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Transformation - Personal Energy Coaching Program


This private energy coaching program is based off of the HEART-WARRIOR PROGRAM model with specific focus on PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

This program is designed as initial 4-Month Program that can be continued on a yearly basis.

The program consists of:
5 Day / Week
- Daily Meditation
- Daily Energy Coaching
- Weekly Energy Process
- Monthly Clearing
- 2 Personal Meetings

Energy Training Includes:
- Recovery
- Etheric Defense
- Mechanics of Success
- Meaning in Life
- Collective Mentorship
- Esoteric Learning

A revolutionary new consciousness development and integrative self-mastery program!

The 4-month personalized energetic training and self-mastery program is designed for a unique group of leaders who are experiencing recurring issues around their relationships, business partners, addictions and purpose in life. The program teaches effective energy methods to connect and clear energies from within. This training with the primary focus being on learning to embody own energy theric field and learn about the energetic mechanics of human interaction leads the client into a new world of leadership and  stewardship. Within 120 days you will learn the vocabulary of energetic sensations and consciousness levels that will allow you to take your power back and feel safe as a leader in your collective.

This program requires a strong dedication and is only for those who can commit to the work and the pace of daily mediations and coaching sessions, energy processes and learning how to etherically protect one's energies from attacks. This program is a non-demonominational self-awareness and mindfulness course that teaches a person the unkown aspects of human energetic interaction and integrity.

NDA available.

Personal meetings in Orlando, Florida (USA) - on request at private client location.

Continuation after 4 Month Intitiation available on yearly basis. Restrictions apply. Please contact [email protected]

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