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March 2023 Energy Forecast - Revelation Now!

March 2023 Energy Forecast

March is an intense month. Nothing in this month comes without facing the untruth of our inner illusions and resistance.

Listen to this month's 20-Minute Energy Alignment "SOUL LOVE" Meditation (with Theta)

The days of March represent the initiation into the next era of humanity. It is difficult to imagine that so many different aspects are packed into a 4-6 week period, but if we are familiar with the holographic nature of energies, it does not come as surprise, that there can be multiple layers of the same theme in one and the same event.

The intensities in March are very interesting. They open up the 'Field of all Possibilities', which can be very inspiring for those among us who understand their true nature in essence as soul and not as material or 3D only. Core fears are only triggered in us if we forget that this 3D experience is supposed to serve as learning and refining of such essence. With Media gearing up to distract us with an overwhelming amount of apocalyptic imagery and fear-mongering, it can be challenging to remember, that we are not just numbers or cogs in a machine. We are wondrous creations that are equipped with the power to co-create in this sandbox, called 3D Reality.

Facing our inner fears is one of these transformative powers. Anyone who has traversed a crisis or life-changing challenge in their life can experience the creative, and often karmic, power of going through and overcoming adversity. The intensities of this transformative creation power will bring us all either a step closer to loving our soul more than our unspirited naïveté, or drive us into the pit of our ego's fear of the end of everything. In that, it will be a humbling but also enriching time for all of us, depending on how we frame our personal and global challenges.

The good news is, the antidote to overcome these challenges is built-in via our consciousness, which enters us through our heart, unified in spirit and soul - our SOUL LOVE.

Watch the detailed Energy Forecast here:

As March energies indicate that the 'Great Awakening' is now in full swing...the revelation of hidden agendas and all that has been holding us back or restricted is finally happening! The long-announced paradigm shift is now reaching a stage of no return. The intensities of polarization, tension, and free-floating anxiety among us humans, is coming to an end. We are ready to push through the barriers of perception, and all that has imprisoned us in our silent complicity. The time has come for us to focus on what can unify us so that we can uncover the more sophisticated identity of what it means to be human - the trifecta of the spirit mind, heart, and soul that materializes reality.

However, revelation can mean different things to different people, which is why we need to be very conscious of how we frame the collective and personal events in March. The main theme is about scaling off the parts in us that have kept us in the darkness of our own separation anxiety, focusing on 3D and its material attachments, and/or mental prison of fearing fear. Without a deep LOVE FOR OUR SOUL, it will be difficult to feel excited and curious about the changes to come, as we cannot see the liberation that some with SEEING TRUTH as is.

Collective Gaslighting will be the keyword for the entire next year, as it will be revealed to us how the limitations of our 'small ego mind' were manipulated according to a millennial old playbook (Fear, Bread & Games). To escape from this matrix of keeping us in the dark about our own higher abilities, we must evolve in our human identity and recognize that we are not just a body with a soul - we are a soul (spirit being) with a body. If we can regard our 3D reality and physical learning experience as a spiritual kindergarten teaching us how to become responsible, mature, and respectful spiritual adults, then we have nothing to fear!

For as long as we remember the most fundamental truth about power, we will always be able to claim our power and liberate ourselves from the prison of our own ego addiction:

Everything is energy - and energy is power. Whatever - whomever - we choose to give our energy to, can use our energy to manipulate or control us.

For some of us, these revelations represent the a message of hope, shedding clarity in our hearts and souls, and revealing meaningfulness and true purpose in life. The 'great reveal' will feel like a deep initiation into their love for their own soul and a deeper level of heart-felt spirituality - internalized and consciously chosen as a path for learning and growth of our own essence. For others, this spectacle is merely the confirmation that they were right, and thus fall asleep again in the drunkenness of victory laps missing out on the true meaning, while waving the banners of 'bio warfare', 'alien scare', the 'great reset', 'climate change', or 'wokeness'. And for some, this time to come will feel like the judgment day and the beginning of the outpouring of the 'wrath of god'; but for most, it will just be another thing to make a meme of, go back to their daily distraction and self-soothing exercises, and complaining about how everything was so much better in the past.

I suggest that we focus on the revealing aspect, and thus reframe the apocalyptic notion to its original meaning - namely 'unveiling' instead of falling for the media-created doomsday notion.

Let the Love for your Soul show you the light through this murky time of distraction, letting go and embracing the new!

Primary Energy Resonance

(Experience in the Energy Alignment above)

Soul Love

According to Merriam Webster, Soul Love does not exist. To understand the meaning of this energy code, you will need to resort to the imagery and inner impulse that provides you with the 'feeling' that brings forth all that is true, good, and beautiful. Soul Love represents the active soul participation and the mutual relationship we form with our soul. It needs to be nourished and strengthened in the course of our 3D lifetime, so that we can evolve into higher states of soul maturity.

Contemplations in March:

How can I feed my soul? How can I strengthen the relationship with my soul? What does my Soul need from me? What am I feeding when I focus my energy on fear? How can I strengthen other people's soul love? How can I take my soul power back?

In ongoing energy sessions, workshops, meditations, and live talks this month, we will discuss the following self-healing topics:

- Etheric Reconciliation

- Learning to feel and direct our Etheric Self

- Decoupling from Collective Phantom Fear

- Breaking Free from the Matrix

As we go through those shifts in fast-forward our energy body prepares to go through those waves unaffected or with higher levels of resiliency by showing us our challenges (positive stress).

Resistance to change is often accompanied by a sudden emotional purging process, which helps us to let go of our illusions and projections by making us conscious of what we are holding on to. This inner balancing process will last until the end of May 2023. Latest by then, we must know what our inner truth feels like so that we can make the necessary choices.

Again, remember to stay in your heart and allow your heart's capacity to work out solutions for you. Be willing to follow your heart's guidance and observe your ego's collapse with a curious sense of knowing that your ego wants to keep everything the same!

Stay conscious!


Jona Bryndis

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