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Remote Prayers

Our Services

Personal Energy Coaching

Remote Men's & Women's  Healing Circles are monthly transMISSION events in which gender specific aspects of our journey can be addressed. Sharing and interacting happens in separate Forums for men and women only.


The Healing Circle's objective is to involve you into learning how to actively participate and communicate your self-healing process through connecting with your inner energies.


The self-healing aspect in regards to inner masculine and femnine energies  is amplified in the healing circles by the synergetic group energies working together as One.


Participation is different every month. Anyone can join the Healing Circles at any time; there are no prerequisites. Each session is guided through a provided meditation process. The day before session a Webinar is offered.

Energy Clearings

Meditation Tools

During an energy coaching session (via Skype or phone) the transCOACH translates your personal energy field into a feasible, hands-on steps or exercises to help you navigate through your individual circumstances. In your FREE initial transCOACHING session you will receive a brief overview and discuss your concerns, goals and self-healing path.





During your session the transCOACH can assist you to identify blocking patterns and give you guidance on how to integrate disharmonic energies and overcome energetic barriers. In these 1-on-1 sessions the coach will guide you through your personal journey and share with you where these blocks are located and what you can do about it. The goal of every energy coaching session is to provide you with the energetic information needed to aide you to better understand your own energetic dynamics.


Energy Coaching sessions typically take 1-2 hours. They can be booked whenever needed; as regular biweekly or weekly session package or as follow-up after a remote energy session. In individual remote energy transMISSIONS a 60 min Energy Coaching session is included.

We can currently offer transCOACHING in English and German.

Remote Energy transMISSIONS

Remote Energy Clearings (Etheric Surgery) are completed at a distance without you being present physically.  Throughout the session, your energy will be remotely located, scanned, and worked on at various levels. This process involves clearing blocks, external energiees & entities and negative energies, which allows your vibrational rate to increase.


You may experience physical sensations or shifts within your field. Your experience is unique to your energy, your point in life, and your own energetic sensitivity.  The energy of this work can be felt several days before it occurs and several days to weeks afterwards. What a transCOACH experiences is different in each case and often much different than what you will experience.  A transCOACHING session after clearing is recommended but not mandatory.

Training & Webinars

The transCOACH training program consists of four certified levels of training directly with Jona. The level 4 certification is particularly developed for healing practitioners and professionals who want to supplement their existing work with code-based remote clearing work . The transCOACH training program is available for anyone interested to develop their energy work skills for themselves or their business. Prerequisites are the completion of all GRACE Integrity® modalities and participation in the Sacred Self-Healing Course. Next Enrollment will open January 2018.


Regularly held educational Webinars, Workshops, Meetings and Trainings help to deepen the understanding of current energetic tendencies and specific energy work topics. Most webinars are free or come as Member Service for our Sacred Self-Healing and Heart-Warrior Programs.

Apart from our energy work products and services we offer a variety of free educative self-healing tools, videos, links and resources. In weekly energy updates we inform our readers about current collective energy tendencies and give energy management tips.


The most popular resource is our educational Blog.

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In our comprehensive 24-Step Sacred Self-Healing Journey we share up-to-date energy work modalities in combination with psycho-educational and recovery material. The heart-based and non-denominational approach of the course gently guides the participant through an amazing one year long self-healing journey.


This mediation based course can be done from home and on your on your own pace. The course is suitable for recovery work and highly

transCOACHING is a specifically developed form of Energy Coaching performed by a trained and certified transCOACH, who is able to  remotely read your subtle energy field while talking with you. The purpose of this combined holistic energy reading and reflecting process is to help you identify and accomplish your individual goals in alignment with your Higher Self.


Sometimes this means facing our inner blocks or deepest fears; at other times we learn to connect and communicate our true needs. The main objective of transCOACHING is to empower and guide you into Self-Mastery through reflection.

transCOACHING Session

transMISSIONS are remote energy sessions in which one or a group of transCOACHES intentionally transmit a specific transCODE modality. A typical session is designed to facilitate the 'download' of a particular modality; this way it can be more precise in its function and facilitate one particular process in the participant.

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The Sacred Self-Healing Program consists of energy coded meditation processes, a 250+ pages workbook, exercises and access to our Self-Healing Forum. In addition it offers several interactive tools, such as online meetings, but leaves personal involvement up to the participant.


A big part of transCODES policy is to share their unique modalities with anyone who resonates with this work and might be interested in becoming a transCOACH or facilitator.

Healing Circles

The purpose of our self-transformation is to learn to overcome our inner limitations and to align our energy to the frequencies of our higher abilities in order to unfold our highest potential.


Meditation and contemplation are important disciplines for working with faster vibratory rates. We offer a variety of mp3 meditation tools: Metronomes, 5-Minute Energy Alignments, 10-Minute-Energy Prayers, Personalized Energy Alignment Meditations and

1-hour guided meditation processes.

Blog & Resources

Remote Prayers is a non-profit based anonymous group of energy workers and transCOACHES from around the globe founded by Jona Bryndis in 2013. Once a month we offer a free non-denominational remote healing service for those in need.


The purpose of a Remote Prayer session is to actively involve a person in their healing process from emotional or physical distress.


By utilizing transCODES remote energy transMISSION modalities we help to activate a person’s self-healing and recovery energies. Each session is individual; a personal Remote Prayer mp3 sound file is provided.


Prerequisite is the consent of the person in trauma. For children younger than 10 years of age their parents’ consent is needed. Please understand that we cannot perform Energy Work on persons in unconscious conditions, such as a coma.


Please read disclaimer and terms & conditions. Thank you!

Depending on where you find yourself in your journey you may want to actively initiate a certain process, for example: Shadow or Inner Child integration, removal of mental overlay, retrieval of lost soul parts, self-healing of a trauma, etc.  Some more complex transCODES, such as the GRACE Integrity® transMISSIONS consist of 3 sessions. After every transMISSION a reduced session-related transCOACHING is availble. Once a month transCODES offers a free 'Connect with your True Self' remote energy transMISSION.



transMISSIONS can be booked in form of group sessions (most common) or as individually scheduled sessions just for you. Individual transMISSIONS include 1 personal transCOACHING session accompanying you through the initiated process.




How Remote Energy transMISSIONS work

After you signed up for a transMISSION session the instructions for the particular transCODE will be emailed to you within 18-24 hours prior to session. You may not hear anything from us until you receive the instructions. With the instructions you receive parts of the code already. Some transMISSION processes are guided and provide a download link for an mp3 sound file.


In general, internet is not required during a remote energy transMISSION; all sessions stays online for 1 hour, which means that the code can be accessed during this timeframe. We recommend you take a full, undisturbed hour for transMISSION sessions. Simply find a comfortable position and relax into your inner process! It is not necessary to meditate or enter altered states of consciousness; however, many people experience strong energetic sensations of visual, physical and/or emotional nature.


We encourage you to allow and take note of ALL experiences during your transMISSION session. The most important part of initiating the intentional self-healing process is to become an active part of the energy work done during a transMISSION session. Paying attention to all perceptions and journaling for yourself increases the quality of your intention and therefore your entire transformation process.


Online Forum Community

Our personal journey is not a social event, however we do

promote remote group work, as sharing and reading other

people’s experiences can be very healing and supportive.

In addition, our forum offers access to free resources, such

as podcasts, training audios and webinar recordings.


To post in our Forums you need a free user account.

Personal Energy Coaching & Training

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recommended for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Trauma, Karma, Inner Divinity and True Self.  It shares hands-on energy work techniques and teaches how to read and direct inner energies including clearing, connecting and integrating modalities.

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