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How to Gain a Clearer Vision of Your Future

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

How Mediation and Spiritual Consciousness work can allow us to dive a bit deeper into the complex web of clouded our subconscious perception.

Inner Clarity about how to position ourselves for our future is not something we can' find' and is therefore not something we can seek. Inner Clarity it's the result of honest self-inquiry and the courage to be authentic. Most of us want clarity, but only few know how to actively tap into our inner knowing that can bring about this clarity. In times of rapid change, there is a temptation to seek for answers on the outside. Not that there is anything wrong with consulting experts, mentors or teachers, but the only way to truly feel this inner calm about who we are, what we can and cannot do, and how/when to implement the steps can really only come through our inner guidance.

Over the years of working as Energy Coach & Healer, there is not a single person I have worked with, including myself, who doesn't suffer from occasional or constant insecurity about whether what we are seeing or feeling is 'true to theml'. It seems in the nature of our 3D experience as humans to feel an inner schism between our physical and energetic existence. For most of us, this plays out as constant back-and-forths, relentless critical inner voices, and ultimately self-sabotage cycles. Especially highly sensitive people and empaths are often caught in this vicious uncertainty cycle: We have all these sensations, intuitions and gut feelings, but we don't know what do to with it, or if they are even ours. As they are often unclear and even contradicting we cannot trust in them and thus we dismiss them altogether. In my observation, the main reason why we continue to seek for answers outside of ourselves and therefore never really feel fulfilled is not the absence of inner guidance, but the lack of trust in ourselves. We've tried to listen to ur inner guidance before, but somehow it got lost in translation or didn't work out the way we expected it. The problem with our inner guidance is that it can be fogged up by fears and lack of self-knowledge. Believing we know the future gives our ego the feeling of being in control, so when it comes to listening to our inner guidance, the ego doesn't actually listen. It tries to tweak our impulses into what feels most safe, what promises relief from doubts and fears, or seeks what brings the most pleasure. And doing so, it typically produces more inner conflicts and confusions. While part of our ego's function is to inform us about the potential hazards or gains, it's main purpose is to play it safe. For our ego, what is most familiar feels the safest and thus (unconscious to our awareness) sets us up for repeat. Its interests are damage-control and self-gain, which can therefore not deliver clarity. In addition, the more invested we become in a certain outcome the more frustration, and with it fears we experience when things don't work out the way we projected it.

Ego is not really interested in growth or fulfillment, unless we learn to tame our ego, begin to make more conscious choices and learn how to trust in our TRUE inner guidance. Imagination or Willpower is not enough until we are aware of our own ego's delusion. Learning how to tap into our Inner Vision beyond our ego perception takes systematic self-exploration and practice. The first step is the conscious realization that our ego is not the right tool to tap into our future, because its guidance is primarily based on the past. Not trusting in our ability to see into the future prompts the desire to seek and externalize our failures and thus increases uncertainty. From an energetic point of view, 'seeking' and thus externalizing guidance means that our energy is constantly leaning into the future. It promotes validation seeking and thus does not allow us to internalize our successes. Inner clarity and vision are linked to authenticity and inner congruence, and with it the ability to know what is true to us. Externalization prevents the develpment of inner discernment and therefore restricts our sense for authenticity. Gaining more clarity is an internal process. Clarity, Vision and Authtnicity are inseparable. There is no vision without clarity about who we truly are – and there can't be clarity without being able to discern truth from within.

Systematic Learning How to Tap into Our Own precognition

Most of you are already familiar with energetic patterns and understand that what we perceive is not necessarily what is true to us. The main mechanism clouding our inner vision of the future – including who we truly are and what we truly want - is our susceptibility to outer influences; collective energies, emotional/mental projection from others and constant energetic exposure. They keep us distracted, off focus and often cause an automatic warding off of energetic sensations, especially when we can feel them strongly in our body. And so, we spend most of our energy resisting our inner vision.

Mediation and spiritual consciousness work can allow us to dive a bit deeper into the complex web of clouded our subconscious perception. The number one goal of our inner work is to unlock the ability to 'see' through the veil of ego illusion and to connect with our innate ability to bypass inner and outer influences and ultimately reconnecting with our higher perception. To most people's surprise it is not our mental or psychic capacity that allows us to see into our own future, but our inner heart connection.

If you are interested in learning how to strengthen your inner guidance with energy work and higher learning tools check out our transCODES Website. Email me if you want to schedule a free initital energy coaching session with me Love, Jona Bryndis sts and more! Just click on the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) to see all the things you can do.


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