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How to Hack Collective Karma

Using Energy Awareness & Consciousness Training to Outvibrate the Matrix

At first Collective Karma can be a bit difficult to understand - but if we want to learn ways to outvibrate what's coming our way it is important to open ourselves up for the larger perspective. Try to understand the expression of our Human Collective Group-Karma through similarities in our cultural, genetic or even gender-specific programming, or if you prefer to look at it as a whole referring to humanity itself, as 'The Matrix'. (Click on the link to read more about karma.)

Energetically seen, Karmic Collective Energies are felt in the unconscious resonance with conditioned ‘ways of thinking or doing’ that can preoccupy our perception of Self and limit our options to express ourselves.

As many of us energetically aware people intuitively know, Collective Energies can influence our life tremendously and even determine our ability to see or deal with reality. Everything we can observe as societal phenomena, such as political events, pandemics, peace/war, economical crises, inventions, ethics, technological progress, natural or manmade disasters, etc. can energetically be linked to layers of Collective Group Karma. They are part of our inherent karmic purpose and propensity to go through a specific collective experience at the time period we were born into.

However, what most of us are not aware of is that this doesn't mean that we have to go through the same struggles as the majority of souls within the collective. There are ways to hack collective karmic energies and break free of their effect on us as individuals. Just like with our personal Karma, we can learn how to decouple from our predisposed energetic attachments through our spiritual/energetic consciousness work.

The restriction of our human thinking is that it perceives itself as a singular entity, causing the original illusion of separation from Source, and with it the identification with collective programming, such as (phantom) pain, fear, and guilt. Therefore, seen from the energetic perspective, this particular time quality is about working through and overcoming the deeper aspects of our personal and collective awakening consciousness.

Moving out of collective karma energies can, therefore, be challenging at first, as most of us have numerous hard-wired ego patterns that lead us to dodge, manipulate, lie or even deny taking responsibility for our lives and our decisions. Often this is formulated out a combination of our own experiences, family and cultural programming, our choices and of course our personal karma.

Adding to this and working against our efforts to liberate ourselves from collective energies, is the collective control matrix. Through multiple channels (electromagnetic waves, global and local news, trends, role models/celebrities, movies, songs, processed foods, environmental chemicals, social media, planetary events) it bombards us with constant information and toxic messages that reinforce implanted collective programs in our energy field. This matrix of physical, emotional, mental and etheric pollution produces tremendous amounts of energetic stress in us humans and can lead to reactionary conditioning that restricts our personal individuation. This can easily be seen by watching a bit of news or advertisements, where dodging, victimizing and blaming is common, and justifying our numbness to this meme. Anything is okay as long as you have something that makes it sound reasonable or okay (relativism), regardless of how twisted the facts, toxic the content or distorted the information is presented. Following the Collective by conforming with what is expected or accepted seems the 'right' choice. Until we receive an inner prompting that informs us about the energetic effect of collective matrix conditioning there is no questioning of the deeper purpose. We constantly question ourselves and try to comply with messages that make us believe we are not good enough.

Once we can feel toxicity in words, pictures, mindsets, habits or common rituals (e.g holidays), places and subtle energies of groups/crowds of people we can begin to wake up and start to look beyond our own fears and blind spots. Of course, there are aspects that we are not fully aware of yet, and that can pull us into this control matrix based on our own definition of freedom and choice, but waking up to explore the energetic quality of collective energies can open up a whole new level of self-awareness and growth.

However, feeling the prompting to liberate ourselves from collective karma does not mean that the pathway of the collective is 'wrong' or 'bad'. It means hearing, trusting and following the call of our own soul self. But until we choose to become more aware of what we let in and what we allow to control our own views, thoughts, sensations, feelings, and emotions, we will feel separated at first. Until we can discern what is true and what isn't - and more importantly, what is ours and what isn't - we need to withstand our ego's tendency to externalize the cause of our personal struggles.

Coming to this realization allows us to tap into the Divine-WiFi rather than the matrix WiFi. It reminds us that if we vilify, blame or fight against the collective, we are still attaching to it! Working on breaking out of the collective matrix isn't a reason to turn your back on humanity, leave your family and friends, or refuse to be human altogether, on the contrary! Liberating yourself from collective karma is a process that initiates the rebirth of your own soul's light within the collective of souls. It is not a process that is directed 'against' others or the collective as a whole. Psychologically and emotionally this process is comparable with the maturing and individuating from a teenager to an adult.

On the level of the collective matrix liberating ourselves means to recognize ourselves as conscious soul selves within the collective rather than rebelling against it. Breaking out of collective karma is done through dedication to being real and taking full responsibility for our lives and our energy. It is the act of owning our personal karma and thus letting go of our ego attachments. However, breaking free and allowing ourselves to shine in our own light takes courage, which is why most don't choose this path. It takes the willingness to challenge our own energetic, physical, emotional, mental and behavioral patterns. It requires us to be true to ourselves and know what our integrity is. Until we make this leap to face our own ego mechanisms and have the courage to let go of externalizing our power to discern truth, we are still avoiding to take the needed self-responsibility that comes with being an AWAKENED SOUL SELF.

Through exploring our deeper inner energetic mechanisms and learning how to reconnect with our Inner Higher Power we can learn to shift our energy from collective untruth into truth. As a result of this shift, we can begin to feel where our lives are not in truth and begin to realize that it's not the collective matrix but our choices within this matrix that have manifested our personal karma. This hacking process can be practiced by rediscovering our higher abilities that provide us with the awareness that we all have the ability to hack the matrix - but different from how we think it works...

The most effective method for breaking free from the collective matrix is found in hands-on and inconvenient inner ego work. It allows us to untangle our limiting emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, which can lead us to recognize how our ego binds us to the collective ego. Therefore, knowing our ego and learning how to transcend our attachments is not only our prerequisite for seeing beyond the illusions of collective mass deception, but also our only way of becoming aware when we are being pulled back into collective patterns. Constantly questioning and judging ourselves out of fear of making a mistake or not being good enough, for example, is one of the most typical ego patterns that pull us into the collective ego matrix.

With time and practice, our ties to the collective ego become less and we can move into a space where we feel more in control of our lives and personal energies. In our experience as energy healers and energy coaches, this then typically leads to wanting to go farther into deeper inner heart-connection and learning how to consciously manifesting a life in truth. As a result of our ongoing ego-work, many discover a new sense for themselves and develop an entirely new paradigm of understanding their purpose and journey here. The pathway of the heart not only aids tremendously to change and heal preexisting wounds and separation, but also assists in reclaiming our soul's sovereignty of determining our personal path. By becoming able to access our Inner Higher Power we enter the more rarified space of our higher consciousness that allows us to better understand the purpose of our journey. Guiding spiritually awakening individuals through the labyrinth of collective and personal karma is one of the major purposes of the heart-based consciousness work offered here at transCODES.

With each and every one of us who discovers that we have the ability to hack collective karma the grip of the matrix loosens for all of us!

Let's create our own reality together!

Stay Conscious!

Jona Bryndis


transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here.

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