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Heart-Warrior: It Takes a Warrior of the Heart to Withstand Collective Insanity

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Overcoming Perception Issues

The main purpose of our inner vision to expand is to gain more clarity about our future and to give meaning and purpose to our life. As soon as we begin to open ourselves to our inner connection we also become more aware of our hidden aspects and blindspots. Opening ourselves up for inner perception can often provide us with new insights, but it can also force us to deal with reality. Typically, we start out with regular mediation times. for most it's best to do this at a certain time of the day, so that our system can get used to the stillness. At first we fall asleep or get tangled up in our minds. This is normal! (Also read: "How to Get Out Of Our Minds"). After a while we begin to stay awake and experience new sensations. We learn that we can meditate while walking and slowly begin to integrate a habit of inner contemplation.

For the experienced meditator this can happen through direct visioning during (and the day before or after) a remote energy transMISSION. However, visioning is not a benchmark for energy work being done; on the contrary, it can be misleading if this is all we rely on. Third-Eye or Inner Mind's Eye perception takes place on all sensory and extra-sensory levels. Therefore, I recommend to always feel out how a certain information/vision makes us feel like. This way we are enhancing our neuro-plasticity and also allow for deeper meanings to come forward.

Energetic information can come to us in many ways. Since many of us are more tactile (feeling-) oriented, incoming info is often a bit confusing; fast paced colors, shapes, words, sudden emotional releases and physical sensations while dealing with mental distractions can keep us quite busy during a meditation or remote energy sessions. The more we can allow ourselves to let go of our control mechanisms and surrender into the deeper process, the more information we will perceive.

Deeper, hidden or unconscious processes are often shown in cryptic, mystical or symbolic strings of popping-up movie-snippets or seemingly random memories. In addition, another way we process etheric information is in our dream state. If you want to work on developing your inner perception through mediation or remote energy sessions, become used to observing incoming information (on all levels) but without getting invested in it. This is one of the main challenges, especially if we are still working on specialness and 'wanting to see'. Once we are accustomed to our inner signaling, distractions as mentioned above become secondary; they will always be there, we just need to allow them.

However, for a deeper understanding we will need to discern our alignment. The best way to discern what our perception is aligned to is by looking at the way we perceive our life.

Energy awareness training represents the ongoing process of conscious aligning and realigning - by learning the tools that are needed to not fall into our own ego's error perceptions. It teaches us that our perception is indeed an integral part of experiencing and even creating suffering – but it can also show us how all our human struggle can be healed, if we are willing to let go of the projections of our ego and finally dedicate our inner union to become of service to all humanity.

It's a very personal process. Anybody who is willing to walk this path will experience an inner transformation that is unlike following any belief or belonging to a spiritual group! But once learned - you will begin to see the world and yourself with new eyes!

Heart-Warrior Bootcamp - Info here The Heart Warrior Program has a (changing) monthly schedule of remote energy transmissions along with private coaching sessions to aid a person in increasing their heart connection, break through persistent ego patterns , trauma and shadow traits, and learn how to become a more authentic self.

The first three months of this Program Include the following:

- Sacred Self Healing Daily Meditations

- Clearing Clearing Session

- Remote Energy Transmissions (1-2 per Week)

-Monthly Energetic Tune-Up & Personal Reading

-Access to the Transcodes Interactive Forum to share and ask questions

- Bi-monthly Personal Coaching Sessions with Jona Bryndis

- Live Training Webinars (2-3 per month)

- Weekly Newsletter

- Ongoing discounts & specials

The yearly option includes the Sacred Self-Healing 24 STEPS daily meditations and 1 Energy Clearing Session. You Heart-Warrior Program is designed as all-year training. It starts when you book it. Minimum is 3-months.

For particular kind of energy sessions, such as Energetic Tune-Ups, n|ergyBoost Sessions, GRACE Soul Cycle Sessions, Energy Marathons or Energy Perception Trainings go the ENERGY HEALING category.

Stay Conscious!

Jona Bryndis


transCODES offers a variety of energy coaching and training modalities. If you are interested in learning more about my energy awareness training class click here , for energy healer & coach training classes click here, for the energetics of relationships click here and for personal energy sessions click here.


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