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July 2024 - Truth & Consequences

This month comes with shocking revelations and intense new societal movements, filled with eruptive and disruptive energies that will shape our collective journey as revolution evolution into the year 2027 (watch the Forecast Video and listen to the Energy Alignment Meditation this month).

Internalizing & Translating Karma

Collective Energy Forecast July 2024

As we move into July 2024, the energy around us is vibrating with themes that remind of the old game 'truth or consequences' - except, we will experience both at the same time. 

On a personal level, this month promises to bring in an unexpected calm for those who have been seeking truth all along. We are beginning to understand the importance of understanding our personal karma and therefore begin to come to terms with what needs to be let go of to grow. Althewhile,  intense new societal movements filled with eruptive and disruptive energies will begin to shape our collective journey as 'Revolution Evolution' into 2027 and beyond (also see Video Predictions 2023-2027 and 2027-2030).

Collectively, July is a month of shocking revelations and Media Wars. The truth, long buried, is coming to light, asking us to process the obvious meaning of such truths, and compelling us to face the consequences of our actions and beliefs. It's a time for honesty, with ourselves and others, as the clarity that emerges can no longer be ignored. Karma is the universe's insurance policy for evolution - and so, this period demands that we align our inner and outer worlds with higher truths.

Internally, we have been feeling that we are on the brink of revolutionary changes for a while now - in July now, this pivotal karmic shift change is ushered in, and will continue to unfold until the end of the year. We all have been feeling the urge to break free from outdated patterns and embrace new paradigms that resonate more with our true selves, but imagine this needing to happen for an entire society! For our governments and media (the mouthpiece of our leadership) to change toward more truthfulness, unity, and mutual exchange, it requires an even greater catalyst energy. So, this 'revolution evolution' isn't just about a change in government but an evolution towards higher states of consciousness and more authentic ways of living for all our societies.

Therefore, expect significant, transformative events this month—situations that shake things up and spark awakening - collectively and personally - and see them as part of the growing process.. These explosive events, while challenging, are catalysts for change. They push us out of our comfort zones and into new territories of growth. There is no need to fear what's coming. You have been a pioneer of this time to come, so your energy is completely aligned already. Everything in the past is now reset. The outer chaos is merely the final letting go of ego illusions allowing us to heal and prosper with a new resolve, whether it's our health, relationships or finances - all will develop for our higher good. On some level, we've all been waiting for it!

So, let's work it!

As we can hear our ego's complain, remember that there is an energetic reality to all fears, doubts, and especially anger! These transformation energies that are shaking the foundations of our societal world will help all of us better understand the forces that heal and the ones that keep us blind. This disruption is necessary to clear away the old and make space for the new. It's a time to release what no longer serves us and embrace the unknown with courage and faith. In that, it will help us all to focus on the good in life, and remove the waste of energy that allowed us to become imbalanced and schismatic with ourselves.

The events and energies of July will shape the collective weather conditions for the next couple of years. This period is setting the stage for a larger cycle of transformation that will unfold until the first half of 2026.

We're witnessing a great divide, a clear separation of paths and choices. This bifurcation is evident in our societies, ideologies, and even within ourselves. It's a time to choose—align with higher truths or cling to the comfort of old patterns. This choice will determine our collective trajectory.

The earth itself is mirroring these turbulent energies through massive earthquake activity and destructive storms. These natural events are physical manifestations of the profound shifts occurring on energetic and spiritual levels. They remind us of our interconnectedness and the powerful forces at play.

Embracing truth as a catalytic force is key this month. By confronting our inner contradictions and conflicts, we can transcend old limitations and step into our true power. This journey through duality is a catalyst for profound personal and collective awakening.

It's crucial to cultivate free thinking, breaking free from collective preconceived narratives and realities that increase the inner divide. By fostering independent thought, we can better navigate the complexities of this time and find our own paths to truth and alignment.

