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How Energy Self-Healing Sessions Work

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

In general Remote Energy Self-Healing work is designed for participants to internalize their experiences. Some are guided, and some are not. Most remote energy sessions come with a powerful invocation and sometimes with a full mp3 process to listen to during the session.

There is a reason for it. Guiding a person through a process via coded words and underlying THETA metronome or visuals can cue certain processes and can therefore be very helpful for self-healing sessions, in which a certain release process needs to be learned first. The other reason is that the person can repeat the process as many times as they want to.

Typically, there are three phases to our self-healing process:

1. Clearing, Releasing & Becoming Aware of Resistance - Clearing inner blocks and confusion via mental & emotional processing and insights, often accompanied by heavy internal dialog

2. Connecting, Internalization & Feeling - making the unconscious conscious - via feeling through the heart and discerning what is true to us, often accompanied by emotional releases

3. Integrating, Implementing & Actualizing - more practical and pragmatic, via trusting and listening to inner guidance, often accompanied by o

Each transMISSION modality has a different primary transCODE emphasizing a different phase. In some modalities the clearing is in the foreground, which will make working with RELEASE & RESISTANCES more prominent; in connecting modalities, we work primarily around INTERNALIZING OUR OWN TRUTH, and in integration modalities, such as all GRACE sessions, we do all three with the goal to get more practical guidance.

There is no hierarchy or order in which we process our ability to tap into the future. Growth always includes all three processes until we can realize how to bring ourselves into our higher expression, but sometimes we simply need a little more clarity to better prioritize our efforts and to know what to focus on or where to start. However, ultimately the goal of tapping into our own foresight needs to be driven by our willingness to grow, self-discover, and self-heal. In order to actively integrate our experience into our 3D lives Energetic Tune-Up sessions, like all energy reading, remains but an external experience.

Stepping up into our own life and wanting to work with our inner higher guidance requires us!

We are the change we have been waiting for!

Through contextualized self-healing energy work, Consciousness Work as we call it, we can learn how to use our innate ability you see into the deeper coding of our holistic energy body (which includes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic view) and internalize the information that is not of the origin of our collective mental field. In other words, we can learn how to decode our subjective experiences in a way that allows us to bypass our mind and intellect, so that we become able to access the macrocosmic holographic world that we live in the mirror through the microcosmic mirror within ourselves.

In Consciousness Work, we often describe the process of adapting to collective changes as a karmic collective liberation process. As we begin to transcend our ego, which represents a specific set of programs, subroutines, and codes that keep us locked in the human collective unconscious – we also become able to go beyond our collective conditioning and programming. However, it isn't until we are willing to go beyond personal struggle and open up to a new way of seeing ourselves, rather than through the glasses of filtered ego-perception. We become open to new healing paths.

As this 'awakening' is happening we begin to build our own inner reference feelings and a functioning inner lexicon of sensations allows us to process information that is buried in our subconscious - that does not come through knowledge/intellect. We begin to FEEL information – and we can see/feel the truth. This is probably the single most characteristic of energetic sensitivity, all the while also the biggest challenge in our self-healing and self-discovery journey.

I am excited to have you in your next energy self-healing session! Check the SESSION and/or EVENTS section to browse private and group self-healing sessions.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

For particular kind of energy sessions, such Energetic Tune-Ups, n|ergyBoost Sessions, GRACE Soul Cycle Sessions, Energy Marathons or Energy Perception Trainings go the ENERGY HEALING category.


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