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Meaning of Solstice Energies

Cosmic/Spiritual Aspects and Significance of Solstices

All Solstices bring in pivotal energies, but this one marks a major turning point in our evolutionary development. It will determine the course of the next 20 years - for us individually as well as the collective. Everything we've been putting off, delaying, or procrastinating wants to be cleared out of our system - either through permanently letting go - or by moving through and standing up for what has been developing within ourselves for the past 4 years. The task at hand is to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for whatever we choose. Choices that align with our heart and truth will be greatly supported and lead to an enormous LEAP FORWARD in growing into the HIGHER EXPRESSION of who we truly are. Anxiousness, negativity, hanging on to wounding from our past, dwelling in disappointments, or waiting for change from the outside puts us into a passive and unconscious state, and thus binds us to COLLECTIVE KARMA. With this solstice, we are asked to carefully review and evaluate what we are blindly trusting in and what we should trust more in. Ask yourself whatever it is that you are energizing/choosing: Is it truly worth it? Is it based on Fear or Love? Performance pressure, separation anxiety, or fear of loss of status are 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) confusions that need to be reflected on. Everything we choose now has big consequences for our future - will it move us forward or spiral us backward? How have you been using our ENERGY/RESOURCES wisely? Have you been energizing the LOWER EXPRESSIONS OF WHO YOU ARE by complaining, blaming, and self-berating? Are you willing to consequentially step into our Higher Expression and take charge of your future? Whether you believe in Karma or not - our FREE WILL is whether we choose the higher or lower expression of dealing with our reality. It is our SPIRITUAL FREEDOM to do so. We are the only species on this planet - due to the POWER OF OUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS - that is given this choice! At the core of this urgency for all of us, is the call to actively and consciously align to HIGHER VIBES - the resonances of TRUTH, LIGHT & LOVE - and to learn how to responsibly use the POWER OF OUR SPIRITUAL AWARENESS & MASTERY Every tiny unhealed or dark aspect we transcend within ourselves; every moment we spend in a deep love for the beauty of this world and the human condition; and every iota of courage to be congruent with what our heart tells us sends out a vibrational wave to everyone and everything with consciousness on this planet (humans, animals, plants, minerals, and water). As it weaves into the collective energy field on this planet it expands into Divine Consciousness and disrupts negative energies. The more refined our energy the larger the radius of our heart field and the faster our manifestation speed - and also, the more powerful our ability to disrupt the collective grid of darkness. On the other hand, every negative thought promotes the web of collective contraction, darkness, and fear. If we are concerned about where the world is going and how to survive the collapse of the global shadow, we need to begin within ourselves! Learning this Self-Responsibility, which is a core aspect of our journey, is not about feeling guilty or acting out of the need to make good, nor saving the planet for that matter. Self-Responsibility is about becoming true to ourselves – about becoming a True Self - and thus spiritually growing into the mentioned higher expression of who we are. By leaving our Shadow-Man, our Pain and Fear, our Inner Child, and Karmic Bondage behind we are claiming the right to be true to ourselves. This allows us to apply and manifest our soul's sovereignty into our practical life, and to reaffirm our soul's purpose of anchoring the Divine Field into the physical. Make every act, every thought, and every feeling a physical anchoring process, expressing who you truly are. With this understanding comes the knowing or remembrance that everything you are going through is nothing but the internalized version of what the collective ego is going through. It's the battle of Light & Dark in us! Even if 'Being of service for others' may not be your priority right now, consider the power of giving as part of expressing your Higher Self. Let go of what is holding you back from experiencing your inner Divine Connection and begin to see yourself connected to all (even if others refuse to do this). At the end of the day, when you are balancing your life's records it will not be about what others did or wanted you to do. Your karma is the balance sheet of YOUR inner congruence and YOUR choices.

So, while the forces of Light and Dark fight over the human soul, we all experience increased inner conflict and the need for change during these incoming Solstice Energies. This is our transformation task! In order to find peace with ourselves, we need to be able to make sense of ourselves, Spiritual Vision, developed through introspection and honest self-inquiry are our tools.

One important thing to understand about collective energy work is that it always goes both ways. So, while solstice energies allow us to clear collective programming more easily, we are also more exposed. Taking advantage of the 'looser' structure in the collective matrix can lead to a more efficient replication of our changed/cleared personal grid back into the collective matrix, but it can also lead to increased absorption of collective fields. These are clearly in a deep correctional phase, which means that we may be in for a bumpy ride.

We can feel the increasing frequency of our planetary field in our bodies, but for most of us, it is still difficult to know what is affecting us at a given moment. Is it our own hidden energetic patterns or those of others around us?

