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How to Protect Our Energy

Concerned about Mind Control? Start with what Controls Your Perception...

Conscious Energy Awareness & Etheric Self-Mastery

Many of us can feel outer energies but don't really know how to protect ourselves from them affecting us. Improving energetic self-mastery, and with it, inoculation from deception & mind control is not a matter of knowing techniques, but knowing ourselves. Similar to our physical immune system, we all have different susceptibilities, weak spots, or lifestyle habits that influence our preprogrammed trigger points, and make us respond to outer energies with fear, avoidance, or numbness. The fact that these energies are unseen and that their origin is unknown to us that makes us feel afraid of them. This leads to us externalizing 'energies'. We see them as outer influences and cannot make the connection to our own habits. The truth is far from it! For most of us energetically sensitives, the main task is about discerning whether 'energies' are benign or hostile and if something needs to be done. And for others, it's about improving or better controlling the energy exchange, effect and expenditure when interacting with specific people/situations. This is, because without developing the tools and organs (i.e. Discernment or Inner Sensations, Mindfulness, Chakra Awareness, Intrernal Reference Points) we are not equipped to navigate our inner energetic/spiritual/etheric realm.

The prerequisite for more conscious Energy Awareness is being willing to consciously observe ourselves. This needs to be trained! Etheric Self-Mastery is an inititiation path needed for the evolution fo our conscious self. It can show us how our unconscious and unseen communication and exchange can be highjacked, deceived or made an instrument of outer control.

To give you a sneak peek for what Energy Awareness Training as we practice it in our 6-weekend interactive remte n|ergyCourse could look like, here is a list of simple energetic protection practices that can help you kickstart your energetic awareness without needing to know much about energies and their dynamics.

When I feel bombarded by intensity – I stop, observe and stand still.

When my energetic integrity feels challenged – I recenter.

When my energetic boundaries feel compromised – I take more space.

When my energetic integrity feels violated – I set clear boundaries.

When I feel unable to feel or express my energetic integrity – I accept that I need more space.

When I feel attacked – I clear all aspects in me that can be attacked.

When I feel overpowered – I let go of trying to control the other.


When I feel out of control - I call on my higher power residing in the stillness of my heart's inner sanctum.

In order to effectively apply more sophisticated energy techniques, each of these self-correction techniques needs to become part of your new way of working with your own energy. However, energy awareness is a lifelong process. We will get better as we go. Learning how to control our own energy (and later perhaps working with other people's energy) happens that fastest if we can systematically work through the layers that distort our perception. The first phase of your training is observing where your attention goes because that's where your energy goes. As you begin to observe your 3D communicational habits a little more closely now, you might notice that there are distinct physical responses to certain communicational situations or people. Being unaware of your inner signals makes you susceptible to energetic absorption and projection. Do you know your communicational patterns? The second phase of learning energetic protection techniques is about forming a better vocabulary. Identifying energies requires you to have a roadmap. The discernment of whether energies are inner or outer, intrusive or projective, or simply informing us about a part of ourselves comes with the ability to name them. The third and last phase of initiation into energetic perception is uncovering the truth of our blind spots, and where darkness can latch on. This isn't easy, and cannot be done by ourselves, because part of learning how to protect our energy from outer influences is to break through our very own ego defenses!

Working With Unconscious Perception Blind Spots Below, we can find a list of the most common energetic blindspots that trigger our ego defenses and thus block our energetic perception. Try not to see this list as a laundry list of what is wrong with you, instead, begin to understand that what you perceive in 3D isn't always what truly happens. When it comes to the complexity of human interaction, there simply are aspects that no one can truly control! However, unresolved 3D asp,ects (for example: living in a toxic relationship, job or place) can act as your energetic weak spots and therefore attract more negative energies into your lives. Energetic blind spots act like magnets and typically lead to outer energies latching on more easily. They can lead to you not wanting to see something, they can influence the way you see yourself, or worse, manipulate you into taking on self-harming beliefs or views. The objective of the Energetic Protection work that we will do in July and August in form of our interactive n|ergyCourse is to learn how to know ourselves better so that we can shield ourselves better. However, the greatest benefit of training ou energetic awareness and perception is that it guides us to become able to address our unconscious inner aspects through self-healing. In order to work effectively work with energetic protection, we need to be willing to work with our own perception of reality. The biggest contributor to being vulnerable to mind-control, narcissism, and gaslighting is your conditioned ego perception. Most Common Ego-Illusion & Perception Blindspots 1. RESENTMENT TOWARD INJUSTICE OR BEING A VICTIM; NOT WANTING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OWN EMOTIONS & DESIRES 2. UNRESOLVED INNER CHILD ASPECTS; CHILDHOOD CONDITIONING; UNCLEAR BOUNDARIES 3. BEING STUCK IN THE MIND; BEING HYPER-CRITICAL WITH SELF/JUDGMENTALISM; PROCESSING EMOTIONS THROUGH MIND ALONE 4. BEING AFRAID OF OWN DARKNESS & SHADOW 5. TRYING TO ESCAPE REALITY; CHECKING OUT, HIDING, OR PROCRASTINATING; LACK OF DIRECTION 6. LACK OF TRUE EXPRESSION; NOT ALLOWING ONESELF OR FEELING GUILTY FOR HAVING NEEDS & WANTS; NOT COMMUNICATING THEM 7. UNHEALTHY COPING/ADDICTION/RECOVERY ASPECTS; COPING WITH PAIN; NOT ENOUGH RELEASING & EXPRESSING OF ANGER 8. DISCONNECT FROM THE HEART; NUMBNESS; COLDNESS 9. UNRESOLVED TRAUMA; TRYING TO BE TOUGH; NOT ABLE TO ACKNOWLEDGE PAIN OF THE PAST 10. UNCONSCIOUS KARMIC ASPECTS; IGNORING PATTERNS & REPEATS IN LIFE; BLAMING OTHERS OR CIRSUMSTANCES

Watch the video below to learn more about absorption, projection, and interaction in the unseen energetic/etheric realm. There, you will learn that many of our unconscious communicational habits refer back to deeper inner aspects.

The good news is, if you are okay with accepting that there are unconscious aspects that may distort your perception, it's a sign that you are already on your self-healing path! The fact that you are aware that you have energies is your ticket to self-mastery, This awareness alone, contained in your energy, already functions as a natural immune response! Now, all you need is to become more aware of the dynamics between your and outer energies! Don't question yourself! Question your perception of reality instead!

Thank you for reading.


Jona Bryndis


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