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Trauma Healing Session


Trauma Healing

This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION (as private or group session) is designed to open up our deeper inner understanding and self-healing of trauma we experienced. This modality is designed to help you to energetically work through trauma and trauma responses in four transMISSIONS.

Relates to: Grace Integrity, Trauma Clearing, Codependency Healing & Inner Child Integration transMISSION

This power of this modality lies in its combination of energetic Alignment to our True Self as an energetic resonance and a powerful inner unraveling of subconscious blocks and pain memory. The energy healing process in this transMISSION initiates the recoding of conditioned information and thus allows us to tap back  into our higher inner self healing abilities.

4 Energy Sessions are required for full unraveling of codependency attachments, ideally in conjunction with 1-on-1 energy coaching.

transCODE: Wholeness (by Jona Bryndis)
With Jona Bryndis

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Physical attunement to trauma-free body
- Strengthening of transformation energies within
- Deep Energetic Defragmentation
- Childhood Memory Recoding
- Reprogramming (Neuralpathways, Neurotransmitters & Energetic
- Harmonizing of Personal Energy Fields
- Clearing of Energetic Ties to persons, places and situations associated
   with Trauma
- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ
- Reunion with Lost/Given Away/Taken Away Soul-Parts
- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

Trauma Healing is a very powerful tool for allowing ourselves to let go of deep seated post-traumic stress. It enbales a person to go through a healhty grieving and reclaiming process by supporting and activating inner self-healing recovery energies. It can be very effective for finding closure from toxic/narcissistic abuse, kults, family constellations and physical trauma.

Individual sessions include one 60 min 1on-1 transCOACHING session and email support (not in Group transMISSIONS).

Instructions will be sent out 12-24 hours prior to transMISSION session.

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