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EnergyCourse - 6-Week Next Level Energy Awareness & Mastery Training

Together, learn how read and discern your own and outer Energies; become aware of the difference between material, etheric and astral dimensions within yourself; experience the basics of navigating subtle energies. This course is a combination of spiritual science education and inner experience.

EnergyCourse - 6-Week Next Level Energy Awareness  & Mastery Training
EnergyCourse - 6-Week Next Level Energy Awareness  & Mastery Training

Time & Location

04. sep. 2024, 18.00 GMT-4


About the event

Course Start: September 4, 2024 End: October 9 , 2024

Live Training times every Wednesday  at 6.00PM (EDT) 

This online meta-learning course is designed for you to experience your Higher Thinking & Energetic Consciousness for yourself with the help of online study, energy sessions and live training. It provides a systematic foundation for all who want to master their own energies, and who consider becoming an energy healer. 

Simultaneous learning, experiencing, and understanding of energetic visioning trains our energy system and enhances inner signaling when and where it occurs. Meta-Learning or 'higher learning' is a way to experience and witness our own energies so that we can better connect and direct our own energies. 

The practical application of this training module is to become able to identify what makes us susceptible to our own and other people's projections.  Throughout the entire learning process of this course; before (reading and aligning); during (experiencing) and after (contextualizing, sharing, and integrating) our neuroplasticity will be activated and reform. It assists us by increasing our awareness and trust in our inner energies and activates our natural ability to navigate and maneuver the different dimensions of our higher consciousness.   

The included coded energy processes will guide us through basic techniques of entering your inner worlds. It will allow our energy to attune to our intuitive understanding of our inner energies and will facilitate the energetic congruence needed to energetically vision in a natural and projection-free manner.  

The objective of this course is to learn how to actively engage in exploring and familiarizing ourselves with the basics of inner etheric maneuvering and balancing techniques in order to better understand the dynamics of our own energies. Through this process of beginning to map out our personal inner world, we are not only getting to know ourselves from an entirely new perspective but also become empowered to better discern between inner and outer energies, which will ultimately lead us to better protect our personal energy field.  

Do not be afraid of exploring your inner energies! Here, you can learn how these translate into 3D life and how you can use this deeper energetic understanding to decode what is holding you back from manifesting a life according to our highest potential.   I am looking forward to exploring your higher consciousness with you!  Jona Bryndis

The weekly lessons are delivered through Online Course platform and are experienced through interactive live training on Wednesdays 

The combination of energy sessions, learning and live training allows you to experience the 6 most important energy awareness lessons in an interactive format, and provides you with a structured and interactive way to learn the latest clearing, connecting, and integrating techniques used in energy therapy and trauma coaching. The deeper teachings of this combination of online and self-experience guide you through the different dimensions of yourself through a combination of consciousness training work (cognitive learning), inner experience (internal learning) and guiding energy coaching (higher learning) sessions.  

The structured online learning experience delivers lessons and live sessions in a 6-week format, designed to combine your inner eperience with group training. The online couwill be tasked with inner self-exploration work in between the live trainings.  The n|ergy Course is a guided and interactive self-healing based course that allows you to systematically explore and train your connection with your inner world. It will teach how how to increase your energetic immune system, how to withstand etheric overlay and how to raise your vibration in general. Those of you concerned about psy-ops type of overlay, will learn how to detect and discern incoming energies.  

I Energetic Self-Discovery: SENSING, FEELING & PERCEIVING 


III Energetic Perception: CHAKRA WORK I, II, III 



VI Energetic Higher Self Experience FUTURE, PAST & ETHERIC SELF   

Monthly Payment Options and Sacred Self-Healing Discount Available. Please email:


  • n|ergyCourse Billet

    Energibevidsthed og ledelsesuddannelse

    899,00 US$
  • Repeater


    299,00 US$
  • Sacred Self-Healing Ticket


    699,00 US$
  • Individuel træning

    Kun efter aftale - 6 sammenhængende ugentlige sessioner (5 timer - 30 timers træning i alt)

    1.599,00 US$


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