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What and Who are we Truly?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Embodiment symbolizes renewed, resurrected, and reignited life-force in us. To repress or control this process would mean going into an open fight with life itself. For some of us, our life's experience might appear this way. Old coping patterns, overwhelming emotions, intrusive thoughts, codependencies, and addictive relapses can be our dominant reality in these days, especially if we aren't paying attention to our deeper inner promptings. With all that is transforming around us, it is not the time to fall asleep, check-out or freeze.

Manifestation is in full motion - with or without us!

The main challenge of staying on our toes without exhausting ourselves through perfectionism, idealism, or hyper-vigilance is to become more AUTHENTIC. But in order to be authentic and speak our truth, we need to know what that feels like when we stand in our power. Most of us are afraid of staying in our own god-given power, as we are too afraid to become responsible for our own co-creations. Well, as many of you have already found out, we are responsible for our created reality no matter what - whether we are consciously or unconsciously creating it. Everything we put out into this world, every action (or non-action), every thought, every sentiment, every expression, every dream, every projection, every emotion, and every energy has an impact on how we perceive, choose and experience this life - and with it our karma.

Adding to this, unaware to most, it also manifests as the collective unconscious and therefore also creates what most of us call collective karma. Once this comes to our awareness, we often feel crushed under the weight of our own co-creation and - opt-out.

The realization that our unseen energies (the ones we try to hide from others and ourselves) play a role in our manifestations is not new. You all are aware of the importance of Shadow Integration and conscious inner self-work. But the one detail that could make a pivotal difference in our lives, and lighten our burden still remains a mystery to most. The reason why we cannot see purpose and meaning in life is because we haven't realized yet what and who we are!

Learning that our shadow, karma, and trauma are part of our inner True Self-guidance leading us to transmute and internalize our inner divine powers, often slips from our radar. Instead of embracing our true nature as human soul selves with a 3D experience, we waste our powers with inner conflicts and cognitive dissonances about who we are. If we allow our ego-programs to overwrite our divine consciousness, we will lose the internal battle between 3D/Ego and Soul Self reality, and drown in separation anxiety or fall for our fear, pain, or suffering of being human.

Choosing to actively transmute them into our inner powers,

On an energetic level, now more than ever, collective energies will make it very clear to us how these unwanted and unloved aspects of ourselves create our daily experience. There will be no escape from experiencing truth & consceques of the karma of the unconscious human being. If we want to learn to overcome our ego reality, we will have to step up and learn to grow into our true powers as conscious soul self:

The Power to Truth

The Power of Insight

The Power of Choice

The Power of Freedom

The Power of Love

As the main theme for the coming years is the transmutation of inner and outer dualisms - the conflict between the old and the new, we need to find ways to bridge the chasm between our EGO/3D Self and our Etheric Soul Self. This overall theme of our life's journey will continue to play deep into our mental-emotional-spiritual processing in the coming years, and teach us what and who we truly are!

If you need assistance with this deeply personal process, contact me and book a free energy transformation coaching session with me or join our free public online events.

Jona Bryndis


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