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Most Common Energetic Releases & Clearing Symptoms

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Energetic Sensations & Perceptions during Energy Sessions

The most common energetic releases during an energy healing session typically happen through: Sighing, jawing, burping, sneezing, passing gas, or coughing. They are normal clearing symptoms, in which our body tries to get rid of stored or excess physical, emotional or mental energies. We often experience those right at the beginning of an energy session, or later in the session when major inner shifts occur. Pay attention to those, even if they feel negligible to you. They can inform you about your general stress levels, or indicate that you have been carrying a lot lately.

More complex releases can be experienced through feeling tension in certain body parts. The most common are the jaw, neck, and also lower back, but also pressure, agitation, or flaring up of chronic conditions (often skin or digestive system) in certain body parts. They indicate repositories of dense energies stored in you, which are often the result of unconscious patterns.

Energetic sensations, that come as sudden heat, heat waves, pulsing, tingling or vibrating, and spontaneous body movements (twitches) typically indicate an ongoing inner healing process. Even if we are not fully aware of what they may be linked to, do not be afraid of feeling/sensing your body 'doing' things without you. Instead, we want to encourage you to breathe through and FEEL INTO these sensations during your session. Once you get used to the sensation and you don't feel the need to 'make it go away', you can ask your inner Self what unconscious emotions or thoughts these might be linked to. Again, you may want to protocol your perceptions as most transcodes energy sessions lead you to a deeper part of your awareness. Like waking up from a dream, if you don't write it down or tell someone, the dream can easily be forgotten.

The most common forms of emotional release are spontaneous crying/tearing up, but also sudden anger, fear, or sadness (known as catharsis in psychology). But - there are also positive forms of energetic release, which can be just as intense: sudden feelings of overwhelming love, joy, and deep relief are not uncommon in energy work! However, the purpose of self-healing is not to experience those, but to tap into our inner guidance to show us what blocks us from feeling more content or less anxious.

General Transformation Symptoms

In conclusion, release and clearing symptoms are signs of healing. Embrace the fact that stored, clogged or excess energies are being released and learn from them! Energy Training can help you to identify what these energies are, where they originate and how to prevent energies from getting stuck in the first place.

Thank you.

Jona Bryndis

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