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Overcoming the Prison of Ego Reality

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Are you a Karmic Repeater or Active Code-Breaker?

Destiny is the culmination of events that will necessarily happen to a particular person in the future based on the ENERGETIC QUALITY of their thoughts, emotions, words, actions, choices, and habits a person expresses. It is not a hidden or external power controlling what will happen in the future, but the level of consciousness with which we express ourselves as individuals and through interaction with others. The more unconscious our expressions the more karmic the nature of our future and the binds we thus co-create.

Self-Mastery is the skill that allows us to learn how to control the quality of our inner and outer expressions, but it cannot be limited to our physical, emotional and mental aspects in life. Because we are rarely aware of our energetic state, we perceive our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations filtered through our ego as the only reality there is, and thus identify with it. In spiritual consciousness work we call this ego reality. Without a spiritual context, it is practically impossible to overcome our ego’s fear-responses through body, mind and emotion.

Connecting with our Energetic Self through meditation and deeper consciousness work can show us the mirror and essence of our energy and current energetic state, beyond what our ego can perceive.

For me personally, the process of allowing my ENERGETIC SELF to be part of my everyday reality has literally changed everything! I've always liked to be a 'code-breaker' but it wasn't until I became aware that my life was nothing but a karmic repeat, there there's got to be a higher power than my ego in me. This realization taught me the unfiltered and painful truth, that my ego simply accepts reality by virtue of repetition (what I was used to or familiar with). Once I had learned to tap into my higher thinking and perceiving I could see and feel this truth mirrored in my own energetic reality. The awareness that I am a soul - and energetic being - with body and not a body with soul, was a fundamental game-changer for me. It has shown me the pathway to true self-mastery, helped me to decouple from collective insanity and allowed me to become an active co-creator of my life.

In general, learning to master our emotions, sensations, and thoughts, and checking in instead of checking out, can lead us to a whole new perspective. Becoming more aware of our unseen motives, pains and avoidances, can allow us to become more confident and adequate in life. Many of us believe that we are able to question their ego reality with their intellectual minds, but latest when it comes to the ability to silence their minds when wanting to sleep or to tell their Critical Inner Voice to shut, they realize how powerless they are against seen or unseen indoctrination or distraction. Once you can admit to yourself, that your mind alone cannot change your thoughts, emotions, expression and choices, you can begin your journey as conscious self, because in that moment, you awaken to the a new truth, namely that you have been blindly trusted in a reality, that may as well have been a projection of your own ego perception all along. How would you know?

The moment you can witness your own thoughts is when you become aware and awake to a new reality.

Now, the question arises, that if you are not in charge of your your thoughts and emotions, who is? Good question. Now, you are beginning your consciousness work…

Self-Mastery begins with the process of making the unconscious conscious.

Your next goal is the discovery that you are actually equipped with higher thinking and perceiving - you just don’t know it yet. The challenge of this more advanced part of your self-mastery journey is that you need to find ways to bypass your ego. Ego cannot transcend itself.

Developing energetic perception is an instrumental tool for bypassing and hacking your own ego reality. It allows us to see beyond what our ego can see and enriches our inner lexicon of sensations with an entirely new set of reference feelings. This poses a fundamental paradox for our ego mind. It wants to be in control, and generally likes the idea of being on top of others, but it cannot really agree to questioning itself. If we could use our body, mind and emotion to decode our ego reality it wouldn't be unconscious. So, the first realization when starting our journey of conscious perception must be that we obviously can't use the same navigation tools we use for navigating our daily life.

As soon as we can agree to this premise, we can realize that what we are looking for is the inner experience of our unconscious, which means we need to learn ways to bypass our unconscious mindsets, beliefs and conditioned programs. And so, in order to know what we are up against and confidently overcome this threshold of truth, we need to dig a litter deeper and spend some time with getting to know our ego-reality a little better. This includes dealing with our false self, what we project, how we want others to see us, and what our ego gets out of doing that; our shadow, the aspect we are not willing to admit to ourselves, and lastly also our pain and trauma, that we have been avoiding.

However, knowing our ego-reality doesn't mean that we need to remove it. No matter whether we agree or like our ego-reality isn't relevant. The ego’s function is to keep us psychically alive, so we can’t really cut it out. In fact, the less we resist what is, the more naturally our consciousness can develop for us. What matters is how well we can trust in our own energy. By learning how to increase our inner connection we (and even our ego) can learn to allow the unknown to be shown. So, basically, the goal is not to become squeaky-clean, but to learn how to discern one from the other, and to still think our own thoughts, feel our feelings and express our inner truth and values by getting better at catching our ego stuff and find back to our center when we become distracted by our own ego's protection mechanisms.

So, if we want to navigate our own roadmap for what lies beyond what our ego cannot know, we need to be willing to accept, that there is nothing we need to obtain or get, but rather learn to gradually allow ourselves to let go and strip-off the untruths, obstacles and deceptions that occur, as we go.

Historically (according to artifacts/cave drawings depicting inner journeying), humans have been searching for deeper truth and spiritual connection for more than 40,000 years (as far as we know.) Depending on the predominant cultural and religious belief, inner journeying always included surrender to a higher power facilitated through certain rituals, plant medicines, or fasting/depriving. In context with energy sessions substances, or physical manipulation to overcome our ego need to control is not needed. This is one of the most exciting accomplishments in our human consciousness development. We now know through empirical research, that we are able to do this without artificially altering our states of consciousness. However, the barriers of needing to overcome the built-in safety systems of our nervous system are still challenging - but manageable!

For the untrained consciousness, visioning and dreaming is largely a process that cannot be controlled and is, therefore, also part of the 'big unknown' that our ego fears. For learning how to perceive, discern and navigate truth, we need to rewire our ego-mind and work with the individual fragments of our subconscious, which is why overcoming the barriers of perception is therefore the same process as overcoming our ego-resistance. This will require us to maintain clear and conscious thinking and choosing- and the determination to Self-Master and open new doors into our true manifestation powers.

The overall tendency of our collective is the liberation from deception and untruth, which reveals itself as necessary and predestined due to the existence of higher consciousness in us. If we dismiss or ignore our inner prompting, or stay stuck in our minds, we are paving the way for more dependencies and karmic repeats. This must be absolutely clear for us now! The intense transformation of our personal and societal lives triggers fears and ego-coping, which is forcing us to step into more conscious Energy Management. It will show us new ways and help us to become more conscious co-creators, albeit discomforting at times.

More than ever before, personal transformation and growth themes are linked to stepping into our own authority and clearing all that is not conducive out of our lives so that we can actively create and express better manifestation conditions. However, the main task for us all remains in becoming able to identify our own filters and binds and remind us to not blindly trust or identify with our (preprogrammed) thoughts. Conscious Energy Awareness and knowing how to step into Synergy with others are essential Self-Mastery Tools in the coming years.

I hope you enjoyed this information. Please feel free to comment or discuss aspects of this article below.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach, Healer, and Trainer

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