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February 2024 - Waking Up to 'Untruth', 'Un-love', and 'Un-freedom'

February 2024 Energy Forecast: February, often seen as a month dedicated to expressing love for others, takes an unexpected turn this year. Instead of the conventional focus on outward affection (consumerism), we find ourselves entangled in a new - unique love affair—the love for truth. (For more details watch the forecast analysis video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

Reinvent Yourself!

February, often seen as a month dedicated to expressing love for others, takes an unexpected turn this year. Instead of the conventional focus on outward affection (consumerism), we find ourselves entangled in a new - unique love affair—the love for truth. As foretold in previous forecasts, the collective unraveling of profound truths is now reaching its peak. Brace yourself for a collective makeover, a seismic shift in our perception of the intricate workings of the world.

We stand at the crossroads of a new reality, one ushering in higher vibratory energies while simultaneously introducing more 'untruth', more 'un-love' and more 'un-freedom'. There are uncertainties about what is real and what is true - and consequently, what the future will look like if we keep going this way. February introduces notions of seriousness, discipline and focus. It's time to get serious about making the changes you've been thinking about for a while now. Be it changes in your career, healthier lifestyle, Self-responsible, sustainable, integrous living is not just some ideal. It is the calling to live a more authentic life that you have been feeling all along. Start getting things done now!

Until 2027, the prevailing energetic resonance encourages profound transformations, spanning the personal, societal, economic, political, and spiritual realms. So, in order to know what the right choices are we all must confront the abyss of 'un-truth,' 'un-love,' and 'un-freedom' to make better choices and eventually embody higher states of being.

As humanity collectively moves toward a higher expression of sensing, feeling, thinking, and choosing, the process involves a nudging towards spiritualizing our sense of self. The limitations of a purely materialistic understanding of ourselves must be transcended to address the fears, drives, and shadows of our ego. The intensifying cosmic energies prompt us to uncover higher faculties, enabling conscious shifts in states of being.

Avoiding the confrontation with 'un-truth,' 'un-freedom,' and 'un-love' results in succumbing to dark energies that permeate our overstimulated nervous systems, electrified environment, hyperactive minds, and adrenaline-charged states. This avoidance leads to deep inner isolation and loneliness. Paradoxically, these manifestations of 'un-truths' serve a purpose—they highlight what doesn't work, what isn't aligned, and what impedes personal growth.

Your True Self, the mediator between your physical and spiritual being, reacts to cosmic energies, showing growing sensitivity to what isn't true, real, or good for you. It acts as a navigator, revealing new ways, perspectives, ideas, and wisdom to aid in making better, more aligned life choices.

Building a relationship with your True Self is a practical tool for transforming life into a more meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling understanding of oneself. The journey involves questioning preconceived values, beliefs, and goals, fostering deeper self-reflection and consciousness.

February embodies the theme of TRUE SELF INTERVENTION—an experience of the higher power of your True Self when veering off the path of higher consciousness. The energies of the month can be summarized with a few key markers:

Forced Birthing of Authentic Self:

Feel the cosmic midwifery guiding you toward the rebirth of your true self. This process involves shedding masks, unveiling your authentic essence patiently waiting for recognition. It's an intense journey, purging previously held beliefs about the nature of reality.

Know Thyself:

Become an archeologist, biographer, and scientist of the soul. Dive into the layers of your being with curiosity. Ask questions that only your higher consciousness can answer. Understanding yourself paves the way for a more profound connection with your own essence.

Danger of Re-wounding Ourselves:

Be cautious of echoes from the past. Resist being pulled into themes or relationships you've already worked through. Break free from patterns that no longer serve your authentic self. Embrace the courage to chart a new course and write a new symphony aligned with your truth.

Knowing Our Triggers:

Your triggers are messengers of transformation. Know them intimately. Use them as guides pointing to areas within you that crave acknowledgment and healing. By understanding your triggers, navigate the healing energies with a compass finely tuned to your authentic north.

Powerful Influx of Truth Energies:

Feel the surge of truth energies enveloping your entire being. Embrace honesty, even in vulnerability. In the embrace of truth, find the keys to unlock the doors to your True Self.

Explosive Purge, Earthquakes, Apparitions:

External symbols mirror inner turbulence. Witness the intense phenomena, understanding they reflect profound changes within our societies. Wait until April for clarity on what is genuine and what is illusory.

Understanding the Power of Many:

In the cosmic dance of chaos, recognize the power of collective unity. Seek collaborations with the likeminded, but discern imposters. Trust in your True Self's guidance to confront the abyss of past pain and future fear with courage.

As you navigate these collective energetic currents, trust in the wisdom of your True Self. Embrace the winds of change with an open heart, allowing your True Self to intervene when your ego clings to the status quo. Amidst the turbulence, the seeds of a new reality are planted.

Stay conscious at all cost!


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

Primary Energy Resonance in February 2024



"action taken to improve a situation"

" the act of interfering with the outcome or courseespecially of a condition or process (as to prevent harm or improve functioning)" 



In context with our TRUE SELF INTERVENING, it means, that we are invited to surrender to the unfolding of our authenticity. This month is a chapter where the cosmic forces become our allies, gently (sometimes not so gently) intervening to guide us to Truth, and illuminate the path to becoming our most genuine selves. They do this through the inner experience of integrity, which is expressed in the quality of energetic  resonance with truth. Here, examples on how this may come into your life: 

  •         Embrace of Vulnerability: True self intervention often involves stripping away layers of self-protection, allowing vulnerability to emerge. It's an embrace of the raw and authentic aspects of our being.

  •         Transcendence of Egoic Patterns: The cosmic intervention invites us to transcend the limitations of egoic patterns. It's a call to release the scripted roles we play and step into the uncharted territory of our true nature.

  •         Alignment with Universal Truths: As the cosmic forces intervene, there's a harmonizing with universal truths. It's a recalibration of our inner compass to align with the fundamental principles that govern the cosmos.

  •         A Dance with Change: Intervention is not a static event but a dynamic dance with change. It's a recognition that becoming a true self involves a continual process of adaptation, growth, and transformation.

  •         Awakening to Inner Whispers: Within the intervention, listen closely to the inner whispers of your true self. It's a communion with the essence that knows your authentic path and gently guides you toward it.

FREE February 2024 Energy Alignment Meditation

As always, if you need assistance with these deeper concepts, please don't hesitate to schedule a free initial energy coaching with me:

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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