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SOUL SELF Daily Alignment


"Healing One Soul At A Time"

SOUL SELF Daily 30 Minutes Energetic Alignment Session with Live Talk
Two Options: 8.30AM - 11.00PM (Based on Eastern US Time EST)

An Energetic Alignment is the conscious process of aligning our personal energy field to a specific higher vibratory HEALING RESONANCE. While you are working your own energy during the alignment process the energy coach performing the alignment does a brief ENERGY READING on your personal energy.

Daily Energetic Alignments can help you to ground, balance and center yourself. They assist deeper connection with your own Soul Self and thus invite higher vibratory energies. If you are familiar with self-balancing, consolidating or grounding techniques (such as a Chakra Clearing or Unified Self process or other modalities that work for you) you can use these alignments to let go of inner disharmonies.

Similar to a self-guided meditation, but different from other transCODES transMISSIONS an Energetic Alignment requires you to ACTIVELY ALIGN YOURSELF to your heart-center. During the approx. 30-minute long aligning process tune yourself into the energy frequency of theSoul Self Focus by reading the energy alignment  and FEELING INTO THE ENERGY HEALING RESONANCE transmitted by the facilitator.

Please have a pen and paper available and take note of any sensations, perceptions, emotions, and thoughts during this alignment. I will observe your energies while you are aligning yourself but will only comment or respond to questions asked. The main objective of daily energetic alignments is to learn how to form a daily habit of reading and balancing your own energies.

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