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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The past years triggered the need to better understand what we are experiencing, individually and collectively - and what our personal role in this might be. We can currently notice that everything in and around us seems to RESET, presenting us with an opportunity to APPLY THE LEARNED & MOVE FORWARD (if we can get past our ego's desire to keep everything the way it was.) But many of us are feeling tired of hunkering down. We have waited, conformed and coped long enough! For us to constructively move forward now, we need more clarity and a strategy or directions on how to move forward in a way that works for us! Incoming collective energies are indicating massive shifts in how we perceive this global transformation process and ourselves in it. This shift in perspective can allow us to recognize our own SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE. If we can overcome our fears and our ego's unreflected desire to maintain the comfort zone of 'familiarity' we can achieve great course corrections that can increase our ability to navigate the new territory and with it a better understanding of ourselves. We can see now, how parts of us have been resisting, bargaining, or how our perceived powerlessness made us freeze.In order to end this exhausting cycle of victimization we now need to wake up into a more self-responsible and authentic way of dealing with reality. Every crisis is a CRISIS OF PERCEPTION. If we want to know how how to adapt and work with outer conditions without losing our power to make a difference - collectively as well as for our personal life - we need to SHIFT OUR PERCEPTION first.

Our task in this time of transformation is to move out of the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN FUTURE into our higher learning & trusting. It comes with a new level of SPIRITUAL ENERGETICNESS. It awakens the longing for a spiritual connection and higher intelligence that can give us the courage to overcome our hopelessness. However, because it's very visceral, it comes with a practical energy as well. It tests our willingness to walk-the-talk. If we are unprepared, we can easily get caught in triggers that keep our energy distracted with depression, anxiety or hyper-vigilance draining our energy into effective-lessness. In order to not get swept away, it requires us to be in bone crushing truth with ourselves, and thus forces us to STAY VERY PRESENT. As this overall shift in energy is approaching us in god's speed, a gradual and continual reality check throughout all layers of our existence is leading us to new ways, routines, protocols and approaches that can allow us to more consciously deal with the challenge of adapting to a NEW REALITY. However, without a proper system to check-in with ourselves we are also in danger of losing ourselves. In times like this, outer (bureaucratic) rules and regulations appear to help us as a temporary external structure. It's put in place for us to better cope with overwhelming changes, such as hyper-inflation, energy and resource shortages. But because they follow a foggy agenda, coping doesn't allow us to find sustainable solutions. It merely keeps us passive and burn us out. For us to more effectively deal with this NEW FUTURE we will need to learn how to step up and move into a more self-empowered way that can help us to not just 'survive' but also to THRIVE. So, while we are being kept buy with trying to maintain what we have, many of us don't realize yet, that this new era also comes with a profound LEARNING & GROWING EXPERIENCE that can assist us to refine our spiritual-emotional maturity. As it triggers all our unprocessed (unhealthy or repressed) aspects, personally and collectively, it helps us to finally calibrate our inner compass towards a more authentic and liberated sense of self, which raises questions such as these: Who is IN CHARGE of making changes? Who is the AUTHORITY on deciding how to change things? Whom we can truly TRUST TO SUPPORT us? Collectively, it is to be expected that the global population will demand answers from existing powers, which will turn out to be very disappointing. In addition to an ever-increasing pressure of environmental and political chaos, it will further increase the rift in trust (in our governments, corporations, schools, medical industry, banks, relationship partners, employers) and not really offer enough security for most of us. Unless we have already manifested a self-sustaining lifestyle, the odds are that we will experience any offerings as insufficient and regulations as too restrictive. In this way, it will help us all to clarify whether or not our needs are met, what we truly need, what needs to change, and how to practically achieve positive change regardless of the lack of support that we are feeling. The big danger is to revert into survival-based selfishness and to forget that we are all in this together. The coming years will show the need for more EMPATHY & SOCIAL AWARENESS but without agendas or political correctedness...and teach us, that WE ARE THE CHANGE!

