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June 2022 Energy Forecast

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Essentials of Being - FAITH

JUNE 2022 Energies are complex and perhaps a bit scary at first glance. They indicate growing concerns about collective issues and spiritual-emotional crisis due to absorbing too much pain, anger, and fear that is being fed to us. At a second glance, we will discover, that this development is exactly what we needed to finally muster the courage to finally step into our spiritual autonomy and awaken as a conscious soul self! This duality is represented in a halfway split of how we will experience this month (like two different phases of a bigger process), which separates the events of the first half of the month from the second. Starting out with 'explosive' (blown out of proportion) collective events in the first week of this month, we may feel somewhat overwhelmed, distracted, or schismatic at first. In addition, there is a high chance of a natural disaster (earthquake and/or tsunami) with the following scarcity of resources that will affect us globally in the month of June.

Compounding news will therefore require us to get a firm grip on our mind and its temptations, which can easily pull us into emotional negativity, apathy, or simply over-reacting in ways we may regret later in the month (see Energy Update Week 22).

The first two weeks can serve us as the needed processing time to gain more clarity about how our choices may have been manipulated, which also shows us our part in how we allowed the betrayal to happen. This can help us to remove the non-essentials, unnecessary fixations, and excessive aspects in our lives - things that are holding us back, or that lead to self-deceit and self-sabotage. While the need to refocus on the essentials in our lives can feel like a loss at first, it can also allow us to pinpoint our true needs and wants more clearly, and thus help us to discover the Divine Wisdom that resides in the duality of our true nature. We can recognize that karmic (repeating) threads are there to support us to differentiate and individuate our perception of Self, and how the infinite wisdom of this eternal cosmic power pulls us into our higher expression.

Overall, aspects around the deeper feelings of belonging, home, security, and more beauty and creativity in our lives will be the main theme of the coming month. We will discover, how the many distractions through media, unloved jobs, or relationships have undermined our self-worth over time, and begin to see greater importance in the Self-Mastery of our vibrational energies. Wasting time, money, or energy on things that are no longer supportive of our growth will begin to feel more and more intolerable - and thus drive us into wanting to make big changes immediately. Toward midmonth, we will perceive the needed energetic support to follow through on these changes. It is advisable to practice caution and patience with what will come to us as potentially erratic or overzealous decisions until then.

The best way to proceed will be in investing in the internal awakening of our discernment and positivity through active and conscious engaging with things and activities that clearly represent our priorities in life. Distractions of the mind, excessive fear thoughts, catastrophizing, and negativity can easily divert us from seeing the practical. Therefore, even if you feel you have the energy, allow a proper investigation of your true intentions, and weed out what wastes your precious capacity by overburdening yourself with things that don't even matter to you! This counts especially for our relationships and home lives, as we will feel a strong impulse to break out, expand, travel or simply change 'something' for the sake of change. Instead, try to find the right balance by staying practical, feasible, and staying neutral. In June, it will be essential to have faith in your ability to deal with whatever comes your way from within your own innate power - so, don't be naive or blindly trusting in others!

The wisdom to find your higher expression does not come from an externalized power, but from the unfolding of your harmonized heart and mind!

On one hand, June will open up new perspectives, reveal the bigger picture, and allow us to grow our personal capacity for Love, Creativity, and truer Perception. On the other hand, this will also bring in the harsh reality of betrayal, broken promises, and setbacks, and show us where we have been externalizing our powers. This time- or gear shift that sets our collective into a new trajectory (until 2023) is characterized by very rapidly unraveling news and developments, that will drive many into resorting to their psyche's first (and unreflected) defense. We will begin to see the rise of a new power that will promise relief from false beliefs, blaming, or simply fantasizing, which cannot lead to a higher expression. We will therefore be able to observe a spiritual crisis in the coming months, that can lead to more war and conflicts between the old and new powers, as well as unrest and public display of destruction.

Unfortunately, this will not be easy for people who do not have enough tools for self-mastery and spiritual training. The good news is, that these developments also lead to the greater evolution of our spiritual soul individuation, helping us find true meaning and purpose. Faith is going to help us to muster the needed power that can support, love, and carry us through experiencing the limitations of our own minds. In that, June is a big month, which marks a turning point for us all. These big shifts, push-and-pulls, power struggles, and continued challenges in regard to worldly, but also spiritual concerns about the future of our planet and humanity will help us to escape from the prison of our unconscious and infuse new lifeforce into us! We will become able to see/perceive the true power in our existence and thus become able to self-heal the many pathologies of our soul in never before speed and efficiency. It will therefore be of utmost importance, now more than ever, to become aware and consciously work on our personal attitude, motivation, and ability to seek the truth, the good, and beauty in all of these experiences that June brings to us - individually and collectively.

Let's get to work - together!

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Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

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