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Everything is Backwards

Energetic Aspects of this Time of Transformation

Equinox March 2023

In this particular Equinox, we want to utilize the incoming intense collective transformation energies to break through inner and outer barriers. Consider this Equinox like a backwards-day - only for another straight 6 months... Collective Energies can be a bit difficult to understand, especially right now. It's easy to lose our sense of self, who we are, and why we are here in this confusing time of rapid global transformation. There is so much going on! However, during Equinoxes and Solstices, Collective Energies become more permeable. As Energetically Sensitives, we are picking up on more Astral Energies in those times. What does this mean for us individually? Like changing weather conditions, our personal energy goes through our daily inner fluctuations, as well as outer influences. Collective events and reactions affect our energy on the unseen, subtle energy level, whether we like it or not. That said, we are not a victim of such influences, but due to our inner energetic WIFI we are constantly exposed to collective programs, conditionings, and even forces that can manipulate how we see ourselves and the world. Typically only trained individuals can 'see-through' these invisible layers of collective manipulation - but during Equinoxes and Solstices, it becomes possible for all of us. The actual energy process functions like a reality check to see how well we are unifying our 3D physical with our spiritual being - and to RECONCILE our ambiguities. It's time to weed out what no longer serves us or what doesn't provide enough sustainability, love, or space to grow. We need to wake up into a more conscious self and follow through on embracing this new era in our life by consciously renewing life-affirming attitudes and mindsets that help to improve our manifestation conditions - and consequentially act according to what feels true to us to strengthen our divine inner connection, as well as, our 3D well-being. At this level of awareness, we need to recognize that our anxiousness, frustration and perhaps even desperation come from the need to conform to collective conditions and programmed behaviors on one hand, but also the inner prompting to make a clear stance for ourselves. For some of us, this awakening might translate into the unhealthy expression of Masculine energies, by acting out on the impulse to fight against the collective. The intensity that is felt right now can reenergize the old and keep us imprisoned in our fear or anger! In order to truly break free from the collective overlay restricting us, we need to tune inward and feel when it's time to claim our independence from our conditioning and liberate ourselves from all these limiting beliefs from within. It is OUR INNER DUALITY that feeds our indecision or over reactiveness. We need to see through this and actively begin to transmute this duality through our inner experience of connection with our true source of power, namely the power to discern truth.

'Doing the 'right' thing is relative to the system within which we choose to operate. 'Doing the 'true' thing' is timeless and independent of outer conditions. Inner peace can only come from harmonizing ourselves with the environment and all people/collective energies by seeing ourselves as part of it - not fighting against them or seeing ourselves victimized by them. The way to make the most out of this intense and rapid change in our world is to become more present in your heart - and not to follow the old ways! Balanced masculine and feminine energies within lead to healthy expressions of these archetypal energies within. This balance can give us the courage to trust our inner light while simultaneously knowing when to act. In this way you liberate yourself from external sources of security and connection. You simply don't need anyone to tell you what to think, feel or decide anymore or what is right for you - you no longer depend on outer validation or approval, because you can clearly feel what's true to you and what isn't. Declare yourself and what you stand for! Express who you truly are and make it sacred! Be accountable for your light and make it count!

There can be a comfort in believing that there is a magical fix-it-all- solution in the symbols and props of collective mind-control (if you pay attention you can feel how many such symbols that are coming forward in your dreams and visions right now), yet when we feel straight into them, we can realize that these short-cuts or ideals are the ones that keep us imprisoned. What I mean to say with this is that 'letting go of the old' doesn't have to be hard, negative or bad. Yes, there is a moment of grieving that needs to be overcome, so that we become able to more consciously witness what is no longer true, and what is holding us back. Don't run or hide from this. Feel INTO to it with your heart, and you will notice how most of these props are merely illusions of connection or security. Yes, making a stance for yourself can be uncomfortable at first, but once you understand the enormity of this current transformation you will begin to understand, that everything you went through in your past has an important meaning - because it helped you mature! It helped you to form your inner TRUTH COMPASS and thus allowed you to recognize, that NOW is the time to BE YOU! The REIGNITION OF YOUR INNER LIGHT activates the perennial power of the Divine Principle of Co-Creation in us (SOLAR LOGOS) - the template of life and life force. And more so, everyone who has the courage to follow their inner light will become the beacon for others. Shining with renewed life and light illuminates not just our own but also the lives of others. It empowers, encourages, and inspires everything to improve itself. It is the way of the Divine Light shining through us dispelling darkness within our own microcosms, as well as macrocosms. Decoupling from the collective allows not only for our light to shine brighter and wider – but also brings healing into our lives and that of others! This sacred transformation process is the conscious and courageous act of overcoming our ego’s fears and attachments. It requires the silent humbleness of truly aligning us with what we stand for. Do we see ourselves as a body with a soul - or a soul with a body? The motivation that can come out of this choice is to liberate our ego-mind of collective gaslighting so that we can begin finally to reclaim our creative manifestation powers! We understand that there is tremendous power in accepting change and transformation as a divine co-creation process, but a self-chosen METAMORPHOSIS doesn't just open entirely new solutions and choices, but also new levels of self-authority and freedom. We can realize that Divine Power permeates through us at all times and that GRACE is a resonance within our hearts that brings this Divine Template/ Solar Logos into its higher expression. After all, it is the same power that can transform the caterpillar into a butterfly. We are all responsible for our own light. If our light darkens, others can offer us a spark, can help us to find our flame, offer their light to guide us, and even show us how to do it - but they can’t re-light it for us or keep it lit on our behalf. It is our sacred purpose to keep our flame lit - even in the darkest hour! HAPPY EQUINOX!

Stay Conscious! Love, Jona Bryndis Energy Coach, Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

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