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Global Shadow

During cosmic events, such as Eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices, something extraordinary happens. These periods offer a unique opportunity for anyone, regardless of their level of training or sensitivity, to gain insight into the hidden layers of collective influence that typically elude our perception. It's as if a veil is temporarily lifted, allowing us to see more clearly...

Collective energies can often seem complex and challenging to comprehend due to their multifaceted and often chaotic nature. It would be uninformed to call everything 'collective' dark, after all, as humans we depend on collaboration and society. How can we reconcile the darkness we see in our societies these days, without fear? Cosmic support is on the way....

During significant celestial events such as Eclipses, these collective energies become more accessible and permeable. For those who are energetically sensitive, such as empaths or intuitives, this period can be particularly intense as they tend to pick up on astral energies more acutely. And with the increase in overall energy exerted on our planet, these energies are beginning to visibly affect our societies and planetary developments. Everything that was hidden becomes more visible - everything that was unconscious, is becoming more conscious.

More and more individuals are waking up to the nature of spiritual reality and begin to see through collective deception, lies and false beliefs. Frankly, without regarding our world from a more holistic perspective that includes the immaterial aspect of life, none of what we are currently experiencing makes any sense! But if we allow ourselves to recognize the false logic in our collectively held assumptions and programs, a Brave New World may appear right in front of our eyes!

As outlined in my Energy Updates and Forecasts, we are all subject to the external influence of the collective unconscious, and with that, not quite yet emancipated from the forces that influence our consciousness development. Just as our personal energy undergoes daily fluctuations, it is also influenced by external factors, including other individuals, places, and collective events. These external influences have a subtle yet profound impact on our energy, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Importantly, this doesn't mean we are helpless victims; rather, it highlights our constant exposure to collective patterns, conditionings, and even forces that can shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world.

To grasp the significance of this, we can consider our collective group karma, which manifests as tendencies towards violence, conflict, fear, and survival instincts. The current global upheaval, marked by shifts in cultural, racial, religious, economic, and political power structures, offers a chance to confront and heal our collective shadow—the aspects of ourselves and society that we often repress or deny. To navigate this tumultuous period and understand its connection to our personal struggles, we must be willing to let go of rigid beliefs and opinions and appreciate the broader context of global changes.

The underlying energetic principle at play here is that we are drawn into certain preprogrammed or conditioned ways of thinking and behaving, whether we are aware of it or not. Our collective development as humans is the result of a karmic inclination to evolve, not the cause of it. The emergence of truth as a new paradigm for understanding ourselves and the world represents a radical shift that can only occur when we transcend old structures and falsehoods.

As many energetically sensitive individuals are discovering, collective energies significantly influence our lives and even shape our ability to perceive and engage with truth. Every societal phenomenon we observe, from terrorism to peace efforts, economic shifts, technological advancements, ethical dilemmas, progress, and even natural or man-made disasters, is linked to emerging layers of collective group karma and the global shadow. These layers must be cleared and integrated as part of our collective purpose and evolutionary journey.

The good news is that we're not condemned to experience the same hardships as everyone else. There are ways to navigate collective karmic energies more consciously. While we can't entirely escape collective karma, we can learn to decouple from the energetic attachments that bind us to it through spiritual and energetic consciousness work. This allows us to stand in a higher vibrational state, providing protection against personal disasters and turmoil.

However, it's essential to clarify that the aim is not to feel special or chosen. This process doesn't exempt us from evolution; it merely provides the tools to navigate collective energies with greater freedom. Our path involves breaking free from the collective matrix of conditioning and influence.

Liberating ourselves from collective karma isn't about leaving behind family and friends; it's about transcending the collective matrix while remaining connected to the greater whole. Breaking free involves embracing humility, seeing ourselves as part of a larger interconnected web, and surrendering our ego's illusion of separateness, uniqueness, or superiority.

The global shadow isn't an external force or the result of extraterrestrial intervention; it's the culmination of humanity's collective darkness throughout history. Only those who have consciously confronted their own shadows can recognize this truth. If we succumb to fear and anger, we inadvertently contribute to the global shadow's persistence. Instead of vilifying or resisting the collective, we can choose to free ourselves from its grip by aligning with our inner truth and breaking free from the mass delusion.

Understand, that for the majority individuals on this planet, being bound by collective karma provided a cosy comfort zone of un-consciousness and non-responsible victimhood. But the price for unconscious living is high! With externalizing our powers to governments or fictitious ideals of egoism and materialism we are maneuvering ourselves into a spiritual dead-end, that does not allow us to uncover the mechanics of happiness, meaningfulness and peaceful harmony in life.

Exiting the realm of collective karma can be challenging at first, as many of us have deeply ingrained ego patterns that lead us to avoid responsibility, manipulate, lie, or deny our role in shaping our lives. Moreover, the collective control matrix bombards us with constant information and toxic messages, reinforcing entrenched collective programs to maintain our conditioned responses.

You feel an inner urge to explore beyond your blind spots. This can be frustrating because it often feels like a constant struggle to find your own path. Recognizing your interconnectedness with the greater whole and relinquishing the ego's illusion of separateness is the path to transcending collective karma.

Breaking free from collective karma requires dedication to authenticity and taking full responsibility for our lives. It involves letting go of ego attachments and embracing integrity. It takes courage, which is why many opt for the easier path of conforming to collective norms. By courageously challenging our reactive emotional patterns and ego mechanisms, we can discern truth and face our ego head-on.

To free ourselves from these limiting patterns, we must explore our inner energetic mechanisms and reconnect with our inner power. This process helps us understand how our ego binds us to the collective ego. By knowing our ego and learning to transcend its attachments, we become aware when we're being pulled into collective patterns. With practicing our ‘I’ Consciousness, our ties to the collective weaken, and we gain greater control over our lives and personal energies. Many who embark on this journey feel compelled to delve deeper into self-discovery and consciously manifest a life rooted in truth. For some, it leads to an entirely new understanding of their purpose in life!

Breaking free from collective karma isn't about rejecting others; it's about embracing your authenticity and taking responsibility for your life. By doing so, you can transcend the illusions of collective mass deception and embody your true self.

To assist in breaking free from these patterns, we're offering many different classes and ongoing group sessions and courses that allow us to strengthen our inner experience and train our higher perception. By participating, you can work on clearing the ties that bind you to the collective and connect with the heart's energy.

Internalizing your own spiritual self helps tremendously with healing and transformation and supports you in reclaiming your soul's sovereignty over your personal path. It facilitates access to your inner higher power, allowing you to elevate your consciousness and see new ways to change or let go of old patterns tied to the collective.

Stay Conscious!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

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My energy readings are not intended to be predictions in the traditional sense, but rather a means of providing guidance and insight into the energy currents that are shaping our lives. By understanding these energies, we can gain a greater sense of empowerment and make more informed decisions that align with our highest good. Whether you are seeking guidance on your personal journey, or are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the energies that are shaping the world around us, an energy reading, forecast, or talk from transCODES Energy Healing can provide valuable insights and tools for growth and transformation.

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