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Energy update Week 23 - June 4-10, 2022


Energy Update Week 23

June 4-10, 2022

Hi There,

This rather intense Energy Update is an offering for you to see the opportunity in overcoming challenges and stepping forward with clear priorities and principles that define you and your true nature! Next week will be challenging for us, as it will drive us into questioning ourselves and wanting to lose faith... I speak about the principles and virtues of living as a conscious soul self, which relates to what you allow in and what you put out into this world. It reminds you to be a conscious energy manager - because - no matter how hard you try not to look, you can feel the schasm between your true nature and how you show up as pain and darkness in you. Quickening your life force is a conscious choice! Next week will challenge you in your FAITH in yourself. Use the Energy Alignment above to get out of this dark place IMMMEDIATELY! Don't waste your precious life force on checking out or autopilot! FAITH is an energetic resonance that allows us to subjectively experience the power of our Divine Consciousness. It can allow us to overcome the limitations of our mind, This journey of experiencing our inner Higher Power first-hand starts with learning how to surrender our ego through facing Divine Creation Energy within. The practice of FAITH is to allow our inner connection with our SOUL SELF regardless of our religious background or karmic collective inheritance. This will require you to turn inward and connect with your heart center. As you can allow yourself to surrender all thoughts, sensations, and emotions coming into the HIGHER EXISTENCE OF YOUR BUILT-IN DIVINE WIFI, you will begin to experience a remembrance of your infinite and eternal SOUL SELF. Allow yourself to fully connect with your DIVINE NATURE. Ideally, if possible at the time, connect with NATURE ITSELF. If you can, try to do this transMISSION outdoors! Remember, only your ego needs the identification with body, mind, and emotion. Can you let go of that which ego clings to? Again, as always at first, we need to master breathing through and taking a few minutes to really connect deep within our heart. Then, we can slowly visualize ourselves as SOUL SELF on a much bigger journey than just the physical/3D/material journey (however this comes to you). Watch your mind, and your thoughts and their identifications....recognize that it's an ongoing stream of thoughts that you didn't consciously think. Practicing conscious thinking and then ask yourself: WHO AM I? HOW DOES MY TRUE SELF FEEL LIKE? WHAT DEFINES MY SOUL SELF? WHAT ARE MY VIRTUES? Many describe or compare the process of experiencing FAITH with a near-death experience. Do not worry about the depth of where this is guiding you. See this process as a REBOOT OF YOUR SELF AWARENESS. You are safe and will not leave your body; on the contrary! The purpose of this exercise in focus is to ARRIVE IN YOUR SOUL BODY! REMEMBER, the GRACE of experiencing FAITH in your own Soul Integrity is about choosing to no longer let your ego filter your perception and run your life. Know that you CAN choose this by allowing the pain or fear your ego is trying to avoid, deny or deflect by letting it come up until it is done!

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Love, Jona

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