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How does Higher Consciousness help?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We began our journey with reconnecting to all our senses, emotions, and thoughts. As conscious energy managers we can learn how to better clear, balance and ground ourselves; and how to more consciously choose where we want our attention/energy to go. However, we still experience this deeper inner journey as turbulent or confusing. The more attention we allowed to be dedicated to these conscious choices in life, the more we experienced the peace that can come when enter the sacred space within our heart. Reconnecting with deeper Consciousness can show us that our own I AM Awareness can carry us through the depth of our ego confusions. It allows us to discover what it can feel like to trust in this connection from within ourselves. Through practicing to walk through the gateway of our mind-heart over and over again, we even sometimes felt a quickening of our trust and remembrance of our personal life's path. We are beginning to understand ourselves better. And as we learn to know ourselves better, the fear of the unknown begins to vanish. But there is more! The practice of inner self-discovery, self-healing and self-empowerment does not only help us to connect within but also empowers us to feel connected with a higher power in us. It can allow us to recontextualize our individual pain and suffering, give meaning to our struggles and thus encourage us to transmute our fears into more truth, freedom and self-love. It increases our overall awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects of our existence and can lead us to a new way of understanding our life's purpose.

Once you can connect with purpose of your soul's journey - life becomes meaningful As we are coming more conscious of our need for our own inner experience of being a soul-self, it slowly becomes more clear to us, that there is more our life than just simply surivivng it. Many of us have experienced that we can transcend our inner separation and fear through mental, emotional or physical changes, but we have also learned that a part of us is spiritual (unseen) in nature, and that we can connect with this part through spiritual changes. When we connect with our Higher Self we no longer feel alone or afraid of the unknown. For as long as we stay awake and aware, we can make corrections and adapt to inner or outer changes as we go. Self-transformation through actively engaging with our higher purpose that is revealed in this way, is part of our natural evolutionary maturing process. It allows us to discover the deeper secrets of our higher consciousness and with it self-healing.The true purpose of our soul's journey will finally reveal itself to those of us who can unconditionally trust in the inner being and follow the inner guidance on how to transform and expand our light beyond our 3D existence - the transmutation of Divine Consciousness into the physical or EMBODIMENT OF OUR SOUL SELF. Rediscovering yourself as soul self connects you with others in a new way With a few exceptions we typically view God, Divine, Soul, and even Higher Consciousness as something external – something, that cannot be obtained, that is very hard to reach or that one needs to deserve. We unconsciously view our own humanity as weak or lesser, and so we spend lifetimes trying to become more. What drives us all is the yearning to advance into our highest potential - because we can feel that there is more. We all have an undiscovered sense of the presence of existence beyond our 3D humanness. All humans share the inner yearning to connect to something deep within, but with it often also the pain of not feeling connected to it. To reconnect with this part is the ultimate goal of our soul's journey. The desire to have a direct experience with our SOUL SELF is pulsing in our collective unconscious - sometimes to our detriment. With this collective awakening still in its early phase, many people feel spiritually lost. They no longer see the necessity to have a church as an intermediary between themselves and Divinity, but lack of proper training in contextualizing the ins and outs and ups and downs of our spiritual experiences. It explains why so many of us resort to blindly seeking for an inner soul connection through partners, drugs or numbing the pains of our perceived human weaknesses. A training, that can allow us to systematically learn the steps to reconnecting with the higher consciousness in us has to teach us how to master our physical, emotional and mental drives and sensations. It needs to allow us to experience how to bypass our egos fears, confusions, distractions and memories from within ourselves. The courage to trust in our inner connection needs to be carefully prepared and cultivated, which is why we need to feel safe with ourselves and those we share this journey with. Only then can our ego allow us to grow beyond its own limitations. It takes a leap of faith to experience our soul as 'real'. Being a Soul in a Body brings in a totally new paradigm of existence, that can alleviate us from our collective phantom pains and lead us to a new level of self-love and freedom. But because our awakening process forces us to overcome the duality of experiencing our physical and etheric reality simutaneously, it requires us to learn how to navigate through our ego's limitations. The only way for us to experience OUR OWN SOUL'S EXISTENCE while being in 3D reality is through exploring the vast microcosm of our own consciousness. The challenge of this personal transformation process is to walk through these different layers of existence without fear. We will learn how to connect with the time-lessness of our spiritual existence and how to use this inner experience to overcome our limited view on past-present-future. This will help us to no longer be afraid of these unseen aspects of ourselves, and lead us to finding our inner roadmap to expressing ourselves as our higher self while in 3D. The purpose of this evolutionary process is to experience of our Higher Self first-hand. Once internalized, you will simply know that there is more to you than just your 3D perception of yourself - and that there is no need to fear the future! Love, Jona Bryndis ps. If you would like to know more about the Iceland retreat, upcoming sessions, nergyBoost High Transformation or Heart-Warrior Program scroll down, go to my website, or send me an email


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