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Cutting Through the Coldness of Our World

How to stay in our hearts when the world around us is becoming less human

This month, we are continuing our reconciliation with life, ego, spirit, and the world we find ourselves in with a deep dive into how to resolve our inner battles between ego and spiritual reality. As we are experiencing more and more contradictions, fears, and uncertainties, our seeking for more truth, freedom, and love is approaching a critical point. It is of utmost importance to tune into our HIGHER SELF. It is not enough to simply wish for it, we need to KNOW what and why we are seeking to connect with. Let's focus our attention on this month's deeper spiritual transformation processes remembering the HIGHER POWER flowing through us.

Seeking to connect with Higher Power (as we understand it) often starts out as a simple following our inner spiritual prompting. We feel this intuitively. For most of us, this seeking is originally motivated by the need to soothe deep-seated feelings of abandonment from Higher Power or coldness around us. If we grew up in a religious setting, however, we may have received a framework and direction as to where to find it, but often also filled with generalizations ("we are all sinners"), fear-based motivations ("Evil is out there to get us") or oversimplified righteousness ("we have to atone or else...."), that need to be refined later in our journey. Either way, with or without direction, our journey to find truth, love, and freedom isn't easy.

But here is the problem: Seeking is painful. It energizes the absence of what we are seeking and thus reminds us of our imperfection, vulnerability, mortality, and fearfulness. This is where our inner conflicts arise. Instead of having a clear reference feeling, for example, the joy of witnessing our own evolving, we tend to focus on getting relief from the burden of being human. Most of us regard ‘being human’ as something weak or flawed. But we are actually referring to our Lower Self and ego-driven perceptions. In order to cut through the increasing coldness and dehumanization in our world, we need to bring back the awareness, that our human existence and our potential are the highest expressions of Higher Power in our world.

Being human means having the potential to overcome fear and pain, transcend adverse conditions, change, invent or create new inner and outer worlds through our consciousness, will, and heart!

It takes a lot of experience and honest self-reflection to recognize that we are often looking in the wrong places. We are motivated by trying to be better than others, finding the perfect partner, making lots of money, or being accepted or admired by others, just to find out that these goals aren't a guarantee for inner peace or wisdom - they can't be, because they are externalized!

Connecting and expressing our higher human potential is a choice. It’s our birthright to choose! We all have the choice to show up with our ego or higher self! Consciously choosing truth, love, and freedom in our lives is an inside job. It's an internal process between our ego and soul self - and higher power, as we understand it.

Grace is the wisdom to understand our human journey as a conscious choice to seek more truth, more love, and more freedom within ourselves.

In the attempt to find meaning and significance for our own existence we experience doubts, fears, insecurities, judgments, and lots of pain. It triggers the unconscious externalization for 'inner peace'. Our ego’s motivation is to end the seeking. It's our own duality that creates our inner battle. What the unconscious seeker is not aware of, is that a motivation to bypass or escape the human condition cannot work. Seeking to connect with our inner Higher Power is an internal pathway to obtaining the GRACE of becoming who we truly are - a human in our higher expression. The choice to seek the wisdom and grace of our higher self is a ‘becoming’ and not a result or goal.

"Who seeks will find me." means, that wisdom can only be found through embracing the process of seeking - and consciously witnessing of own evolution. This is what we experience as spiritual impulse! It's the impulse to constantly improve, self-correct and evolve for the sake of finding the higher expression in ourselves. Not 'for' anybody (God, partner, or relief) but we because we feel this higher expression is in us. It's often referred to as Christ- or Divine Consciousness - the knowing that there is a higher expression in us. This knowing triggers the impulse to become (more) like God if you will.

Seeing our spiritual journey from that perspective, we can recognize that our ego isn't really designed to get us there. The best our ego can come up with is trying to 'be better than God'. And so, we can easily get entangled in spiritual superiority and specialness or self-defeat, depending on how well we perform according to ego standards. To overcome this inner battle, we need to simplify our journey again.

If we are willing to recontextualize all our perceived flaws as an opportunity to heal and become more human, we can end the inner battle. Once we can understand that every crisis, every attachment, every conflict, no matter how painful, is pregnant with the opportunity to grow and evolve, we can begin to find GRACE in every duality we have to face.

With this internalized understanding and experience of the inner higher power, we could recognize that it is in our power to change the way we see our journey. We could simply align ourselves to living this life as being a part of the GRACE OF NATURE, and let go of the battle to 'win over life.' Our humanness gives us the opportunity to infuse Divine Consciousness into 3D, and therefore makes us a co-creator of life. As humans, we all feel this inner impulse for spiritual seeking in us - but not all choose to follow it.

GRACE is a healing resonance that facilitates a deeper alignment and witnessing of INNER HIGHER POWER within us.

Enjoy this 20-Minute Energy Alignment to cut through the increasing coldness in our world. Every time you take the time to listen to it, it will remind your energy of what it takes to be a human by choice!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

p.s Please free to share the mp3. You can find it on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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