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How Energetic Tune-Ups Work

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

About my monthly Energy Clearings & Self-Healing Sessions

There is an interesting phenomenon that arises through our dedication to our consciousness development and spiritual journey. Somehow, our spiritual intelligence not only alters the way we perceive our world and us in it, but it can also change the way we are able to handle or even change our reality. Somewhere here is a riddle – something that can empirically be experienced but objectively not explained. How can we bridge the gap between our personal consciousness development, human collective evolution, seeking Divine Wisdom and still staying true to ourselves?

In energy work, we can see a link between the state of our inner perception, capacity to hold higher vibrational frequencies, overall energy levels, aging, and the ability to manifest higher goals! While this complex cluster of higher evolutionary functions still seems to be a bit of a mystery for science, in applied energy and consciousness work we can see a correlation between our ability to metabolize higher frequencies, our emotional, mental, and physical well-being, and the spiritual and energetic evolvement of a person’s energy field.

Regardless of the perceptional technique or way we are using or the ‘way’ we subjectively experience this phenomenon, different energy workers can see how a low energetic ‘light’ capacity can cause a person to develop energetic blocks and how this can create physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual imbalances in return. It is not totally clear how and why some of us can see such alterations in the DNA or physical cells of a person’s energy body, but there seems to be an energetic coding that indicates that we have something like Energy Cells, that determine our ability to receive, generate and transmit invisible packets of holographic information and that this unseen energetic interchange happens between humans as well as non-living matter at all times.

As we all remember from Biology class, our Mitochondria are responsible for many of our complex and energetic physical functions. They regulate our sleep patterns, perception, a bunch of neurotransmitter functions, our overall susceptibility to inflammation and chronic diseases, and our aging process. So, even without a detailed understanding of the biochemical function of this cell organelle, we can infer that our Mitochondria may have been underrated in the past.

Thankfully, our view of humanity has slowly evolved from the paradigm of describing the human body as a result of DNA codes in the 70s. DNA research, genetic modification, and decoding of the human genome was a huge advancement back then, but also brought about a bunch of ethical questions, as well as a needed correction from seeing a human body as a machine or a piece of computer hardware that was merely the result of genetic coding.

Today, we know that this is not the case. However, whether or not a person is overweight, ages more quickly than others develop cancer, or has a susceptibility to certain experiences in life is much, much more complex than that! Throwing in our energy body’s ability to reverse or self-correct some of our genetic propensities and acknowledging that a spiritual connection can literally miraculous healing or manifestation of completely new DNA codes is possible, science is now at a point where another paradigm shift is taking place.

How does Our Mitochondrial DNA relate to our spiritual journey?

Apparently, there is part of our genetic make-up and energetic understanding of us humans as energetic beings that have been invisible to us all along, like bacteria before they could be proven to exist all around us. Mitochondrial DNA is separate and all that is proven today is that it’s solely inherited through our maternal lineage and that there are some functions like our social, mental, and even emotional and spiritual intelligence that look like they are inherited. Some even suggest that this part of our genetic make-up carries the codes for the Divine Template or Divine Creation/Evolution in it…

One thing we know for sure is that Mitochondrial DNA has its own intelligence. And since it’s only inherited through our mothers, it allows science to track ancestral bloodlines all the way to the beginning of human development. Books like the ‘Da Vinci Code' and similar theories about bloodlines of all sorts are currently questioning our view on Darwin’s Evolution Model, but not in the way Creation Theory does, more like unifying it.

For a while now Mitochondrial DNA has been subject to many mystical speculations and is even called the Spirit DNA. However, at this point in time science only acknowledges that there are influences on our energetic wellbeing through our Mitochondrial DNA, but that they are not fully explored yet.

In the description for the monthly Energetic Tune-Up Session I briefly mention that our Mitochondrial DNA is being worked on during this energy session. This is a process that I have ‘seen’ in energetic clearing and integration work over and over again. The objective of applying it in energy work is that it seems impossible to access this part of energetic coding otherwise.

There are factors that are proven to influence the balance and quality of our Mitochondrial function, such as environmental toxins, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and many other unknown factors. On the other hand, there are things that can be observed by those of us who are on our journey of exploring the deeper aspects of consciousness, spirituality, and inner heart connection. Through working with our energy body as a whole we can change our entire energetic make-up, all the way to how we look, how much sleep we need, the level of intimacy and connection with others we experience, and how we manifest our higher goals in life.

Is it possible that our spiritual journey is more than just exploring our connection with God/Source/Divine, but that it is actually the next evolutionary step for us humans?

