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n|ergy Secrets: LIFEFORCE

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Recognizing the power residing in you as LIFEFORCE is one of the most transformational shift in your lives, as it points us to the path of SELF-MASTERY. We get confused and conflicted about our life, purpose, and energy because we never asked ourselves what our lifeforce is for. By becoming more aware of where and when we waste or donate our lifeforce needs to become our priority to make the UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS. To understand the connection between our Personal Energy System , our stress levels and quality of choices, it is not enough to see life as a matter of success or failure. By what standards? If we want to live to our highest potential and feel the force of life flowing through us from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we need to know how to improve our Personal Energy Management. Our energy system, and with it the state of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing is composed of millions of holographic energy codes interacting with another and outer energies. It is self-intelligent and programmed to self-heal and expand. It constantly repairs and replaces body cells; processes thoughts and insights integrates emotions and stores experiences for later application. An optimally working energy system provides inner balance, peace and an optimal flow and amount of energy to maintain, express and expand our vitality and passion for life. Inefficient Energy Management can lead to chronic stress, addictions, and even mental or physical health issues. But, our personal energy field is not a stand-alone system. There are several layers and fields of energy that we are surrounded by and exposed to, e.g. the Collective Energy Field, the Divine Field, and of course the energy fields of other people, places or Nature. Knowing that we are empaths or energetically sensitive means that we need to pay attention to outer factor even more so since we are picking up on those as if they were our own. The state of our personal energy and thus our wellbeing is highly susceptible to the influence and source of other energies. Whether or not we feel 'good' or bad' therefore depends on many different inner and outer factors. Most of the outer influences aren't in our control but we can learn how to manage them better!

Watch LIFEFORCE Talk here Part of our evolutionary human experience is the development of our ability to sense and discern inner and outer subtle energies. Whether we are aware of it or not, but our inner decision-making process is influenced by far more factors than just our mental or emotional processing! The easiest way to understand some of these influences is by recalling your inner feelings when exposed to outer negativity or toxic environments. They can make us feel drained and tired; trigger emotional responses, such as getting angry or scared; or make us feel small, doubting or criticizing ourselves. On the other hand, being surrounded by or aligned to expansive or higher vibratory energies can empower, inspire and strengthen our energy. They can support our inner balance and vitalize our entire system on all levels. So, how can we learn to better discern whether outer energies are positive or negative for us? Apart from the energies, we expose ourselves to, the most impacting influence on the state of our personal energy is through our Inner Alignment. Its positive or negative effect is determined by the quality and power of energy source/field we choose to plug into. Hence, in the long run, our ability to manage our own energy and provide ourselves with enough to self-heal and self-correct not only depends on our momentary feeling but mainly the quality of energy we are aligned to.If our energy system is in optimal flow, we are capable of generating our own lifeforce power needed for optimal health, wealth and happiness - and more! Simplified, the effect of our inner energetic alignment on our energetic output is comparable to the mechanics of or our electrical power system: To understand the different variations of malfunctioning or improper energy management, picture having a 220 Volt appliance and plugging it into a 110 Volt power system: Obviously, the machine will not run. Another example is providing an electrical tool that requires 5 Amps to function properly with a 2 Amp power source; it may run, but most likely break easily or function very slow. Lastly, if you plug in too many appliances to one single circuit, the output may not provide enough energy to power all of them, or overload your power system and trigger the breaker turning off the entire circuit.What happens with our personal energy and power to self-heal and manifest health, wealth and love is very similar. If we are not aware of our needs, our source of power and don't know what helps to support and expand our energy, we cannot discern if something we do or choices we make expand or contract our energy. We are unable to properly manage our energy. Not knowing what affects our inner energies can cause us spending a lifetime struggling with our inner conditions, circumstances or the lack of love and joy. We may be functional, bust mostly run slow, don't have the energy to manifest our heart's desires and often get overloaded or need to shut down. If this stays unaware to us we can become prone to chronic or degenerative conditions, systemic diseases and worst of all, suffering from lack of vitality, inner separation, and lovelessness. Therefore, our ability to manage our own energy to create enough inner power to self-heal and manifest depends on our inner awareness and willingness to take responsibility for our inner and outer conditions. If we suffer from prolonged or serious physical ailments, mental or emotional imbalances, chronic lack of money or unhappy or toxic relationships, chances are dealing with an inner energetic imbalance, that can not simply be removed or 'healed' from the outside. An energy healing can help us to set it free, remove or reprogram our unconscious patterns, but in order to unlock our full functioning inner self-healing abilities, we also need to be willing to make changes! If we continue doing what we do we cannot expect different results.In order to manifest long-term changes in our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition, therefore, depends on our:- Willingness to allow change- Awareness to discern the quality of energy we are exposing ourselves to- Determination to choose only expansive and lifeforce expressing sources of energy to align to- Awareness and Ability to manage our own energy. Energy Work & Energy Awareness can kick-start and facilitate our inner self-healing. It can enhance our discernment of energies and energetic states which can help us to develop healthier coping strategies but we need to be willing to support ourselves and focus on our energy's highest potential. The most important factor determining ideal inner energy flow and ability to utilize our energy is our inner connection to our higher power. Externalizing our power to someone or something outside of us weakens our energy. The weaker our energy the higher the energetic stress level. Externalizing our inner power to others, e.g. what others think, relationship partners, healers, gurus, god or any other force outside of us is one of the most common causes for inner energetic weakness and thus lack of lifecforce=self-healing power. The main objective of energy management and training work is to consciously experience the reflection of our own energetic system, so that dissonant energies can be actively addressed. By honestly looking at our entire energy system we can learn to identify areas or aspects of lower/slower vibration. Active Self-Reflection allows us to explore the tools needed to develop advanced Energy Management Tools and empowers us to deal with inner aspects through developing self-understanding, compassion, and self-forgiveness. We can begin our deeper self-reflection process by connecting within and allowing our intuition to pinpoint our main resistances and then go from there. Wherever we feel the most energetic, emotional or mental charge or resistance - we go deeper to increase our inner connection! Through learning the many energy management tools that are available but never taught, we are enabling a deeper connection with inner healing energy. We learn how to silence our mind (through regular meditation or energy training sessions for example) and begin to actively shift our perception. It helps us to strengthen our connection with our True Self and thus strengthens our energetic immune system. Viewing our inner disharmonies from our hearts rather than our ego mind's perspective allows us to realize that all our previously discovered or revisited inner dissonant aspects can be transformed and healed! If this resonates with you and you feel prompted to learn more about your self-healing abilities, look into our highly transformative Self-Healing & Training Programs or consider personal Energy Training Sessions. Thank you for your time. Jona Bryndis


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