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Surviving Global Shadow

Energy Forecast for April 2023 - The big theme in April is the deeper spiritual journey with the topic of SPIRITUAL ENNOBLEMENT & IDENTITY (watch the video, read the transcript below and listen to the new Energy Alignment Meditation).

April's intensity will be perceived differently from March, which was more internalized. As we are beginning to enter April energies, we will begin to feel the external pressure more.

April represents the densification of what has been long predicted - a new reality is forming right now - and with it, more pressure to regenerate, reset and purify all that is out of balance in our personal lives. It will come with letting go of the 'good ol' times' and emotional grieving and regrets - but also with many new connections and increased social fulfillment As always with crisis, it can bring relief and creative input for new solutions. Let's look at this new reality together:

The failure of our egotistical and exploitative economic social system is imminent and needed. Real estate, banks, and large corporations will have to go through a massive integrity test - as will we. In addition, our relationships will be tested in regard to shared resources and contracts (money, belongings, property). Without proper communication and mutual understanding of needs and wants, controversies can bring elevated emotional stress into your life in April, on top of what we must witness on a global scale. It is now obvious, that we are headed into the plunge of inflated material values...which will not yet come to a resolution until late summer. 

As everybody is searching for answers, nobody seems to be able to make any sense of what we are witnessing - despite the abundant truth available. Upon many awakening to this new reality, we will need to expect disruption in our public lives. Prepare for disruptions in communication, public transport, and even money transfer. But - do not be afraid! Solutions will come in unexpected ways!  Socialize, share, and enjoy coming together with others!

Prepare for securing only by bringing your most fundamental needs in order. Make sure you have your basic security covered (a few hundred dollars worth of cash and necessities)! If you have larger amounts of unused money in your bank, you may want to consider investing in businesses rather that buying real estate, unless you are considering buying a home to live in. However, due to the time pressure that is now coming in, I recommend not making hasty decisions. Try to sort out what you can until the 20th of the month, and then relax your nervous system with regular mindfulness, energy work, and conscious breathing throughout the summer months (northern hemisphere).

April is a good time for physical detox and changing your diet and lifestyle choices. Have a daily spiritual routine (walking in nature, breathwork, meditation, and studying spiritual subjects). Overall, April is a time for schisms,  relapse, and temptation, which means any addictive structure (inc. egoism) might come to a head. Be proactive! (See the forum for Covid- and vaccine-related aftercare. Also, take care of dental work!)

The opportunity in this unprecedented time quality is an entirely new experience of your spiritual identity. This is not to be underestimated, as it can assist you in overcoming persistent karmic patterns and other deeper aspects of your soul journey! (see the Easter Special for the GRACE Soul Self Journey on my website - valid until April 9, 2023).

As I have been pointing out for many years, the 'global awakening' is a process that is very uncomfortable for our egos, and therefore forms its own energetic entity or energy field, that I have been calling 'Global Shadow' - the emergence of evil or dark aspects of egoism. Therefore, as we are all moving into the harsh reality of what is truth, we are also presented with our true purpose:


Replacing Darkness through Spiritual Ennoblement of the ego into IAM

The spiritual contextualization of our new reality comes with the insight, that clearing and purification are natural stages of the alchemical evolution or ennoblement of our consciousness. Without it, we are utterly lost in our ego fear, and pain! In that, April's energies will continue to challenge us to willingly and consciously agree to this transformation, ready or not! The time has come for us to apply all that we have learned from the past/history, and make better, more sustainable, healthier, and self-loving choices!

Here, is a quick guide to more consciously tuning into your Divine Wisdom:


The inner prompting directing us towards our true purpose is like a gentle and subtle message coming through, but compared to the loud chatter of our ego it often seems non-existent. Therefore, the first thing we can do to get a clearer picture/feeling/message is to shut down our ego mind's noise and Critical Inner Voice, for example through meditation and deeper reflection.



At the same time we need to strengthen the 'voice of our heart', the pathway to our Inner Divinity. This is a two-fold process in which we shift our alignment to not just going into our Heart Center but also learning to stay there (heart expansion). With a little guidance and dedication we can connect with the core of our heart and learn how to use our heart's energetic template to align our body, mind, and spirit – as well as our circumstances – to our True Purpose.

By removing the barriers and focusing our attention on our heart's voice - our True Inner Voice we begin to embrace change and evolution without resisting, forcing, or controlling it in a certain direction. This is basically how we can make our inner prompting get stronger and stronger, to the point where the message becomes so clear that we have no doubts left. 


From here on, connecting with our true purpose is just a matter of knowing how to discern when our ego tries to come back in – in other words, developing a discipline to stay clear of lower frequencies by constantly 'skimming the lake' from the energetic residue, absorbed negativity or low vibratory inner programs.



