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12 Days of Sacred Self - Your Spiritual Journey

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Daily live stream at 12PM (EST) aligning our energy and tuning into the spiritual world

Secrets Of The Holy Nights

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As a tradition here at transCODES I am inviting you to spend the days leading up to the new year with me in daily live events celebrating your Sacred Self and introducing you to to the secrets of these 'holy nights' day by day.

The Winter Holidays find their profound spiritual meaning not through the conditioned consumerism at the end of the year, but through inner reflection and correction of the old and inviting the new to manifest itself – through receiving the gift of the Rebirth of our Inner Light.

Many of us are experiencing these holy-days in isolation or restricted through COVID challenges, but even in 'normal' years, the end of the year is special to all of us.Where I come from the nights between Winter Solstice and New Year's are called 'Rauhnaechte' (Sacred Nights) - the nights in which our ancestors smudged the bedrooms at night, cleared out old energies and celebrated the arrival of the new light emerging. Christianity transformed these days celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as a symbol for the Birth of Light into the 'Twelve Days/Nights of Christmas', but the tradition of celebrating the darkest nights of the year (northern hemisphere) as a time of deeper inner clearing and warding off evil spirits is much older.

In energy work, we recommend using this time for releasing and clearing all energetic and karmic ties accumulated throughout the year. Only if we are aware of our shadows and don't fear facing them in inner contemplation or meditation we can successfully remove those energies within us that imprison us and that prevent the positive manifestation of new energy from coming in at beginning of the new year. 

In this time we typically focus on clearing our collective ties and embrace the inspiration through our personal epiphany. We celebrate the rebirth of our inner light through our inner sacred redemption process understanding that there is a new beginning every time we confirm our inner connection - as it allows us to rejoin the circle of life without attachments. 

Remember that we’re all responsible for our own light. If our light darkens, others can offer us a spark, that can help us to find our flame. They can offer their light to guide us, and even show us how to do it - but they can’t re-light it for us or keep it lit on our behalf. It is our sacred purpose to keep our flame lit - even in the darkest hour!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my NEW!!! For my Spiritual Initiation Group Training click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Club membership. No prerequisites.

Please come to our live Energy talks on Wednesdays @12PM (EDT) on our Daily Sacred Self Skype Channel - or watch the recordings on my Youtube Channel.

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