Physically, we will have to find more effective ways of dealing with our own health, wealth, and perceived comfort/likes or discomfort/dislikes (Sympathy & Antipathy). It will trigger our Autonomous Nervoussystem and STRESS LEVELS, as our involuntary Sympathectial Nervous System will be very active due to the many outer triggers bombarding us. We need to actively work on calming our system and more consciously tapping into our Parasympathetic Nervous System to reduce reactivity. For this we will need to develop more conscious self healing routines that support our Immune System from within, which needs to include a more conscious awareness (education) about nutrition but also mindfulness and spiritual connection. It will be of utmost importance for us to be self-loving and compassionate toward ourselves. Emotionally, we can easily get pulled into our fear of the future. Many of us have become aware of this preprogrammed ego-coping pattern, but just being aware of it is not enough! We need to learn how to consciously manage, process, and deal with our patterns so that we can feel the courage and adequacy to handle given challenges without falling for every media trigger. This new energy can easily drive us into our own PARANOIA OR DEPRESSION if we aren't careful and attentive to our emotional and physical needs. Dependencies and emotional manipulation patterns will be very active in the coming years, so stay conscious in regards to your own tendency to EXTERNALIZE YOUR NEEDS & POWER TO MEET THEM! Mentally, the inability to see a future can pull us in negativity and pessimism - it drive us further into our back-and-white-thinking. It is therefore extremely important for us to consciously work on clarity with ourselves. The more congruent our expression becomes, the less fear we will experience. Socially, we will become more confused. On our unconscious walk into impending social rating and digital ID systems we will have to realize that nobody really has the 'right' answers. However, through mutual exchange and strategic alliances, we can also experience the beauty, creativity and synergy that can come out of opening ourselves to more empathy instead of blind sympathy. It increases our ability to work with others, which can give us the needed hope and optimism to make a difference by finding new ways (e.g.schools, urban farms.) Spiritually, this global perception war brings a massive opportunity for SPIRITUAL GROWTH and SELF-MASTERY. Not only are we forced to more consciously deal with reality, but we are also recognizing that there is a power within us all. As conscious soul-selves we are designed to progress through conscious awareness and insight. This power will become more and more aware to us in the coming years! The transformational quality of our current collective situation allows us (for the first time in history!) to discover our inner power to consciously overcome adversity through internal change. It will motivate us to seek purpose and meaning within, and show us that externalizations and idealizations turned are nothing but EGO-ILLUSIONS triggered by an outdated narcissistic system. With discovering the POWER TO CHANGE OUR PERCEPTION we can experience our inner power recontextualize our own sense of self and identity. The current collective developments help us to reconcile with our personal and collective ego and shadow aspects by showing us how disconnected we have become from WHAT WE TRULY ARE. It is 'human' to first exploit all ego-routes of trying to maintain our comfort zone and wait until the pain of staying where we are at becomes greater than the fear of our unknown future, but it is also human to recognize INNER AUTHORITY and learn how to translate the YEARNING FOR DEEPER CONNECTION once all ego-options fall away. Seen from this perspective, it is therefore clear why things have to go their course - until we FINALLY REALIZE which 'part of the force' we have been siding with...

The biggest challenge from an energetic point of view is the overcoming of our inner dualism that mirrors our ego reality in form of schism between heart and mind. This 3rd/4th Chakra ego barrier is heavily triggered in August. We need to be very present, conscious, grounded, and practical in all our decisions in the future. If you are allowing this wonderful inner transformation to happen, you will see the magnificent MANIFESTATION OPPORTUNITY in overcoming your own ERROR-PERCEPTION. The instructions needed for this are built in. 1. The ABILITY TO DISCERN TRUTH by listening to our inner truth compass 2. The WILLINGNESS admit to ourselves that our mind is fallible At the core of our confusion is a lack of self-awareness, of when we are being degraded, minimized or treated like children pressuring and coercing us to conform, defend, justify, or externalize our decision making. No wonder we all feel purpose-less! These inner reflective questions can help you with discerning and gaining clarity in times when you are not sure what to do: Do your friends and family respect your needs without judging you? Are they supportive? Are you present enough to feel when something/someone is compromising your integrity? Or when YOU violate other people's integrity? Can you freely communicate when your boundaries are violated? Do others even know what your boundaries are? Can you feel when your boundaries/values/integrity is under attack ? Can you feel when you violate other people's boundaries/values/integrity? Can you feel when it's time to stand up for yourself or when to let go of unnecessary confrontation? Confusions, contradictions, or inner conflicts are there to tell you that something isn't congruent, and when you are acting against your better knowing. A big part of your spiritual maturing and liberation process is the learning of how to act from balance and wholeness from within - free of false promises, victimhood, specialness or entitlement! Go for it! Much Love, Jona Bryndis


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