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Time Quality - November 2022 Energy Forecast & Analysis

Standing In Your Truth

NOVEMBER 2022 Energies indicate collective events that will come with big social events determining the near future of all our countries, especially in regard to our outer economic and political order, but also our inner order. This month will be pivotal - a breaking point on many different levels - and thus very eventful. 

The overall tendency is the liberation from deception and untruth in our lives so that we can find our higher expression. By illuminating and showing us our unconscious acceptance of toxic behaviors, relationships, jobs, and living conditions that don't express our values and priorities, we will be able to clearly pinpoint what needs to be cleared from our lives. This clearing, albeit discomforting for our egos at times, is necessary to grow. So, regardless of our occasional resistance, we will experience this deep karmic healing process as liberating.

November energies will work their LIBERATION energy in waves and can therefore be quite intense at times. Conscious energy management and knowing yourself and your holistic needs of body, mind, heart, and soul will help you to navigate this phase.

Be brave! It's just a phase!!!! Do not underestimate the manifestation power of your conscious choice! As soon as you are willing to stand in your truth, you will feel supported by the overall momentum to evolve!!! It will clear the way to a more conscious and fulfilling purpose in life and allow you finally make peace with your perceived adversities.

Theme: Breaking Away, Breaking Apart, Breaking Free

There are multiple ways to frame this dynamic time. Fear will be raging as the Media will single-sided report about the drama and disorder in these next months, which will no longer be tolerated by the public anymore. Expect major news outlets to lose credibility, as so many of us are finally tired of lies,  disinformation, and fearmongering agendas for profit's sake!

This will be big for all of us!

It will come with big reveals of previously suppressed information, which can challenge us all. And more! There are strong cosmological aspects to November, not just because of the intense Total Lunar Eclipse in the US during the election (Nov 8, 2022) but also through discoveries pertaining to Aliens later into the month. The sheer amount of new and surprising information will ripple through societies like an emotional wildfire. As the media will play a big role in shaping people's emotional reactions, we will all need to juggle our need to stay informed without getting pulled into the emotional and often irrational aspects. 

It will be our love for truth and freedom that will drive this collective transformation, however, November is still just the built-up for the grand finale in December. Our ability to deal with these intense energies will largely depend on knowing what can help to keep grounded, centered, and calm.

This month will come with many tests for us which will require us to maintain a proper inner foundation and willingness to make a STANCE OF OURSELVES. They will help us to build emotional resilience and mental clarity, and allow us to find ways to find inner balance and peace amid raging emotions being triggered in unconscious people. Everything will be about FINDING THE HIGHER EXPRESSION and truly expressing it (bringing it into the world.) 

Most of what you will need to work with is WHAT YOU HAVEN'T DONE OR HAVEN'T EXPRESSED yet. So, it's not about 'seeking or acquiring new knowledge, but tuning in and consciously feeling into what wants to come into expression!

Remember, that even if you worked on cutting ties to mainstream outlets, you will notice this a big shift in people around you. Some people will move closer and seek your calm, and others will simply fall away. Be okay with it! November is the time for all of us to say NO MORE! On a spiritual note, this month will be highly invigorating for most of us! Your psychic and spiritual perception will skyrocket! Our soul task is to move into spiritual self-mastery. These next 10 weeks will grace us with PERFECT DIVINE TIMING. The aforementioned tests work like graduation exams. Journal your dreams and work on your vision board (if you haven't done this yet.) This month gives you big clues about your true calling, and what's truly worth it for you to invest in!

This unprecedented time will trigger a rise of spiritual awakening in the collective and emphasize the need for a deeper connection and more truth with one another. In the CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF Session as well as all ongoing energy sessions here at transCODES in November, you have an opportunity to follow your own inner precognition in regard to what the future will bring for you - the challenges and opportunities. To trust in this inner guidance requires a little practice, but works amazingly well, especially when interpreted with the help of a trained energy coach. This session is done remotely and live. Following the 60-minute energy, the session is a live webinar with personal readings.

Energetic Perspective - Primary Energy Resonance

Liberation From Karmic Repeat

According to Merriam Webster, Liberation is:

"the act or process of freeing someone or something from another's control: the act of liberating someone or something. : the removal of traditional social or sexual rules, attitudes, etc."

What do we need to be liberated from?

Who needs to be liberated?

Why is it important to liberate ourselves?

We cannot overcome negativity, pessimism, or our ego's desire to maintain that everything is F.I.N.E. - the acronym for: "F***ed up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional."

Basically, by trying to cope better we become silently complicit and instrumental to the darkness of the displayed global shadow. What binds, limits, clouds, confuses and scares us is the fear of the end of all things that is being propagated - this is what we need to liberate ourselves from if we want to live a life in truth, self-responsible, and co-creation.

In November, we will be able to what has been binding us to our ego's fear with surgical precision...and, along with this SIGHT, we will get the impulse and feel the energy to do something about it! Unconscious living, choices, and behaviors create imbalances and with it Karma. In that, Karma helps us to balance our life experiences and to seek growth. There is no positive or negative Karma - only consequences! No-growth is negativing your life force!

In order to break free from existing, inherited, or unconsciously created karma, we need to be willing to grow and step out of our comfort zone! Be willing to reveal what needs to be healed to yourself!

In this month, the reveal comes as a cosmic intervention. Our part in this forced transformation process is to utilize our full potential and abilities. 

What lies in the shadows is not bad, it's merely the lower expression of a gift that is not revealed or loved yet.

Throughout this month, we will be talking about karma, shadow, shadow-man, and our relationship with cosmic orders and their meaning in your personal life.


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODESCreator of Sacred Self-Healing, Heart Warrior, and Personal Energy Training Programs


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