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Next Community Training: 23rd July 2020 @8PM (EDT)

transCODES Free Training Series

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Presented by Jona Bryndis

and panel guest speakers  

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"I have been conducting business, technical and educational seminars and workshops for almost 30 years. Traveling, staying at a hotel, sitting in a room for hours, looking at hand-outs or slides...and taking notes...In the past we based our energy work training on old-school seminar concepts of transferring as much information and exercises possible in the given time frame.


Seminars have their place if the group of people is so large that interaction through portable devices or internet is not possible anymore or if the participants live in the area. Both are not the case for us. transCODES clients are from all over the globe and together still make up only a small selected group of people, who interested in advanced energy work and self-healing. To save us all extensive traveling expenses and other resources, we have now started to shift our training medium away from seminars to webinars.


What I have noticed about past seminars in retrospect is that the personal learning curve and internalization process of participants was not so much related to the technical or practical training but in the personal energetic interaction, asking questions and personal contact.


In energy work this is not surprising, but personal contact can also be distracting and even lead to externalization. All of transCODES modalities are geared towards self-empowerment and self-healing. On the long run focusing on a ‘teacher’ is counter-productive to self-healing. To bridge this gap I found a compromise in conducting a series of educational, question-based or meeting-oriented webinars and offering a yearly Summer Solstice Meditation Gathering, for those interested in combining family oriented traveling with meeting like-minded people.”




Jona Bryndis

Why Webinars?

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transCODES Webinars are educational in nature and based on interactive learning, self-healing and live Questions & Answers. Occasionally we offer free public Webinars - recordings can be watched at our youtube channel.


After a brief introduction into the Webinar subject participants can ask live questions. Questions can also be submitted upfront.

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Healing Circle Webinars

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Probably one of our most transformative webinar modality is the Healing Circle Workshop - a combination of a Remote Energy transMISSION with following online meeting.



In this 1 hour interactive Webinar with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper delve into the deeper meaning of healing resonances supporting inner connection. Some Recordings available .

More info on Remote Men's & Women's Healing Circles

Coming up:  09/10/15 @1 -4PM (MDT)

Karma & Karmic Relationships

Sacred Self-Healing Online Meetings


Regular Webinar Meetings is part of our FREE Member Service for Sacred Self-Healing Course and Heart-Warrios members.


In these biweekly 1 hour interactive Webinar-Meeting we discuss the deeper meaning, personal challenges and additional tools of each Sacred Self-Healing Step or current collective energies.

More info about Sacred Self-Healing

Energy Work Training Webinars

With Jona Bryndis


Open for transCOACH training participants.


In these 1, 5 - 2 hour interactive Webinar with Jona Bryndis Energy Work advanced enery work modalities and concepts are taught and practiced.


Slides, hand-outs and webinar recording included.

FREE Webinars


Past Webinar Recordings - youtube

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