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Easter Blues

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

What if our soul self is the antidote to the coming materialization and soullessness of humanity? How spiritual exploration can help us overcome the emptiness in our soul around Easter Holiday Times

Easter Holiday times are often perceived as very dense and heavy. It can make us want to isolate ourselves or throw the towel, but only if we have no way to make sense of why we are feeling this way. The impulse to explore your soul life may be essential to our survival as human species, but we often don't know how to answer this inner call. In times when the very foundation of what it means to be human is challenged through minimizing life itself and trying to copy human interaction through AI tech, it is natural to question what sets us apart, and rightly so!

In the energy talk, I am discussing with live participants from all over the planet what can help to overcome the 'Easter Blues'. If you already have a solid sense of who you are and why you are here, you can hear me placing a few 'easter eggs' into this talk. However, if you are, like most of us, searching for answers outside of church or new age, you may want to explore new ways of looking at yourself at this time of the year, and perhaps find new perspectives that can help you contextualize these crazy transformation years in a new way...

Up until now, exploring one’s soul self was considered either religious or new age. It made the secrets of human consciousness appear to be concealed underneath righteousness or conspiracy theories and thus prevented many of us from exploring our soulfulness. But, as we are beginning to understand that we cannot master the true nature of reality through our senses, thinking and knowledge alone, our true sicknesses to overcome are no longer the physical but the social-emotional-mental and spiritual illnesses.

For energy healers and therapists, it’s obvious. Without spiritual contextualization, the many challenges we need to navigate in our life can’t be fully mastered. It’s making us sick, and we don’t even know why! Similar to so many other topics, the increasing polarity in our societies has made it difficult for us to place our spiritual interests if we didn’t want to belong to a spiritual group or institution. And, many of us are still struggling with having open conversations about our spiritual views without feeling judged or made fun of. We self-censored and suppressed our yearning for the deeper meaning and purpose and covered them up with topics such as self-growth and success-coaching, not realizing how we are restricting the emergence of our own spiritual powers.

Could knowing and claiming our soul self be the answer to the looming collective financial, physical, emotional, and mental health crisis?

The answer to our perceived density lies in our innate ability to perceive ourselves beyond physical reality. At the moment, our collective ego is fixated on prolonging life and overcoming death through technological developments, binding our psyche to the physical. It highjacks the most vulnerable part of us - our mind - into the battle of dualities within, that makes us sick. However, denying 3D reality and seeking to escape through hyper-spiritualization, fatalism, or spiritual specialness drives us into the other darkness of duality.

The solution cannot be found by trying to prove that one darkness (egoic materialism) is better than the other (hyper-spiritualism), or vice versa! The truth of what we are and why we are here can only be found if we allow the middle - our heart - to harmonize our need for physical survival with the need for spiritual elation.

Make no mistake! This is not just some superficial tossing-spiritual-words-around! What we are witnessing is the emergence of the global shadow in form of materializing all aspects of humanness. We are currently surrounded by the Duality of Darkness. There cannot be any misunderstanding, that we are being conditioned to see ourselves as soulless beings, reduced to our function as 'carbon metabolizers' on one hand, or as 'woo-woo escape artists' or paranoid conspiracy theorists on the other! Systematically investigating one's own Soul Life is the only way to fill ourselves up with the light that can be accessed through the pathway of the heart. Anything that is bound to our mind and the 3D or Spirit alone (without the heart) is being polarized to gravitate into either or darkness.

Exploring your inner space, and contemplating the existential issues of life and consciousness itself requires us to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen and ultimately development of ethical or spiritual discernment through Inner Wisdom.

The power to reclaim and proclaim our individuated Soul Self (I AM) through conscious choice and free will resides in all of us, but it can only be obtained if we are ready to let go of what is holding us back from growing into this higher evolutionary state - our fixation on the untrained and unconscious mind.

Uncovering our true power as conscious humans is the archetypal human struggle, which is why our journey to finding this Divine Wisdom in ourselves is often perceived as arduous. It means that we need to allow the labor pains of experiencing ourselves with all that we typically avoid or judge and that we don't love about ourselves. But by teaching us how to face our severed or unresolved inner aspects (Karma, Shadow, Inner Child, etc), it can lead us to become able to distinguish between good and evil, discern truth, and emancipate ourselves from the grip of darkness.

In classical mythology, Wisdom is primarily assigned to the Divine Feminine, which is the reason why there is so much talk about reconnecting with the Divine Feminine and ‘Goddess’ energies nowadays. Femininity is intuitively aligned with giving birth and thus has to embrace the beauty, the pain, and the ugly of the creation process at the same time. Metaphorically spoken, it harbors the wet, hot, dark, and bloody secrets of our human creation. It thus scares the masculine-dominated understanding of Self in the archetypal sense of glory, achievement, and power. It is no accident or ‘invention of the emancipation movement’ that the Divine Feminine principle is the symbolic power of this collective transformation process and with it a target of societal undermining in ways most people cannot see.

In modern Spirituality, our journey becomes the Journey of Transcending our Ego with all its dependencies and addictions, regardless of gender. We all need to harmonize our masculine and feminine principles from within. Only the ego paradigm regards this emancipation as a religious, politically correct, or woke mental idea or concept. In that, our spiritual journey forces us to look at all the falsities first - the stuff that we have been programmed and conditioned with; and most importantly the idea that Divine Wisdom is something outside of us. Many readers already understand that developing transpersonal skills through meditation, contemplation, lucid dreaming or remote energy transMISSIONS can be instrumental in learning how to tap into our Divine Consciousness. But the key to allowing a new level of Wisdom to emerge within us is to develop the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual maturity that can liberate us from all that we were programmed with. This cannot be achieved through mental disciplines alone. We need to FEEL it!

The search for spiritual wisdom needs to be a subjective experience - a hands-on and internalized feeling inside - so that we can define our own spirituality regardless of what others believe it is!

If you are looking for a way to enter this deeper inner journey in a safe and loving way, consider joining my private GRACE Soul Self Program. It is done through weekly personal energy and coaching sessions tailored to your schedule and needs. Please see more info here.

Stay Conscious!

With Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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