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How To Boost Our Energetic Immune System

Our Energetic Immune System shows in the connection between your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It can inform us about our overall energetic stress levels and with it the true state of health and well-being. Learning how to read and manage your own energy can be the missing link you have been searching for to boost your Energetic Immune System.

Apart from exercising, drinking more water, avoiding toxins, improving the quality of our diet, and other lifestyle aspects, it is known that emotional, mental, and spiritual components must be considered for the efficiency of our physical immune system. However, what most don't know yet is that energetic health can also play a key role in our overall holistic health. Some health conditions can be rooted in the unseen of the etheric or astral energy realm of our body. Good examples are karmic aspects, stressors resulting from exposure to toxic people, places, or conditions, as well as collective events. Energies can greatly influence our ability to connect and feel ourselves, which is needed to make healthy choices.

The experience of the past three years clearly showed us the connection between our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. If a person experiences ongoing complex psychological stress, their physical immune system takes a beating - and vice versa. The secrets of this unseen connection can be uncovered if we change the way we understand our health in a more holistic way. Holistic Health is a state of balance between our inner systems and their relationship with outer systems. If one goes out of balance (i.e. thinking too much or isolating ourselves) it draws energy from the other systems.

Holistic Health is not just limited to our physical health but is a complex interplay of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, environmental condition, relationships, and inner processing - showing in our energy system.

Our energy system, and with it the state of our holistic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being is composed of millions of holographic energy codes (etheric energies) interacting with another and outer energies. Like our physical immune system or our emotional resilience, it is self-intelligent and programmed to self-heal and evolve. It constantly self-heals, clears, repairs, and replaces blocked parts of our energy systems, mainly in our sleep. Etheric self-repair processes thoughts and insights integrate emotions and stores experiences for later application. An optimally working etheric immune system provides inner balance, peace, an optimal flow, and plenty of energy to maintain, express, and expand our vitality, motivation, and joy in life. The main cause of unhealthy etheric conditions is inefficient energy management or bad energetic habits that are not fully aware to us. They can lead to inner negativity, conflicts, loss of money, chronic stress, unhappy relationships, addictions, and even mental or physical health issues. Conscious energetic protection work can close this gap and help us to see the bigger picture of persistent health or abundance issues.

Many of us already have an intuitive ability to feel energies, often without consciously being aware of them. But there is more here. Understanding the connection between our inner and outer stress levels and our energy body allows us to get a more accurate picture of our Personal Energy Management. When it comes to effectively protecting ourselves energetically from unnecessary intensity, drainage, run-down, or anxiety it can help to see how different 3D fears, anxieties, circumstances, and momentary states can make us more or less susceptible to outer threats. We will learn, that just like in our physical reality, our immunity is connected to energetic stress.

Energies are not much different from germs, with the difference that they don't show in the physical but only in the etheric realm. They are invisible, they have an effect on us and they are always there no matter how much we try to avoid them. Whether or not they affect us does not depend on whether they exist, but on the quality and state of our energetic and physical immune systems. Imagine etheric dust in form of the undefined and constant residue of energies in and around you. There is nothing we need to be afraid of. It just is. If we are energetically sensitive, however, we might be more concerned about outer energies affecting our inner energies, like someone with food sensitivities, for example. But just like that, continued aggravation, overexposure, or unconscious overreaction (autoimmune responses) can wear our etheric immune system down, and even damage it. The same applies to physical. Learning about what keeps us healthy is instrumental in making healthy decisions. We are complex living beings with many different layers that determine our well-being, happiness, and ability to thrive. Learning about energies can therefore help us to know ourselves better, and thus make healthier and more holistic choices.

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Energetic Stress Management


When our energy is more stressed than normal, we can actively learn techniques to help us shift our energy. By consciously sensing physical tensions and aches, grounding, centering, and active self-clearing, such as feeling into our energy centers, we can already reduce energetic stress with just a few conscious moments of attention. Our inner energy scans can inform us about our energy body is carrying a heavier load than normal.

Diagnosing our own energetic health and stress levels becomes even more interesting when we decide to consciously listen to our self-talk, feel into our emotional expressions, and monitor our inner judgments about how we are feeling. We can use this information to counteract whatever unconscious patterns are going on, and catch eventual manifestations before they can latch on.

We can take simple precautionary measures to slow down, calm, and ground ourselves with nature, breathing more consciously, taking a bath, getting a massage, or simply sleeping or meditating. Another way to effectively counteract stuck energies in us, be it fear, anger or sadness, is to walk them off. To be physically active and to allow our physical body, the densest part of our energy body, to shake it or walk it off. However, one of the most effective energetic grounding, centering, and clearing techniques is to connect with our heart - the center of our center. Most of us get stuck in a loop of subtle unwellness and mental self-judgment. A deadly loop for our energy! As our inner self-talk becomes anxious, judgmental, or even self-defeating we unknowingly lower the vibration of our energy and thus provide better conditions for outer energies (or viruses for that matter) to latch on.

