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Wed, Feb 01



GROUNDING, CENTERING & SELF CLEARING - Energy Healing Marathon January/February 2023

Nine Self Energy Healing & Training Sessions over 3 days

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GROUNDING, CENTERING & SELF CLEARING - Energy Healing Marathon January/February 2023
GROUNDING, CENTERING & SELF CLEARING - Energy Healing Marathon January/February 2023

Time & Location

Feb 01, 2023, 7:00 AM EST – Feb 03, 2023, 11:59 PM EST


About the event

Energetic Groundwork - GROUNDING, CENTERING & SELF-CLEARING Marathon 

Live Remote Energy Self-Healing Sessions February 1-3, 2023

From your home

Learning to Trust in our Energetic Abilities 

We all understand that the way we can deal with life's demands depends primarly on our ability to manage our emotions, thoughts and energy properly. Reactivity, lashing out, conmfusion, or feeling helpless are often the consequence of not really knowing how to respond. Should we suck it up? Ward off? Attack? Let it go?

How can we learn to differentiate between emotions, sensations, feelings, and hard-wired inner patterns? 

How can we learn to manage our inner balance?

How can we have better access to our inner higher guidance at any given moment?

For energetically sensitives and empaths who are often perceiving more than they can fully process in the heat of a moment, finding answers to these questions can make a profound difference. It allows us to better deal with social, emotional, mental, physical, or energetic challenges and promotes the internalization of our energetic perception. More often than not we feel so overwhelmed that we end up resorting to our preprogrammed or conditioned coping mechanisms, even though already know that there must be better ways.

Our personal energy household is highly self-organized - it has an independent source of energy, its own intelligence, memory storage of past encounters, and it is self-correcting and self-healing - way beyond what our mind can understand or science is able to prove. Through energy work, we can learn and experience how to activate our inner self-healing abilities because even if we don't know the details of how our energy flows and what techniques can be applied to calm or energize ourselves, there is a part of us that knows intuitively how to ground, center and clear our energy - we just don't know how to efficiently access this inner knowing yet.

One way to learn more about our energy management abilities is to educate ourselves about how our energy works, how it flows, and how it interacts with others. But in order to put the often theoretical knowledge into action, we are often lacking the needed training in new strategies. In order to build more confidence and trust in our innate abilities new techniques have to be practiced - just like in martial arts. Through repetition and contextualizing new techniques in energy sessions, we can learn how to reprogram our energy system to respond with healthier strategies than the ones we developed in childhood.

For this we don't need to be able to 'see' energies or be a professional energy workers - all we need to know is how to tune into our energy at a given moment and how to support our energy in the right way, the right place at the right time. All we really need to learn is how to strengthen, clear, or re-center our energy so it can ultimately do what it's best at. Everything else comes with developing more trust in our own energy system and becoming able to discern which energies are supporting and which aren't.

  • Is this true to me?
  • Is this supporting or comprising my inner integrity?
  • What do I need right now in order to feel more balanced, energized, or protected?
  • What I can I do right now to support my energy?

The space created during these sessions is safe and secure to allow you to go very deep.  By trusting in the process, you create a pattern of believing in your own inner connection and your ability to feel/sense your own energies.

Read here how energy sessions work.

Read here about most common release symptoms during energy self-healing.


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