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6 Highly Transformative Pathways to Finding Your True Purpose & the Meaning of Life

Updated: Jan 1

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, the striving for a higher expression is anchored deeply in our design. We are not created to just survive life!

At certain junctures in our lives, we come to the realization that much of our time has been spent on things that, while important at the time, may not deeply resonate with our true selves. Education, relationships, family, career, and other aspects are meaningful, there is something within us all of us waiting to be expressed or stood for, beyond merely navigating life's challenges!

In the grand tapestry of evolving Human Collective Consciousness, the quest for a deeper meaning or purpose could be seen as our ego yearning for something that validates or elevates us at first. Allow yourself to explore what wants to come to an expression, even if it was just the first stepping-stone on a greater journey! Consider historical figures like Mozart, Plato, DaVinci, or Pasteur—had they ignored their inner callings for expressing their talents, opting for inner peace through meditation or living a smaller version of themselves, the world might have missed out on profound expressions  of beauty.

The search for purpose is rooted in finding the highest expression of our Divine Nature. The Divine wants to recognize itself in us. Whether as a flower, a lake, or a bird, true fulfillment lies in being in absolute tune with who and what one is. Humans are designed to express Divinity, but can only do so, if they recognize their own true nature first. We call this consciousness. The awareness, that we are part of a Higher Power that brought us and all that exists into existence.

We all know the profound effect of looking at a sunset, or walking with nature. When we consciously witness the creations of nature, we are moved deeply because our Divine Nature resonates with the expression of perfection in Divine Order and Beauty. It triggers our own Divinity wanting to unfold!

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, the striving for a higher expression is anchored deeply in our design. We are not created to just survive life!

Understanding our life's meaning and finding purpose in life are intertwined journeys. Without understanding ourselves, our nature, and our origin, meaning and purpose remain elusive and mysterious. It isn’t until we become aware that Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Happiness aren’t material in nature, as our ego see them. They are immaterial, and therefore require spiritual investigating. Once we begin to understand that we are fundamentally spirit beings (souls) that are on a material/physical/3D journey, we can decontextualize life as the striving of expressing our true nature.

You are a soul with a body!

To be human means to possess the faculty for consciousness, higher sensing, feeling and perceiving, which are the prerequisites for feeling your higher purpose in life. But merely having a heart capable of unconditional love, and the choice to devote oneself to expressing these qualities is not enough. We need to cultivate the relationship with our true being and thus learn to navigate life in a new way - which includes dealing with our ego and darkness. Ignoring or refusing the lower aspects of your being cannot lead you to Inner Peace and Happiness, with is why this soul journey takes so much courage and requires patience!

The search for purpose becomes a lifelong quest for many. A conflicted attitude toward what you are can be a major adversity and slow you down. Spiritual Awakening is an evolutionary shift of consciousness out of the darkness of our egos. Egoism is the collective shadow aspect of our lower consciousness.

The purpose of being human is to expand our consciousness and transcend the absence Light in your heart! To find your True Purpose, we need to learn how to create our own Light within.

6 Highly Transformative Pathways to Finding Your True Purpose:

  • Silence Your Ego Mind's Voice: Shut down the noise of your ego mind through meditation, contemplation and reflection. Mastering your thinking is imperative to become able to hear the gentle prompting towards true purpose.

  • Strengthen the Voice of Your Heart: Shift alignment to your inner heart's feeling, not your emotions or sentimentalities! As you learn to feel the difference between something you think you should do and something you resonate with deeply. When your being is aligned, you can feel it in your body, mind, and spirit!

  • Get to Know Yourself & Your Ego: Know what resists in you. Feel into your likes and dislikes, and form an inner lexicon! Develop new disciplines that help you to stop engaging in things/people/places/organizations/causes that don’t sit well with you!

  • Learn to Trust Our Inner Guidance: After you cut out unnecessary things in your life, such as doing what you think you should be doing disregarding your inner feelings, you can slowly begin to rely on our heart-connection, and the guidance that comes forth when you are aligned in this way. Learn to discern your energetic states! With practice, you will become able to notice when your energetic alignment is off, distracted, misled, or checked-out. Being aware of your energetic state will help you to tune into courage and energy to follow through on true purpose.

  • Practice Absolute Surrender of Your Ego: Your ego is aligned to control and power. It will always have the same advice. It is not interested in growth! Embrace challenges as learning opportunities! Every experience an opportunity for growth. Don’t listen to your ego!

  • Recontextualize Our Life's Journey: Understand our past as a guide for unlocking Divine Consciousness in you. Your pain was a needed learning to muster the energy to wanting to strive fro more love and peace in life!

True purpose in life is not a driving force but an energy field pulling us from our future. Deep down, we all know our purpose, but distractions often drown out the subtle prompting of Divine Consciousness. Inner conflicts arise when we choose against this prompting. Your ego's resistance is often a sign that we are on the right path.

Imagine knowing your True Purpose now. … Would you live differently?…what would you change?…. How would living your True Purpose influence your life and the lives of others?

Strive to discover your Higher Self! If you feel this impulse in your heart, you are already on your path!

Stay conscious!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

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