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True Self

True Self transMISSION

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Energy Alignment

Participation in this remote energy transMISSION is free.

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transCODE: Inner Divinity

(by P.St.Clair & Jona Bryndis)















Anyone can join. No prerequisites required.


Spiritually expressed, our True Self represents the totality of our energy bodies, experienced subjectively as Inner Divinity. Our True Self is eternal and unchanged by our daily thoughts, actions, emotions, inner sentiments, and circumstances. It is always there, even if we cannot connect to it or feel it. It’s like the sun….it’s always there, even if it’s a cloudy or rainy day.


Connecting with our True Self is the core of our Self-Transformation work - the beginning and the end. A big part of the Self-Transformation process is also the removal of the clouds (see Clearing modalities), so that we can hear/see/feel our inner guidance and learn how to discern truth. As we begin to get more clarity and start to feel our inner True Self communicating with us, we can begin to integrate and heal.


Please feel free to share this link and feel encouraged to connect to your True Self on you own. This monthly FREE Group transMIISSIONS works with a universal transCODE, which we all have inside of us already. Everyone can access this connection at any time! To align to this transCODE focus on the invocation text given and observe your inner processes. The more you align your energy to your True Self the you become more familiar with what is feels like to be connected with your Self.


Every remote energy transMISSION begins with our energetic alignment through the invocation. An invocation functions like a prayer and anchors the frequency of a transCODE in your personal energy field. Invocations are coded and created for you, so that you can continue working with this energy in self-guidance.



NEW!!! After every True Self transMISSION all participants are invited to join the live TRUE SELF TALK

with session reflection and personal guidance, as well as personal inquiries in the transMISSION Forum.

(Access Links are sent out with instructions upon registering)










I AM …(your name)

I AM a True Self.

I AM a soul with a body.


I am one with the Divine Source,

the Soul of the Divine Mother & Father.


Through the center of my heart,

I can feel this eternal connection in me.


I let go of all attachments and ego illusions.

And I call for the clearing of my emotions and mind.

My goal is to live as my True Self in every moment of my life.


I honor and respect True Self in each and every one of us,

I accept Gaia and her evolutionary process.


Through the power of connection with my True Self,

I ask for my inner discernment to help me see what is true

And to guide me through my life’s experiences according to my highest good and potential.


In my heart I feel gratitude and love,

for myself

and everything there IS.


I AM the Light.

I AM the Way.

I AM Truth.

I AM a True Self.


So be it.

Thank you.


by Jona Bryndis

inspired by P.St. Clair

Connecting Work

Connecting with Your True Self

is the Beginning and the End

of the Most Important Journey in Your Life



Saturday, 12/19/20 @5-7PM (EST)

Energy Session with follwoing live Webinar

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This monthly FREE transMISSION special is designed for Self-Integration and can be Self-Clearing. It supports overall Self-Healing and is one of our most transformative remote energy group transMISSIONS.


The objective of this transMISSION is to align our energy to the frequencies of our higher abilities in order to unfold our highest potential.

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Listen to this example of our 5-Minute Alignment MP3

Connecting with True Self is not just an entry-level modality. It is the beginning and end of our journey - the never-ending cycle of inner retrospection, correction and transformation. Regular connecting work can definitely help to accelerate our internalization process, but everyone has his or her own timeline. This is why we offer clearing and connecting transMISSIONS in cycles.


If you feel interested in going further, creating a momentum or simply deepening your journey check our other remote energy transMISSIONS and the Sacred Self-Healing Course. Participating in our ongoing sessions can offer a wonderful opportunity for you to continue this work.


Recommended Energy Work Modalitites after connecting with True Self:


-Unified Self

-Connecting with our Sacred Heart

- Shadow-Work


-Sacred Self-Healing Course

True Self Invocation

Our personal journey is not a social event, however we promote remote energy group work, as sharing and reading other people’s experiences can be very healing and supportive. During a group transMISSION session time is spent to observe and protocol individual processes of each participant. Our transCOACHES are trained to see, feel and read with people’s energy fields. This information is shared on request, in individual transCOACHING sessions or through responses posted in the forum. Typically 2-6 hours after session a general session report is posted in a transmission thread in the Forum. To post in our Forums you need a free user account.

For more info on our FORUMS and how to create a forum user click here Go to transMISSION Forum

Next FREE Energy Session with following live True Self Talk:

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