laying bare the essence of our true selves and finally stepping into what brings us true fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

This year's most prevalent influence, under the gentle guidance of the Spirit of Truth, delves into the cosmic powers guiding us through realms of self-discovery, transparent relationships, and the unveiling of hidden truths in the world at large. And as a bonus, we will be able to see truth in a new light so that we can easily identify the dark! The ongoing hidden social engineering and transformation will finally be revealed!

This new awakening to truth will cast a spotlight on the importance of discernment , and encourage us to consciously navigate higher spiritual realms with wisdom and clarity.

In that, 2024 extends an invitation to explore the inner landscapes of our consciousness – a journey into profound truths that can transcend the density of the material realm. It will come with more time for introspection, meditation, and a deepening connection with the timeless wisdom dwelling within and guide us through our alignment in our hearts.

In January 2024, we will notice how truthful self-reflection is especially important now! It gives us the opportunity in such voluntary clearing to become able to give your truth a voice so that you can stand strong when having to face inner and outer restrictions (also financially).

Say what you need and what you want! Stop engaging in activities/jobs/relationships that lower your sense of self!

However, as we are beginning to move into the higher harmonics of our True Self this month, we also need to consider our interactions with others. Insecurity can lead to harshness, isolation, or even attacks. Try to stay in your heart, even when truth is sometimes uncomfortable! The goal of knowing and embracing your and other people's truth with lovingness and compassion is for your energy field to become permeable enough to not be affected by outer dissonances without losing you in inner integrity!

The only thing in the way is our ego's fear of what we might discover about ourselves in the process. It is of utmost importance that we embrace ourselves this fast-paced year!

For this, we will start the new year with developing a NEW LOVE FOR TRUTH so that we can learn to transmute all fear into personal power!

Important self-reflective questions this month are:

  • Who am I? How am I presenting myself? Do I try to be someone else than I truly am?

  • Where am I? How far have I come?

  • Where am I going? Where do I want to be?

  • Is this in line with my truth or is it based on projections of myself?

  • How does truth feel to me?

Most of you have been diligently working on resolving such dissonances and reclaiming your spiritual authority. You have already made your choice! In 2024 you will go through many amplifications of your True Self Voice, which will gradually prepare you for your energy body to become lighter. There is nothing that can surprise you anymore! Just stay on course and continue learning how to navigate spiritual realities.

Lastly, learning to love truth is the impulse of Christ Consciousness in us. It represents an upgrade for all humanity! So, as we all walk through these energetic 'weather conditions' of 2024 together, anticipate personal and collective revelations, challenges, and moments of profound insight that will lead to life changing decisions! This is a year to actively contribute to the unfolding collective awakening, under the watchful and guiding presence of the Spirit of Truth!

Don't be afraid!

The more honest you are with yourself, the more supported and empowered you will feel!

Happy New Year, and much love!

Primary Energy Resonance: Spirit of Truth


The "Spirit of Truth" is a concept that often carries religious or spiritual connotations and is found in various traditions and belief systems. It generally refers to an aspect of divine guidance, wisdom, or enlightenment that leads individuals toward a deeper understanding of truth, morality, and spiritual realities.

In Christianity, particularly in the New Testament of the Bible, the term is often associated with the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of John (John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13), Jesus speaks of the coming of the "Spirit of Truth" as a guide who will lead believers into all truth. This Spirit is seen as a source of divine wisdom and a revealer of God's truth to humanity.

In other religious and spiritual traditions, similar concepts exist, although terminologies may differ. For example, in Islam, the Holy Spirit is referred to as "Ruh al-Qudus," and in Hinduism, there is the concept of "Atman," the inner self or spirit that is considered a spark of the divine.

Beyond specific religious contexts, the "Spirit of Truth" can be interpreted more broadly as the universal quest for wisdom, authenticity, and understanding. It represents the inner guidance that leads individuals to discern truth from falsehood, make moral choices, and connect with deeper aspects of existence.

In a more secular or philosophical sense, the "Spirit of Truth" might be associated with the pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, and the constant search for understanding and authenticity in one's life.

Ultimately, the concept reflects a profound human yearning for a guiding force that helps individuals navigate the complexities of life, make ethical decisions, and seek a deeper understanding of the realities that go beyond the material and mundane aspects of existence.

FREE January 2024 Energy Alignment Meditation

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Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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