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"By allowing the power of the Divine field to heal ourselves unconditionally we are contributing to the expansion of the field, so it can be felt and experienced by others."


Our Story

transCODES' views and energy work modalities are non-religious and do not follow a particular school or teaching. Our coaching style represents a unique combination of energy work, metaphysical, spiritual and physical concepts along with psychoeducational and recovery work.


We honor our human existence as an inseparable holistic energy field, consisting of body, mind, spirit, heart and soul and encourage the direct connection with Inner Divinity and the Universal Divine Energy Field. We see everyone as part of the whole and teach that everyone has access to all there IS.


Our spiritual terminology is most influenced by Judeo-Christian, Indian, Buddhic and Shamanic terms. In our writings we tend to use or contextualize words, such as 'Christ-Light', ‘Christ Consciousness’ or ‘Sacred Heart’. These terms do not necessarily reflect our religious beliefs but represent most commonly understood Energy Work terms in the English Language.

Jona Bryndis Web

transCODES was founded in 2011 by Jona Bryndis as website for her own energy healing, coaching and training style as well as platform for other trained transCOACHES.


Today, a team of tranCOACHES from various backgrounds living in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe offer their services through transCODES.

Our Modalities

transCODES work focuses on facilitating energy work and self-healing modalities for anyone with the individual objective of changing their physical, spiritual, emotional or business lives according to higher vibrational goals:


- Personal and Business Energy Coaching

- Individual or Group remote energy sessions

- Remote Energy Clearings

- Seminars and Training Programs

- Self-Training Courses in Energy Work

- Mediation Tools

- Forums


In addition, transCODES provides a monthly free healing service through Remote Prayer Group Healings and facilitates a Men’s and Women’s Healing Circle.


transCODES objective is to assist others in their holistic journey of self-mastery and self-healing on all levels. Our work promotes consciousness development and a heart-based strengthening of access to inner self-healing abilities. We have utmost respect for this life-altering process and see our work as the expansion of the universal Divine Energy Field within. Our services are provided 24/7/365 helping clients from all over the world and almost all timezones.  


Our mission is to holistically support those who find themselves with the intention or in midst of their journey of becoming true to themselves through sharing universally self-healing modalities and experiences gained through metaphysical, psychological, and physical studies .  

Our transCOACHES

We believe in the synergistic nature of intentional, heart-centered group energies. Therefore, our transCOACHES often work in groups rather than as individuals.


All transCOACHES have been working and studying in Energy or Body Work for more than 20 years. We all have gone through the stages of self-healing ourselves..


New transCOACHES are trained by Jona directly. A transCOACH training program is available.

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