The role of our Heart-Connection and our energetic alignment to the Divine aspect in us provides us with the necessary courage and energy to follow through on it. Knowing your true purpose, therefore, becomes the combination of eliminating everything you thought you had to do/have to be and trusting in your heart's Divine Guidance. The moment you devote yourself to what is true to you is the moment you will receive the energy to express it.

The trick with recognizing one's true purpose is to not seek it but to allow it to come forward. As soon as you begin to unconditionally shift your inner alignment to the resonance of truth from within - and fully dedicate yourself to it, your true purpose will become as clear as day!



When actively working on manifesting our true purpose from within there comes a moment of surrender of the ego and dedication to your spiritual journey. This is often the most critical time of conscious choice. It is the turning point for our evolutionary journey. It is the point in life when we realize that whatever may come is pulling us to where we need to be without us needing to have a special purpose!



Of course, there will still be challenges, but as we keep going we will notice that we have a new awareness and never before levels of energy available to us to carry us through these moments of doubt and inner conflicts. We are plugged into our Source! As soon as we begin to realize that ALL our experiences are opportunities for growth, we begin to see the perfection in everything we had to go through and that it's up to us to either choose to be conscious or unconscious in this learning process.

The last and most healing puzzle piece then is to recontextualize your past and your life's journey so far. You look back at your life and understand how everything that ever happened to you, what you have been interested in, the talents you developed (which may still be buried underneath your unresolved Shadow aspects), or choices you made, were set up through your Karma to unlock Divine Consciousness in you. Your entire life's journey has only one purpose: to guide you to remember what you came here for - Divine Wisdom, Love, and Truth!


True purpose in life is not something that drives you forward, but an energy field that pulls you from your future.


In essence, deep down we all 'know' what our purpose in life is, but we are too distracted listening to our ego's never-ending noise making us believe that it knows better or would do better.

What if you knew your True Purpose right now? Would you do anything differently? How would living our True Purpose influence your life or possibly the life of others? This is what you must strive for finding out. No one is more right than the other. No one is more divine than the other. We are all one! 


Primary Energy Resonance

Divine Wisdom


According to Merriam Webster, Divine Wisdom does not exist. For further investigation of the meaning of Divine Wisdom, a spiritual investigation is required. 

Wisdom (Merriam Webster)

1a: ability to discern inner qualities and relationships: INSIGHT

b: good sense: JUDGMENTc: generally accepted beliefchallenges what has become accepted wisdom among many historians—Robert Darntond: accumulated philosophical or scientific learning: KNOWLEDGE

2: a wise attitude, belief, or course of action

3: the teachings of the ancient wise men

Divine Wisdom (Gospel of John, New Testament)

Divine wisdom pervades the whole of nature; human wisdom will only gradually reach this height. In the course of time, human wisdom will inwardly acquire what divine wisdom has secreted within the Earth."He who finds God in the 'I AM, bears witness of Divine Speech or God's language, even in his stammering words" — and he finds the way to God.What you don't understand, you cannot appreciate – and what you do not appreciate, you cannot anticipate.

Wisdom is higher than knowledge. Knowledge is accumulation of information.Wisdom is seen, knowledge is hidden.

Contemplation in April:

To understand the meaning of this energy code, you will need to resort to the imagery and inner vision that provides you with the 'feeling' that brings forth all that is true, good, and beautiful.

Contemplate on this phrase:

Divine Wisdom expresses in us when we can overcome the blindness and rigidity of our ego. Once we are initiated through our spiritual seeking, we are prepared to be reminded of our relationship with our own Divinity, becoming able to withstand the temptation to claim it for ourselves.

In ongoing energy sessions, workshops, meditations, and live talks this month, we will discuss the following self-healing  topics:

- Spiritual Evolvement

- Learning to feel and direct our Etheric Self

- Integrating the Ego

- Clearing our Energy Field

As we go through those shifts in fast-forward our energy body prepares to go through those waves unaffected or with higher levels of resiliency by showing us our challenges (positive stress). 

Resistance to change is often accompanied by a sudden emotional purging process, which helps us to let go of our illusions and projections by making us conscious of what we are holding on to. This inner balancing process will last until the end of May 2023. Latest by then, we must know what our inner truth feels like so that we can make the necessary choices.

Again, remember to stay in your heart and allow your heart's capacity to work out solutions for you. Be willing to follow your heart's guidance and observe your ego's collapse with a curious sense of knowing that your ego wants to keep everything the same!

Stay conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES Energy Healing & Training

transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here. To participate in our ongoing workshops, lectures, online meditations, and Energy Healing Sessions check out our Sacred Self-Healing Training or Energy Training Club membership. No prerequisites.

Please come to our live Energy talks on Wednesdays @12PM (EDT) on our Daily Sacred Self Skype Channel - or watch the recordings on my Youtube Channel.


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