However, the main reason for tuning into our energy body is not just the protection from physical or 3D manifestations. More often than not, emotional, mental, and even spiritual crises are preceded by a sudden drop in our vibrational frequency that we simply didn't register. We were too busy and distracted with inner dramas or outer threats that we forgot to listen to what our energy body is trying to tell us. The girlfriend that broke our heart, the job that is draining us, the condition of the place we live in, or the constant bombardment through friends, family, or spouses have worn our energy down long before we came down with our condition. We didn't listen to our inner subtle energies telling us to let go of toxic relationships, underpaid jobs, superior and degrading family members, or non-supportive friends. Instead, we listened to our ego wanting to maintain our familiar comfort zone, even if it isn't healthy for our energy.

Energetic Stress is caused by inner conflicts. Learning how to read our own energy body and identify the deeper energetic stressors is essential for our health and well-being!

One way of qualifying our inner energetic stress is by looking at what we feel compelled to fixate on or distract ourselves with in order to cope with our circumstances. But there are also energies that come from the outside, that can equally affect us. Obviously, the direct influence of other people can affect us, but there is also the larger collective energy that we are exposed to. Our personal energy field is not a stand-alone system. There are several energy fields we are surrounded by and exposed to, e.g. the Collective Energy Field, the Divine Field, and of course the energy fields of other people, places, or Nature.

At first, this can be a scary thought for most who are not used to seeing themselves energetically connected to the whole of humanity but just like the weather it counts as one of the ongoing stressors we are subconsciously picking up on without ever being able to contextualize how these invisible aspects influence our state of energy. It is the reason why I do ENERGY TALKS and publish weekly energy tips so that we can feel more connected and not singled out.

Knowing or recognizing that we are empaths or energetically sensitive means that we need to pay attention to the outer factors even more so since we are picking up on those as if they were our own. The state of our personal energy and thus our well-being is even more susceptible to the influence and source of other energies.

Our current collective situation is a very good example of how outer energies can affect us (collective fear, anger & injustice.) They stress us and drive us into isolation but just because most of these outer influences aren't in our control doesn't mean that cannot learn how to manage them better!

See my new online Energy Calender with day-to-day energy tips.

The easiest way to understand some of these influences is by recalling your inner feelings when exposed to outer negativity or toxic environments. They can give us a reference feeling for what makes us drained or tired; what can trigger emotional responses, such as getting angry or scared; or make us feel small, doubting or criticizing ourselves.

At the same time, and this is the good news, we can also feel what can help us to raise our vibration - to outvibrate lower energies! 

Surrounding and consciously aligning ourselves to expansive or higher vibratory energies can empower, inspire and strengthen our energy. It activates our inner self-healing power and strengthens our immune system. Connecting with our own energies can support our inner balance and vitalize our entire system on all levels. So, what this challenge (virus scare) can do for us is to remember how to better discern whether outer energies are positive or negative for us! We can become the masters of our own energy and learn to better manage our energies!

Not knowing what affects our inner energies can cause us to spend a lifetime struggling with our inner conditions, circumstances, or the lack of love and joy. We might be functional but mostly run on low energies, don’t have enough energy left to manifest our heart’s desires, and often get overloaded or checked out.

If we stay unaware to us we can become prone to chronic or degenerative conditions, systemic diseases, and worst of all, suffering from a lack of vitality, and inner separation, Not knowing what affects our inner energies can cause us to spend a lifetime struggling with our inner conditions, circumstances or the lack of love and joy. We might be functional but mostly run on low energies, don’t have enough energy left to manifest our heart’s desires, and often get overloaded or check out. If this stays unaware to us we can become prone to chronic or degenerative conditions, systemic diseases, and worst of all, suffering from a lack of vitality, inner separation, and lovelessness.

So, apart from contextualizing your own state with collective energies, you are unwillingly exposed to, the most impactful choice we can make is what we choose to align ourselves to - what we choose to pay attention to, what we choose to hold in mind. The quality and power of your energy field depend on the vibration we choose to plug into. By cultivating this inner connection we are training our ability to manage our own energy and provide ourselves with enough to self-heal and self-correct, and can also become a beacon of calm and hope for others!

What happens with our personal energy and power to self-heal and manifest health, wealth and love is very similar. If we are not aware of our energetic patterns, needs, our source of power and don’t know what helps to support and expand our energy, we cannot discern if something we do or choose to pay attention to is good or bad for our energy. We are unable to properly manage our energy.  


If our energy system is in optimal flow, we are capable of generating our own power needed for optimal health, wealth, and happiness - and more. You begin to radiate health, happiness, and strength that can positively affect others!


Reducing Energetic Stress by Raising Our Vibration


1. Adjust your inner alignment towards LIFE-SUPPORTING , GROWTH-PROMOTING & SUSTAINABLE values and goals & make more conscious choices in regard to how it affects your energy

2. Change your diet to support your body; focus on nutrients and elimination systems

3. Learn to read and interact with your inner energies

4. Observe your daily exposure to LIFE-DRAINING, UNSTUSTAINBLE or LACK energies & stop them

5. Learn how to regularly clear and self-heal your energy body on a regular basis

6. Assess your energetic state & ego attachment through honest and loving self-reflection

7. Take an inventory of your inner sentiments, lifeview, thoughts, and attitudes, and theit patterns

8. Identify triggers that bind you to lower vibrational energies and inner conflicts

9. Become aware of your unseen energetic behaviors & interactions with others

10. Learn energetic defense and protection techniques

11. Become true to yourself on all levels

12. Work with an energy coach or therapist to learn how to consciously align to unconditionality, health, wealth & love

Thank you for reading!

Stay conscious!

Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here.

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