The relevance of our mitochondrial DNA in our spiritual journey is in that it plays a major role in our energy management and ability to open up to the deeper aspects of energetic transformation that is happening within and in our collective. Through high vibrational energy work, which can be learned by anybody, we can enhance our ability to receive and transmit holographic information coming from the human collective field. This is basically how precognition and multidimensional perception is possible. On this level of work, it can become visible to someone who is trained in consciously allowing this kind of information to be transceived, that there are greater mechanisms at play that have to do with our human DNA going through a gradual change.

Our Mitochondrial DNA’s role in this spiritual evolution process is in being the regulator of a person’s energetic capacity and lifeforce, and thus ability to align to higher or spiritual goals in life. But even if we have no conscious higher goals in life and are happy where we are at, this inner shift is happening regardless of whether we agree to be an active participant in it or not. The only difference is the subjective experience we have along the way – which can be a struggle, trying to fight change – or a gradual easing into a new reality.

At this point in time, it is mostly the energetically sensitive and empathic people amongst us who have become aware of these shifts. While we all have a different primary channel of processing as well as different levels of sensitivity towards outer energies, this adjustment process is the same for all of us! However, the way we perceive it is different.

The more aware of the inner energy systems we become, the easier the adaptation.

Through contextualized energy work, Consciousness Work as we call it, we can learn how to use our innate ability you see into the deeper coding of our holistic energy body (which includes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic view) and internalize the information that is not of the origin of our collective mental field. In other words, we can learn how to decode our subjective experiences in a way that allows us to bypass our mind and intellect, so that we become able to access the macrocosmic holographic world that we live in the mirror through the microcosmic mirror within ourselves.

In Consciousness Work, we often describe the process of adapting to collective changes as a karmic collective liberation process. As we begin to transcend our ego, which represents a specific set of programs, subroutines, and codes that keep us locked in the human collective unconscious – we also become able to go beyond our collective conditioning and programming. However, it isn’t until we are willing to go beyond personal struggle and open up to a new way of seeing ourselves through the glasses of filtered ego-perception. We become open to a new paradigm!

As this ‘awakening’ is happening we begin to build our inner lexicon of sensations and become able to process information that did not come through knowledge/intellect. We begin to FEEL information – and we can see/feel the truth. This is probably the single most characteristic of energetic sensitivity, all the while also the biggest challenge.

BUT - we still live in a world ruled by the old paradigm of ego and linearity, and find ourselves caught in a constant schism between inner gut feelings and critical inner voices. How can we fit in by saying: “Because it feels true.” or “This doesn’t feel true to me.” when we were conditioned to only believe or say what can be objectively proven? We can’t! We were practically bred to question our intuition and subjectivity!

The age of knowing rather than knowledge and feeling rather than figuring – basically Syntropy rather than Entropy - is only approaching, so there still are a few steps we all need to adjust to. We need to accept that our DNA, our emotional body, our mind, our ego, and thus our entire energy body still need to change a bit until then – collectively and individually.

Our schism is that we can already feel that it’s possible and necessary to live our lives based on our inner heart’s truth and True Self-guidance, but we are not yet able to fully trust in this yet.

In Energetic Tune-Up Session a person is supposed to find and follow his/her own inner precognition in regards to what the future will bring for them - the challenges and opportunities. To trust in this inner guidance requires a little practice, but works amazingly well especially when interopreted with the help of a trained energy coach. This session is done remotely and live. Following the 60 minute energy session is a live webinar with personal readings.

Energetic Tune-Up sessions consist of three elements:

  1. Energetic Clearing (as described above)

  2. Energtic Reading of incoming outer energies and the individuals capacity to handle them

  3. Live Reading and discussion of opportunities and challenges that can be expected for the next 4-6 weeks (in live talk right after energy session)

Our Energetic Tune-Up process is often perceived as uncomfortable at first, mostly because we don’t fully understand yet what is going on or what this is good for. Other than our personal struggle we cannot see the purpose of such a shift of paradigms, which is why most of us are in resistance to it. All we can see is ‘the unknown’ and the way we are genetically hard-wired is still the way that the ‘unknown’ triggers fears – fight-flight-or freeze in us. And so give up…and think that it’s just us going crazy…

For those of us who are beginning to become able to tap into our inner knowing and ability to let go of our resistance through surrender, be it through our developing higher perception or simply our spiritual faith, the adjustment is somehow easier. We can see purpose in this process and we are not afraid of inner or outer changes.

Thank you for your time.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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