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Energetic Secrets of Easter

Updated: Mar 24

From an energetic point of view, existing collective belief patterns/programs around Easter entrap our consciousness in a form of an etheric prison, sabotaging not only our overall connection to our own soul and inner guidance, but also make us feel vulnerable and powerless. We are sensing the ARRIVAL OF A NEW SPIRITUAL FREEDOM but we still lack the ability to discern the truth level of information, which can easily trap us in misinformation and collectively myths.

In this in-depth investigation of the meaning of Easter I am describing our spiritual yearning or seeking as the impulse to consciously embody our individuated soul self into 3D. While this may sound new agey, you will find that there is a deep inner impulse to conjoin with our Higher Self in all of us, regardless of what belief-system (religious/spiritual framework) we operate in. By working with this inner impulse we can discover that there is a very concrete path underneath this seeking. Dive into the different stages of this embodiment path that we all came here for, and learn about the energetic aspects that are detangled with each stage of this evolutionary process. To those of you who are courious about their own soulfulness I am offering the personal GRACE Soul Self Cycle, in which I will accompany you personally through your process in weekly private energy healing, coaching and consciousness training sessions.

Energetic Context The Journey Back To Our Soul Self With a few exceptions the HUMAN COLLECTIVE views God, Divine, Soul, and even Consciousness as something external – something, that cannot be obtained or is very hard to reach. It is commonly believed that only a few chosen Saints, Gurus, Avatars, Lamas, or other holy men (mostly masculine) can accomplish a full understanding of the complexity of God, Nature, Soul and human consciousness; and if so, only through tremendous physical hardships, asceticism or by birthright. The idea of bloodlines, reincarnated avatar souls, extraterrestrial walk-ins, blood-types and other forms of rationalization supporting externalization, such as predisposition through DNA further fueled the idea that we are nothing but a could-less accumulation of atoms, genes, karma, ego, animalistic traits, and weak willpower. Being human is regarded as weak or lesser, and so we spend our lifetimes trying to become more. What drives the human evolution of consciousness is the yearning to advance into our HIGHEST POTENTIAL. On a deeper level, we all have an undiscovered sense of the presence of existence beyond our 3D humanness. All humans share the inner yearning to connect to something deep within, but with it often also the pain of not feeling connected to it. The HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS promises the potential to discover and connect to deeper realms of understanding of one's soul and purpose in life. Since the beginning of recorded human history, the search for DIVINE WISDOM has been the subject of drawings, spiritual teachings, and writings. Mystics, philosophers, visionaries, metaphysical teachers and even cavemen have been trying to connect with higher consciousness throughout all ages. Regardless of our evolutionary stage, there is an INNER KNOWING of an existence beyond our human body - and it's driving us to seek and become one with a higher version of ourselves - the unconscious awareness of a HIGHER POWER WITHIN. In the past and still to this day, most of the collected wisdom about human conscious available to us was based on religious documentations of semi-historical events, metaphorical stories or testimonies. Throughout the centuries until we could all read and write information regarding the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOD AND OUR SOUL was either transmitted verbally through leaders of the church, channeled through individuals, or based on the witnesses of miracles. Throughout all centuries only a few had access to the accumulated collective knowledge of how to connect directly with our SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. As a result of this info having been locked up or under the protection of churches or temples for millennia our collective understanding of the meaning of the words CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD OR SOUL never really developed past the idea that they EXIST OUTSIDE OF US somehow, and that in order to get there we must be deserving or obey to those who were declared spokespersons of God. The Newtonian Paradigm of Causality brought in the renaissance of CONNECTING WITH GOD through science. It replaced superstition and fear of the supernatural and allowed for a more objective view on our human existence, but also further locked our awareness into the duality of intellectualism and thinkingness. "I think therefore I am" However, while this could relieve us of the irrationality of our ego's fear of the unknown it also further suppressed the development of a SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE OF OUR INNER ESSENCE. If it couldn't be proved or came with reproducible evidence - it didn't exist. The existence of God and with it the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS that created all life was questioned and remained unanswered to this day. "Nurture vs Nature" This is changing now. For the first time in human history, we are living in a world where knowledge and information is accessible for everyone. Since the beginning of the 21st century, our human awareness is beginning to open up for the unseen realm of the individual and subjective experience as an AWAKENING SOUL. We call this phenomenon GLOBAL AWAKENING, which prompts the sudden awareness within a person TO CONNECT WITHIN instead of searching outside. Just reading about other people's experiences, or waiting until death is not enough for us anymore. The desire to have a direct experience with our SOUL SELF is pulsing in our collective unconscious - sometimes to our detriment. With this collective awakening still in its early adoption phase, many people feel spiritually lost. They no longer see the necessity to have a church as an intermediary between themselves and Divinity, but the lack of proper training in contextualizing the ins and outs and ups and downs of our spiritual experiences also promoted new generations blindly seeking for an inner soul connection through drugs or numbing the pains of their perceived human weaknesses.