As energetically sensitives we need to make it a priority to refine our energetic senses and train our energetic organs (energy centers), as they can provide us with a roadmap of our inner guidance.

Current Energetic Situation:

Due to the increase of the Earth's energetic field and the uncertainty that comes with it many people on this planet are starting to feel the inner prompting to find the way (back) to our True Selves. We want to change, but we cannot seem to find a way that allows us to excel as true beings and function in our 3D world (5th (Throat) Chakra issues.)

A big part of this inner conflict is the contradiction inherent in our collective matrix of beliefs, which makes us feel powerless. We are so fragmented with our own unresolved aspects that we cannot believe that any change could make a difference. However, what most of us are not aware of is that most of our personal challenges are part of a larger collective human group karma binding us to inner dualisms and physical difficulties to physically attune to higher vibratory states. It's part of our preprogrammed and often also propagated archetypal wounds - The Wounded Warrior and The Wounded Healer archetype in us all - or from a larger perspective:

The conflict between Masculine and Feminine Energies within.

The sun is energetically aligned to the Divine Masculine and has been worshiped in form of a male god for 40 000 years in the Indo-European collective. The Summer Solstice was therefore traditionally regarded as the Celebration of Light associated with male fertility and power.

The moon and the associated darkness during the Winter Solstice have been assigned to the Divine Feminine, celebrated as renewal and self-nurturing. This may not be aware to us, but it is one of the many ways Femininity has been energetically pushed into the absence of light, which also represents the key to the global awakening we are currently experiencing!

The liberation of the human collective and with it the evolution in human consciousness can only happen if the Feminine is brought back into the light - standing united and emancipated next to the Masculine; internally, in form of uniting our left and right hemispheres - our Heart and Mind - and externally, through allowing the collective wound of separation from source to heal.

From a metaphysical point of view, the liberation of the Divine Feminine Principle can only manifest through the liberation of the Divine Masculine Principle, also called the Unified Solar Principle. Along with the planetary transformation descending onto our planet, this prepares for the Divine Child Principle, our direct connection with Source, to anchor and manifest in the physical/3D realm. This is currently one of the strongest incoming corrective energies, which can be felt particularly through the emergence of the unhealed Inner Child in us. Ultimately, to fully unfold Divine Consciousness within the healing of the Inner Child is inevitable (Root Chakra/1st Chakra)

Many of us are already on our self-prompted Sacred Self-Healing journey embracing our inner unhealed aspects through learning how to unify them with our hearts. We have learned how to align to the Divine Masculine by attuning our personal energy field to the Cosmic Sun; and to attune to the Divine Feminine, through connecting to the heart of our planet, Gaia. This process is a very important first step in preparing our energy body to return to its original state of Trinity, the unified Divine Mother, Father, and Child (activation of our 7th (Crown) Chakra.)

Again, Solstices are planetary events in which incoming cosmic energies polarize the most. From an energy work perspective, this means that they are the best times for working on ourselves. As the collective grid opens up during Solstice times it allows for deeper code work to happen. Twice a year we get this opportunity to directly work on our collective implants. But there are difficulties. When challenged our Ego Mind perceives itself as an individuated entity, activating our original wound of feeling separated from the Source (of Light/Love/Truth), and thus locked back in the prison of collective programmings, such as collective control, anger, fear, pain, and guilt.

Our mind alone is not able to free itself. The freedom of our soul's sovereignty can only successfully be claimed through the power of our Unified Heart Consciousness – and the dissolution of inner and outer dualism.

The importance of the decoupling from our human collective programming is therefore in the ability to fully transform the polarity of Masculinity & Femininity and their archetypal conflicts within us. During a Solstice, we are therefore primarily prompted to embrace the Unified Principle through healing the archetypal masculine wounds within us, which then allows us to embrace our liberated feminine.

If you are serious about wanting to make changes, now is the time to step up! Begin with changing your perspective beyond your personal struggles and stop engaging in activities, thought patterns, emotional drama, and surrounding yourself with negativity. Stay away from people who feed off misery, conspiracy theories, and specialness – as long as you are with them, you are part of them!

Instead of battling with yourself about what you can or can't do, feel out what you could do! What if you could create a life where all these aspects are in harmony with one another; where they don't contradict one another?! What if your life could promote harmony with others? What if you could take care of your obligations and be in your heart while you do it? Why not?! By acknowledging and appreciating that we are all a part of the whole we can not only transcend our personal battles but also support the collective to transcend global battles into manifesting our higher expression of reality!

Check out my ongoing courses, sessions, and private coaching programs if you want to find the keys to your inner roadmap through these spiritual transformation processes.

Stay conscious!


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

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