The esoteric concept of karma plays a significant role in this transformative period. Karma, the universal law of cause and effect, teaches us that every action has consequences. As truth surfaces, we see the karmic patterns that have shaped our lives and the world around us. Understanding these patterns helps us learn the mechanics of evolution, showing us how our past choices influence our present circumstances and how we can consciously create our future.

This month calls for embracing our spiritual inner alignment, but also finally releasing old patterns, and staying present. Connect with like-minded individuals and communities, and open up about your experiences. Vulnerability is a powerful tool for connection and healing. By sharing our stories, we create a network of mutual support and inspiration. 

An important self-reflective question this month is: 

Is this [ ] based on my fear, doubt or anger, or is it coming from my higher alignment to lovingness?


Define what you wish to create in your life. Set clear, focused intentions that align with your highest self. Move forward with confidence and determination, trusting that the universe supports your efforts. Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Gratitude raises your vibration and attracts positive experiences. Learn to shift your energy back into your center as soon as you notice imbalance. Connect with your Higher Power several times a day to maintain clarity and purpose.

July 2024 is a month of profound transformation, alignment, and awakening. By embracing the inner work, releasing what no longer serves us, and stepping into our authentic selves, we open the door to new possibilities and greater fulfillment. This journey requires courage, presence, and community, but the rewards are immense.

Stay conscious, stay present, and embrace the transformative power of this time. We are the change we are waiting for!


Jona Bryndis


 Energetic Analysis


More details and daily energetic conditions on my Energy Calendar Page

Keys to Navigating July 2024 Energies

A way out of the condundrum of unconscious responses and thoughts is to o accept that our inner contradictions and dualities are the teachers of what we need to understand about ourselves to follow our true purpose and goals in life.


Free 20-Minute Energy Alignment for July 2024

Here, this month's energy alignment, that might help you reconnect with your inner compass if you confused, off-track or stuck.! 

Primary Energy Resonance


Spirit of Truth


The "Spirit of Truth" is a concept that often carries religious or spiritual connotations and is found in various traditions and belief systems. It generally refers to an aspect of divine guidance, wisdom, or enlightenment that leads individuals toward a deeper understanding of truth, morality, and spiritual realities.

In Christianity, particularly in the New Testament of the Bible, the term is often associated with the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of John (John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13), Jesus speaks of the coming of the "Spirit of Truth" as a guide who will lead believers into all truth. This Spirit is seen as a source of divine wisdom and a revealer of God's truth to humanity.

In other religious and spiritual traditions, similar concepts exist, although terminologies may differ. For example, in Islam, the Holy Spirit is referred to as "Ruh al-Qudus," and in Hinduism, there is the concept of "Atman," the inner self or spirit that is considered a spark of the divine.

Beyond specific religious contexts, the "Spirit of Truth" can be interpreted more broadly as the universal quest for wisdom, authenticity, and understanding. It represents the inner guidance that leads individuals to discern truth from falsehood, make moral choices, and connect with deeper aspects of existence.

In a more secular or philosophical sense, the "Spirit of Truth" might be associated with the pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, and the constant search for understanding and authenticity in one's life.

Ultimately, the concept reflects a profound human yearning for a guiding force that helps individuals navigate the complexities of life, make ethical decisions, and seek a deeper understanding of the realities that go beyond the material and mundane aspects of existence.


As always, if you need assistance with these deeper concepts, please don't hesitate to schedule a free initial energy coaching with me:

Stay Conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my NEW!!! For my Spiritual Initiation Group Training click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Club membership. No prerequisites.

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My energy readings are not intended to be predictions in the traditional sense, but rather a means of providing guidance and insight into the energy currents that are shaping our lives. By understanding these energies, we can gain a greater sense of empowerment and make more informed decisions that align with our highest good. Whether you are seeking guidance on your personal journey, or are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the energies that are shaping the world around us, an energy reading, forecast, or talk from transCODES Energy Healing can provide valuable insights and tools for growth and transformation.

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