The INTERNALIZATION OF OUR SOUL CONNECTION is going to be the biggest revolution in human history and change everything we believed in within only a few generations! As more and more of us begin to be able to map out and guide others through this INNER SOUL JOURNEY the reunification with our TRUE ESSENCE is driving our collective into the next level of human consciousness development. We don't just want to survive our lives, we want to consciously experience DIVINE LOVE and become an active part of our journey reconnected with our INNER DIVINITY. THE PROCESS OF INTERNALIZING OUR SOUL EXPERIENCE

From an energetic point of view, existing collective belief patterns/programs around Easter entrap our consciousness in a form of an etheric prison, sabotaging not only our overall connection to our own soul and inner guidance, but also make us feel vulnerable and powerless. We are sensing the ARRIVAL OF A NEW SPIRITUAL FREEDOM but we still lack the ability to discern the truth level of information, which can easily trap us in misinformation and collectively myths. With the dependency on external gratification we energized the narcissistic nature of our ego, and with it self-responsibility and ability to discern truth. Instead of connecting with another and mutually exchanging our experiences we got entangled in our inner schisms and SPIRITUAL SPECIALNESS. Internally, our need for 3D security, collective comfort, and self-centered satiation collides with our prompting to seek fulfillment beyond our EGO. Spiritual seeking and the emergence of inner knowing once more became an illusionary commodity that could set us apart from others or elevate us. Even though many of us are starting to realize that our essence cannot be obtained through ego or mind we still are just at the beginning of ACCEPTING THE LIMITATIONS OF OUR EGO MIND. Only the brave and fearless spiritual explorers managed to come to their fully internalized realization, that we are souls in a body and not bodies with a soul. In order to collective reconnecting our human soul consciousness, we will need to evolve our separation anxiety and learn to deeper reconnect with another. But without the experience of an INNER ONENESS the reference point for outer oneness is missing. We don't know the potential of our COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS yet, because only a few have experienced it internally. The inner process of internalizing our SOUL CONNECTION, therefore, needs to come before we as humans can evolve collectively. Without a leap of faith, we cannot experience our soul as 'real'. What follows then is a journey of learning to DISCERN TRUTH.

Being a Soul in a Body brings in a NEW PARADIGM OF EXISTENCE that can alleviate us from our collective phantom pains and lead us to a new level of SELF-RESPONSIBILITY & FREEDOM - this is the true message of the Easter Celebration. But because our awakening process forces us to OVERCOME THE DUALITY of experiencing our mortal body we have to learn how to negate the illusion of its limitations. The only way for us to experience OUR OWN SOUL'S EXISTENCE while still being caught in a dualistic mind and body is through exploring the vast microcosm of our own consciousness. Through the process of SELF-TRANSFORMATION we can learn to consciously connect, clear, integrate, heal and ultimately reunify within.

Through subjectively experiencing Divinity within this process then allows us to individually out-vibrate COLLECTIVE KARMA. It marks the beginning of recognizing the our eternal GRACE SOUL SELF through our own existence which then links us back to everything and everybody else that exists.

Happy Easter!

Stay conscious! Love, Jona Bryndis Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

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